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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 899: Reorganize Military Discipline

Chapter 899: Reorganize Military Discipline

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“There are no great saviors, nor do we need superhumans or kings. We have to depend on ourselves to create happiness in the Wei Wu Army…”

The group travelling in the forest started to sing. It echoed through the forest and scared the birds.

Lu Shu had felt that the march was far too dry. Thus, he had adapted the lyrics of L’Internationale and taught the soldiers of the Wei Wu Army. To be honest, these people were once slaves. They were actual slaves who still had the seal of a slave in their bodies. Thus, it was easy for them to relate with this song.

At first, everyone did not like this adaptation very much. The plays and songs that they had heard were very different from this. Thus, they found it hard to accept the song.

But as they sang, they felt that it sounded good…

There were times when people needed to get used to new things. Lu Shu had the right to force them to get used to it…

At first, Lu Shu did not accept this. Why was the old King of Gods appreciated for the poems that he had copied, but his song was not appreciated? Who were you talking to?!

In the end, the more the Wei Wu army soldiers sang, the more they liked the song. They could not help but sing. The more people that sung, the more vigour they sang with. It was as if the march through the forest had become much more relaxing…

Even if Lu Shu did not allow them to sing, they could not help but hum. It was as if they had started a new life.

The campsite that Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu headed for was over 50 kilometers north of the Azure Dragon Village. They took two full days to walk there. After all, Lu Shu did not make them walk at full speed for the entire day.

If the encountered any animals along the way, they would hunt these animals and take the meat along with them. Food supplies were running low and every morsel counted. If the conditions allowed for it, Lu Shu would ask everyone to capture these animals alive and rear them in the future.

He had done preparations for a long war. After all, wars could last for several years.

When they reached the campsite, Lu Shu stood on a high slope. As Lu Xiaoyu had said, the mountain slopes were very gentle. There was a river at the foot of the mountain. The entrance to the limestone cave was halfway up the mountain and covered in vegetation. If Lu Xiaoyu had not surfaced from underground to find ores, they would not have found this place.

There were few signs of human habitation. There were no specific names of places here either. Lu Shu turned and looked at Li Heitan. “Have you been here before?”

Lu Heitan said earnestly, “Only the Great Lord will come to such an isolated place. Who cares what it’s called?”

“Then from today, this place will be called King Lu Mountain!” Lu Xiaoyu exclaimed. She seemed very pleased with herself.

“No, wait!” Lu Shu grabbed Lu Xiaoyu.

But before he could speak, Li Heitan shouted to the people behind. “Did you hear that? From today, this place will be called King Lu Mountain!”

Lu Shu was speechless.

“From Lu Shu’s distress, +199!”

Lu Shu asked Li Heitan and a few others to light a fee torches. They then entered the cave. It was dark, damp and cold. They could even hear the sound of water dripping onto stones. Lu Shu raised his torch. Everyone saw the stalactite, that was shaped like a sword, on the dome.

Liu Qianzhi carefully asked, “Great Lord, this might be where a demon lives. It is far too frightening. Why don’t we retreat for now?”

Lu Shu was dumbfounded. He then realized that Liu Qianzhi and the rest may have never seen a limestone cave. Thus, when they saw a strange place, they thought that a strong demon lived there…

“Feudalism and superstition kill people.” Lu Shu sighed. “This is the result of corrosion of limestone after being exposed to water underground for a prolonged period of time… forget it. Even if I explain, you might not understand. This was naturally formed. No demons live here.”

The expressions on Li Heitan and Liu Qianzhi’s faces said, “Although I don’t understand what happened, it seems very amazing…”

However, they were still unconvinced. Were there really no demons here? But if the Great Lord said so with such confidence, then there were really no demons.

After all, Li Heitan was used to believing whatever Lu Shu had told him. Liu Qianzhi still needed time to adjust.

Lu Shu said to Lu Xiaoyu, “This limestone cave seems like a natural house, but people can’t live here. It is too damp. Are there limestone caves elsewhere?”

Not only was it unliveable, items could not be stored in the cave. Grains would go bad in less than half a month.

Lu Xiaoyu recalled. “There are a lot of limestone caves here. They stretch over ten kilometers. But that is made up of over 20 limestone caves that are not connected.”

“Then we will connect them,” said Lu Shu. “Then, we will construct a concealed passageway at an appropriate place. It can be in a mountain creek, the forest, or a cavern. It is best if it is a place that is hard to find unless discovered by accident. After we connect the limestone caves, they will be our retreat path. The Black Feather Army may not enter the mountains, but even if they do, we are prepared. If we can’t directly fight them, we can run, right?”

“Got it.” Lu Xiaoyu nodded her head. “After I’m done, I will draw a map. I will do my best to ensure that the entrance is concealed.”

Lu Shu had chosen this place to give himself and the Wei Wu Army a retreat path. If the Black Feather Army came, they would definitely be unfamiliar with the limestone caves here. Thus, the limestone caves had become a natural shelter and a passage for escape.

Unless over 100 thousand soldiers from the Black Feather Army extended all over the mountains, they could not possibly find the Wei Wu Army.

If they had food, land, manpower, and a way to escape, Lu Shu could be more relieved.

Lu Shu walked out of the limestone cave and looked at the faces of his soldiers. He sighed with emotion. Could he create a Heavenly Network branch in this world? He did not know whether it was easy to trick them…

He said to Liu Qianzhi, “Split into two teams. One of the teams will build houses. I will give you a blueprint. Build a covered wooden house according to the blueprint. The other team will open up the wastelands. Turn this mountain slope into terrace fields. Here, I will be particular about hygiene. No one is allowed to use the toilet wherever they want. No one is allowed to drink raw water either. Everyone has to bathe everyday. Go to the river now and bathe. Wash your clothes as well. Whoever dares to bring fleas and lice into the campsite will be punished!”

Liu Qianzhi felt slightly awkward. In the past, the military campsite had never cared about this…

But Li Heitan and the rest were all used to it. Back then, when Lu Shu first became the Great Lord of the Azure Dragon Village, he had also forced them to bathe and change their clothes. If not, they would not be allowed within ten meters of the Great Lord…

Thus, since the Wei Wu Army had nothing else to do, all of them jumped into the river to bathe.

The water that flowed from the mountains was very clear. Clean water constantly flowed, while dirty water went downstream.

Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu went to explore and construct holes in the caves. He brought Li Heitan together with him. Everyone who had finished bathing had to stand naked and be inspected by Li Heitan to ensure that they had no lice on their bodies. Once they had been checked, they could then wear clean clothes.

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