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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 901: Fall to the Enemy

Chapter 901: Fall to the Enemy

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lu Shu stood on the slope of the mountain. The entire slope, which was originally covered with patches of grass, were now filled with plots of land and houses instead. The houses were built in such an aesthetically-pleasing manner.

It was aesthetically-pleasing as the houses were very neat.

Li Heitan and Zhang Weiyu had yet to look at the territory of the Heavenly Network. If not, they would be in awe by the aesthetics caused by the neatness.

Meanwhile, Li Heitan and Liu Qianzhi were standing behind Lu Shu and guarding the center. Zhang Weiyu, on the other hand, looked confused. “I gave you the tips because I wanted you to get the letter of recommendation.”

“I can write it by myself,” said Lu Shu calmly, “Although the process is different, the outcome remains the same…”

Zhang Weiyu opened his mouth but hesitated. To be honest, he had yet to see the commander of any army participate in the selection of the Sword Hut before…

Thinking about this, Zhang Weiyu’s tooth ached. “I asked you to enter the Wei Wu Army, not to take charge of it… If you are so capable, why don’t you go to the palace instead?!”

Lu Shu was stunned for a moment. “Don’t I need to go there eventually? The Sword Hut is in the palace.”

Zhang Weiyu was speechless. “You still insist on going to the Sword Hut after assuming the role of a commander?”

“Yes,” Lu Shu said seriously, “I will still go to the Sword Hut!”

For some reason, Zhang Weiyu started to anticipate what would happen after Lu Shu had gone to the Sword Hut. He felt that something unpredictable would happen…

At this moment, Lu Shu asked curiously. “I won’t take advantage of you, at least take a sip of water?”

At this moment, Zhang Weiyu said, “That’s f*cking boiling water!”

“From Zhang Weiyu’s distress points, +199!”

Lu Shu was speechless.

He was unable to drink the water…

At this moment, Li Heitan and Liu Qianzhi realized that their commander knew the group of people beforehand and were rather close. However, Liu Qianzhi thought about it seriously, ‘Before the Black Feather Army had arrived… Since when did the commander have the intention to enter the Wei Wu Army, wasn’t he keen on selling soap…’

Then, he realized that Lu Shu had started thinking about it since he had the idea of selling soap. Or else, how would he dare to allow the army to assist in the planting of crops while he sold soap? Moreover, he gave them subsidies?

At this moment, chills went down Liu Qianzhi’s back. Could it be that Lu Shu had predicted that they would escape unscathed too?

At this moment, Liu Qianzhi’s impression of Lu Shu became one that was extremely unpredictable…

Meanwhile, Lu Shu was carefully scrutinizing Zhang Weiyu and the rest. They looked extremely tired, there were many holes on their shirts and their hair looked very messy. They must have suffered a lot while escaping. Lu Shu did a headcount and realized there were a total of 56 people including Zhang Weiyu. Only Zhang Weiyu knew Lu Shu, that was why the others were cautious about Lu Shu.

Lu Shu also realized that although the group looked ordinary, the aura they exuded was extraordinary. Although they were only a group of 56 ordinary people, Lu Shu felt that he was facing a group of experts.

He asked Li Heitan to arrange for a meal for this group of people while Zhang Weiyu whispered to the people at the back, “He is the young man with the highest realm of swordplay whom I had talked about.”

The people around Zhang Weiyu were stunned. “Didn’t you say that he was just a practitioner with a low status and a floater, why did he suddenly become the commander of the Wei Wu Army…”

Zhang Weiyu was also slightly depressed. “I would like to know the answer to that question too.”

In fact, Zhang Weiyu had plenty of experience. However, such an unexpected event had him in utter shock as well, since Lu Shu was the only one he knew who accomplished that.

When they were eating, Lu Shu sat opposite Zhang Weiyu. “Where are all of you heading to?”

Zhang Weiyu paused before replying, “We are planning to go to the North, to take refuge in the north capital.”

Lu Shu smiled. He knew that Zhang Weiyu was lying. It was at least 1000 miles from the north capital and even a Rank One expert need three days to fly to the capital. Did Zhang Weiyu really think he was dumb? However, Lu Shu did not expose Zhang Weiyu. “How’s the battle situation now? All of you came from the world outside, do you happen to know the situation?”

“The Nangeng City, Yun An City and Guang Liao City have been invaded. The Qing Sai Army disappeared after trying to defend the territory. Now, the Black Feather Army is approaching the Li Yang Pass and is ready to attack the city,” said Zhang Weiyu, “Li Yang Pass is the most important traffic route which connects the Southern region from the east. When Nangeng City was surrounded, the Red Flame Army situated at the Li Yang Pass left the city in the lurch. Now with the army’s complete strength, it should not be easily defeated by the Black Feather Army. Moreover, the route to Yun An City and Guang Liao City is towards the North. The Black Feather Army has to go through the ‘Wei Bei Pass’ if they are heading to the North.”

“So do you think the Black Feather Army will head to the east or the North?” asked Lu Shu.

The ‘Wei Bei Pass’ and ‘Li Yang Pass’ were like doors that trapped the Black Feather Army. They were also constructed to prevent the invasion of an army from the west and were equipped with sufficient manpower to defend it.

“I think the Black Feather Army is very ambitious.” Zhang Weiyu frowned. “They had rested for three years. I think they may split ways and attack from both sides!”

“So ambitious?” thought Lu Shu, “Then will we get involved?”

“I don’t think they will come after you before they attack successfully,” said Zhang Weiyu calmly, “even if they did, they have to continue attacking towards the city. They will not care about a handful of you who are hiding in the mountains, unless you court death or disturb them.”

“Oh.” Lu Shu heaved a sigh of relief. “As long as it’s safe here.”

Zhang Weiyu looked at Lu Shu. “You are a commander now. You seriously don’t know what to do with these people?”

“I do,” said Lu Shu, “I have some ideas!”

“Oh?” Zhang Weiyu was interested. “Mind sharing?”

“I made a careful calculation. After this battle, I will ask all of them to produce soap for me. By then, I will have an army responsible for producing soap, and I will earn big bucks…” Lu Shu was already fantasizing about the future.

“From Zhang Weiyu’s distress, +666!”

Zhang Weiyu felt that they were not talking about the same topic. As a commander, he was still concerned about selling soap? Shouldn’t he be thinking about establishing his own career with the army?

The attack of the Black Feather Army was the sign of the start of chaos. The Southern region would probably undergo a reshuffle of power!

Hold on! Zhang Weiyu said after a long pause, “You created soap?”

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