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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 903: Inheritance of Techniques

Chapter 903: Inheritance of Techniques

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“Where will we be able to steal… find a technique greater than the ceiling?” Lu Shu asked. He felt that Zhang Weiyu should know this kind of thing.

When Zhang Weiyu heard the word “steal”, he raised his eyebrows. But he did not think much about it.

Lu Shu was referring to the upper limit. If one could only train until Rank One, then the ceiling was Rank One.

The techniques that the major slave owners had were only at most Rank Four, while the aristocrats had Rank Two techniques. Only true aristocrats and tycoons could reach Rank One. Thus, techniques determined rank. It was extremely difficult to break through the ranks.

“There are such techniques, but they are all unsuitable.” Zhang Weiyu glanced at Lu Shu. “Some aristocrats are lonely. Even if they have techniques, they have no successors that can inherit these techniques. It is said that they did not have sufficient natural endowments. There are many of such aristocrats. Thus, after they had learned their lesson, they ensured that their family line would be continued. Therefore, they have to find a way to ensure that their sons can inherit these techniques.”

“How about those who are infertile? How can this happen?” Lu Shu was dumbfounded.

This was Zhang Weiyu’s first time hearing this noun, but it was easy to understand… according to Lu Shu’s knowledge, many cases of infertility on Earth belonged to males, not females. But he could not understand how high leveled practitioners could face such a problem.

Zhang Weiyu thought about it and said, “After this world had experienced a prolonged period of cultivation, the growth in population was different from that of in history. At first, strong people gave birth to new life in the same way as ordinary people. Slowly, it started to change. I have seen newborn babies who are born with Rank Six abilities. They were gifted with power.”

“Why does it feel like they’re giving birth to monsters?” Lu Shu had a strange expression on his face.

“That simile is not reliable.” Zhang Weiyu rolled his eyes. “But later on, although the sons were born strong, the birth rate mysteriously dropped. Many people insisted that the women were at fault. They thought that the females were too weak and could not bear the weight of a strong baby. Thus, the aristocrats in the capitals and the palace like to nurture strong females. They even traded strong female slaves. But this has not been proven.”

Lu Shu felt that it was the same on earth. If a couple could not have children, the wife would be blamed…

Furthermore, had the people in this world discovered another path of evolution? There were newborn babies who already won at the starting line… to be honest, Darwin’s theory of evolution had been overturned on Earth. No one could say for certain how humans evolved.

Darwin had said that humans had evolved from mammals, a process that started three to five million years ago.

But the problem was, many tests were carried out in response to Darwin’s theory of evolution. For example, in 1822, an explorer found the footsteps of a human from over 300 million years ago. In 1986, traces of humans that traced back to 200 to 600 million years go.

Thus, various arguments started to surface. Some said that humans were a result of evolution, while others said that humans were a natural species. The only result was that humans were confused about a few questions. It would be clearer to summarize these questions. Who am I? Where am I? Where am I from? What am I doing?

“For some aristocrat families, fathers had passed away because of war even before their children could grow up.”

“You’re digressing.” Lu Shu’s expression darkened. “I was asking you about techniques.”

“There are some aristocrat families without sons. There are many aristocrats in the palace who are selling their techniques. But do you have the time to go to the palace?” Zhang Weiyu asked.

“Indeed, I don’t have time.” Lu Shu nodded his head. They were 600 kilometers away from the northern capital. The palace would be even further away.

Lu Shu realized that Zhang Weiyu and the rest were still hiding something. But now, everyone was on their guard. They would do things slowly.

At night, the King Lu Mountain was quiet. Lu Shu requested all the soldiers from the Wei Wu Army, except for those who were on patrol, to return to the campsite at night to rest. Making a lot of noise was prohibited. At first, the Wei Wu Army was not used to it. In the past, they were free to do whatever they wanted during their breaks. But slowly, they got used to it.

Zhang Weiyu and the rest whispered in the barrack that they had been assigned to. Furthermore, there were people on guard outside the door, to prevent others from eavesdropping.

“Is the young man reliable?” Someone asked.

Zhang Weiyu thought about it. “He is not reliable for minor issues, but reliable for major affairs.”

“Why do you say so?”

“This young man.” Zhang Weiyu recalled with complex feelings. “If your life is not in danger, don’t place your hopes on him. It is good enough if he is not angry. But when something major happens, he is able to stand up at the most crucial times.”

Someone said, “I carefully observed his stride and his power. He is no doubt a Rank Four. But I cannot understand one thing. How did a Rank Four take charge of the Wei Wu Army? The young lady beside him is a Rank Two. The person with the pink scarf is impressive, but the situation is controlled by the slave.”

Zhang Weiyu shook his head. “You missed out a problem. Only half a month passed after I parted with him. Back then, he had just reached Rank Six!”

“Wait.” Someone was shocked. “Are you saying that he advanced from Rank Six to Rank Four in half a month? How long did all of you take?”

“I took one and a half years.”

“I took one year!”

“I took half a year!”

After much discussion, everyone took at least half a year. These people were considered geniuses among the geniuses.

But they could not understand. Lu Shu had wasted half of that time to settle his soap business. If he had put in all his strength, he would have been able to complete the leap from Rank Six to Rank Four in less than a month.

Swordplay was Lu Shu’s greatest support now. His base of cultivation was integration with the heaven and the earth.

“Do you think that he can reach that rank?” Zhang Weiyu softly said.

“Do you mean… the Master Realm?!” Someone was shocked.

“There are only slightly over ten people who have achieved the Master Realm. Do you think that he can make it? This requires fate, luck and willpower. He must have natural endowments as well!”

Zhang Weiyu looked at his old friends and said, “I have experienced his willpower. Back then, I had thought that he was a typical slave with a pretty face, But when he was still an ordinary person, he persevered even if his body was about to crumble. Back in the day, I did not have the willpower like he did. Fate! Natural endowments! Willpower! Do you think that he lacks these?”

“I don’t think so…”

“Old Zhang, just say what you want to do,” said someone.

“Before I joined the Imperial Dragon Soldiers, I was a child of an aristocrat family,” said Zhang Weiyu.

Someone laughed happily. “Don’t talk about your origins anymore. We are all sick of it!”

“What I mean is, after I joined the Imperial Dragon Soldiers, although I trained with the techniques from the old King of Gods, I did not dispose of the techniques from my family. Furthermore, these techniques can be used to train until Rank One.”

“Old Zhang, think carefully about this. Are you going to give something so valuable to him?” Someone was shocked.

“I know that you have people like me. Back then, no one had any techniques. But after the old King of Gods bestowed it upon us, we held them in contempt.” Zhang Weiyu smiled. “What use is there for us to hold on to it? Even if we were able to train, we can’t use it. Then… why not give it as a gift? In exchange, we will have a gamble. We will bet whether he will be a helping hand to us in the future!”

“If we sell it to him, he might not be able to buy it. Even if he could, he would not appreciate the kindness because it was a fair exchange.”

“Then we will give it to him and see what the broken Wei Wu Army will become in his hands.”

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