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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 902: Training

Chapter 902: Training

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Zhang Weiyu had heard about soap when he was in town. Now, everyone was fighting over soap. Nobody knew who started it but people had to wash their hands with soap before reading the poems of the king or it would be seen as being disrespectful towards the old King of Gods.

Therefore, selling soap was an extremely profitable business!

Zhang Weiyu exclaimed, ‘If I had this skill, I would not need to put in so much hard work into farming.’

Lu Shu said modestly, “I accidentally invented it to make a living…”

“From Zhang Weiyu’s distress, +481!”

Zhang Weiyu really did not expect that Lu Shu started such a profitable business by himself. There were countless people who loved the poems of the king, and the numbers could be counted in terms of hundreds of thousands.

Moreover, soap was a consumer product. If he expanded his business, the profits brought by soap was terrifyingly great.

In fact, the soap business on Earth was also very profitable. However, there were immense competition. If only one company had a monopoly over the soap industry in the entire world, it would be extremely terrifying.

Now, many of the female aristocrats in this world used soap as shampoo.

Normally, the female would apply a layer of oil on their heads to make their hair look glossy.

However, despite looking glossy, the smell was overwhelming as the layer of oil could not be washed off completely and the smell was overwhelming as the years passed. Meanwhile, soap was the best way one could use to deal with oil.

Lu Shu said suddenly, “Why don’t you guys stay here instead of heading to the North Capital?”

Both parties fell silent. Lu Shu had a motive for letting Zhang Weiyu stay. He suspected that Zhang Weiyu trained the army before and he needed a talent to train his army!

Zhang Weiyu could accurately deduce many things such as the trajectory of the arrow shot by the horsemen of the Black Feather Army. This type of talent was what Lu Shu needed now.

“I’m afraid we can’t…” Zhang Weiyu shook his head as he ate. “I think it would be safer if we continued our journey…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Li Heitan took the food of Zhang Weiyu and the rest away. Zhang Weiyu was confused as he held his chopsticks and stared at the empty table.

“From Zhang Weiyu’s distress, +666!”

Lu Shu did not know how to react to Li Heitan. “Return the bowl to them, who asked you to take it away?”

Li Heitan was stunned for a moment. “Didn’t you ask me to take the bowl away if they are not staying…”

“Scram,” said Lu Shu calmly.

Lu Shu finally knew why Li Heitan was not well-liked in the Azure Dragon Village… He was too straightforward!

“Cough cough.” Lu Shu smiled and looked at Zhang Weiyu. “Don’t you want to think about it a little more?”

Zhang Weiyu was in a dilemma. It seemed as though they would not give him anything to eat if he did not agree to stay. Why did a prudent teenager end up like this in a blink of an eye?

Actually, Zhang Weiyu had very little contact with Lu Shu. He would understand that he was already extremely kind if he had known him earlier…

Lu Shu said, “If you stayed to help with the training of army, I will pay everyone 2000 bucks, how about that?”

The most important factor was to prevent the notes from undergoing depreciation. That was because no matter how the Southern and Northern region fought, cash would be allowed across the entire country as long as the palace did not fall.

Lu Shu used a 500 gram portion of rice to measure the price of the notes in this world and that on Earth.

And now that Lu Shu promised to give each person 2000 notes, it would be a considerable amount for 56 people. They had earned quite a lot in the past from selling soap but the war soon started after that, right?

Therefore, it was rare for Lu Shu to be so generous, simply because he saw the potential in the other party. Lu Shu knew that as long as the other party was willing, he could get huge benefits from standing on that party’s side.

Zhang Weiyu suddenly went deep into thought. He was analyzing the benefits and drawbacks of this matter. However, before he could finish his analysis, Lu Shu started to worry about money. He heard Lu Shu ask, “How about 1000?”

Zhang Weiyu lifted his head and said, “2000, no bargaining. However, you have to promise us something.”

“What?” Lu Shu was curious.

“If the conditions permit, if the counterattack of the Red Flame Army was successful, you have to participate in this battle and help us get the town back. If the Black Feather Army completely took over the land, you have to quietly escort us back to town. As for how we are going to settle with our identities, we can do it by ourselves,” said Zhang Weiyu.

Lu Shu was stunned for a moment. “Is the town so important? Why must all of you stay in town?”

“You do not need to care about that,” said Zhang Weiyu calmly.

“Deal!” Lu Shu agreed. “However, the precondition is that the Wei Wu Army must have the capability. I would not court death.”

“Rest assured, we won’t force you.” Zhang Weiyu knew that it was an unfair deal as Lu Shu represented the more powerful party. They could not do anything if Lu Shu went against his words. However, if Lu Shu trusted them to educate the Wei Wu Army, Zhang Weiyu would believe that Lu Shu was not those type of people who would go against his words.

At this moment, a person behind Zhang Weiyu said coldly, “Leave the training to us. However, don’t feel sorry for them and don’t point your fingers at anyone.”

Lu Shu smiled happily. “Rest assured, I will leave the professional things to the professionals. However, I have to make things clear, I won’t pay if I don’t see the desired results.”

He finally heaved a sigh of relief as he found help when he needed it. Lu Shu could not wait to see how the group of professionals would train the Wei Wu Army. He could also take the chance to see their abilities.

However, if he found that Zhang Weiyu and the rest were incompetent, he would not waste his money.

Lu Shu knew that Zhang Weiyu and the rest still had their guards up against him. However, he was not concerned about that. He did not have to befriend everyone on earth and he did not mind not making friends with that group of people.

Amongst those in the Wei Wu Army, Liu Qianzhi was a Rank Three and over 300 people, including Li Heitan, were Rank Four while the remaining troops were Rank Five. Meanwhile, more than half of them were not able to level up because they were not equipped with the capability.

Lu Shu suddenly thought, ‘Would it be possible to train them as a whole so they could be upgraded to the next level of rank?’

Initially, he was envious when he heard Zhang Weiyu say that Imperial Dragon Soldiers of Rank One and Rank Two could sweep away enemies. With this group of powerful individuals, even 5000 of them could win against an army with tens and thousands of soldiers.

If the Black Feather Army was the brand Chanel, then the Imperial Dragon Soldiers would be Maybach Exelero. There was only one of that model in the world. This was two completely different worlds…

Lu Shu asked Zhang Weiyu curiously, “Are the Imperial Dragon Soldiers still as powerful?”

Zhang Weiyu looked at him. “There are no longer any Imperial Dragon Soldiers.”

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