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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 904: Stabilize, Growth

Chapter 904: Stabilize, Growth

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

At dawn, moonlight shone down on King Lu Mountain.

But when Zhang Weiyu and the rest were still sleeping, they heard the sound of urgent footsteps outside. They got up from their beds and looked through the window to see what was happening outside. Did the Black Feather Army come? If not, why would there be such a large commotion?

At this moment, Zhang Weiyu and the rest felt that something was not right.

Slowly, they realized what was wrong. The soldiers of the Wei Wu Army were not in a flurry. Their steps were neat and coordinated. Over 3000 people stepped on the ground at the same time. It sounded like the drumming of the war drums. The momentum was like a wave.

“What are they doing?” Zhang Weiyu asked with shock and uncertainty.

Dong Ye, who was part of the Imperial Palace Soldiers, hesitated. “It does not seem like the Black Feather Army has come. They seem to be engaging in some group activity. If the enemy had come, they would not behave this way.”

Li Heitan’s voice could be heard from outside. “One two one, one two one, one two three four…”

Zhang Weiyu, who wanted to go out and see what was happening, was dumbfounded. “Is this… a code?”

“No. Have you realized that when he shouts the numbers, the neat footsteps are in sync with the beat.” Someone had discovered a clue. “This could be a kind of training.”

“I have never seen this kind of training…”

Since there was definitely no danger, Zhang Weiyu led the way out. They saw over 3000 Wei Wu Army soldiers divided into over 30 groups. Each group was made up of 100 people. They ran in a neat manner. Although there were times when people fell out of beat, they would immediately catch up.

Li Heitan led the shouting. This was how they coordinated their footsteps. They would put their left foot down at “one”, and put their right foot down at “two”.

Zhang Weiyu and the rest were smart. They immediately understood the benefits of such training. This was to make the army more disciplined and display their mental state. This would not be very useful on the battlefield, but was very effective during typical training.

They were more surprised that Lu Shu was able to train the broken Wei Wu Army to such a state in a short period of time.

There were 300 Imperial Palace Soldiers among the Imperial Dragon Soldiers. Each of them were the commander of 100 ordinary Imperial Dragon Soldiers. Thus, everyone understood that it was not easy to train the Wei Wu Army to obey him.

Last night, they were still discussing that if the Wei Wu Army did not cooperate, they would use severe methods to teach them a lesson. But now, it did not seem necessary.

Zhang Weiyu looked around, but did not see Lu Shu. He waited for Li Heitan to walk past him and asked, “Where is commander Great Lord?”

Li Heitan looked at Zhang Weiyu and roared, “One! Two! Three! Four!”

Zhang Weiyu was speechless.

Were you crazy? I asked you a question!

Zhang Weiyu was most irritated by Li Heitan. Even if you said he had evil intentions, he did not have any…

Zhang Weiyu forcefully pulled Li Heitan. “I asked you a question. Where is the commander Great Lord?”

“He went to train his swordplay,” said Li Heitan in a low, muffled voice.

Zhang Weiyu nodded his head. Lu Shu still had his firm and tenacious attitude, and continued to train.

Along the long path of life, ordinary people only saw the glorious parts of life. But they did not know that these kinds of acts that defied the natural order needed willpower. As with their discussion, to rise to prominence, one needed willpower, fate, and natural endowments. Lu Shu had all of these, especially willpower, which was the most important.

“Is there anything else?” Li Heitan asked in a very impolite manner.

Zhang Weiyu was upset. “Doesn’t your commander Great Lord care about your disgusting attitude?”

“He did,” said Li Heitan. “But he stopped.”

Lu Shu had indeed given up… but he was a very tolerant person. Since he knew that Li Heitan had a frank personality, it would be Lu Shu’s loss if he wanted to turn Li Heitan into someone who engaged in deep thought.

When Zhang Weiyu heard Li Heitan’s reply, he was dumbfounded. “Then can’t you take care of yourself?”

Li Heitan was dumbfounded. “If you say it like that, my Great Lord can’t even take care of me. How can I take care of myself?”

Zhang Weiyu said, “… tsk. You make sense.”

Zhang Weiyu and the rest observed the training by the side. Although it was not high in intensity and did not have much to do with actual combat, this was probably a motive that Lu Shu wanted to leave him with. Lu Shu himself also knew that this kind of training alone would not be able to turn the Wei Wu Army into an invincible army. He still had to combine this with other forms of training.

Lu Shu only reappeared during breakfast. Then, he looked at an account book with Lu Xiaoyu and chatted. The others did not know what they were discussing.

Lu Shu and the rest were managing the lives of the soldiers from the Wei Wu Army. They had to be careful and strict with their budgeting. After Zhang Weiyu and the rest came, Lu Shu did not discuss anything with them. Instead, he wanted to go into the land and see how the situation unfolded.

Zhang Weiyu suddenly realized that in just one night, Lu Shu’s vigor seemed different from yesterday’s. His tremendous progress was very frightening. He did not seem like a person who had just started cultivation.

Under normal circumstances, low leveled practitioners would take many detours if they did not have anyone to guide them.

But this did not seem to apply to Lu Shu. It was as if he already knew where his destination was. He just had to go there.

Zhang Weiyu was not sure. So far, Lu Shu had trained only to make up for the flaws in his training. if the celestial map was opened, then his physique would be two times stronger than experts of the same Rank as him.

When these powers were combined, it was not as simple as adding one and one. Lu Shu had suppressed his rank. Once he made up for the flaws in his training, who knows how strong he would become.

“The crops here are growing more quickly.” Lu Shu patrolled the large fields. “We will have our first harvest in three months. Then, we no longer have to worry about the lack of crops. But we need to resolve the lack of salt. We can have a lack of grains, but not salt.”

Lu Xiaoyu noted these down in her book. She was the manager now and was concerned about these things.

“How about the rearing of creatures?” Lu Shu asked.

“Recently, Liu Qianzhi and the rest have tried to capture animals alive when they go into the mountains to hunt. But for now, we only have one type of goat. This kind of goat will become more docile when it is herded. As for the other beasts, they don’t even eat once they have been captured and reared. They want to live for themselves, but end up starving to death. Either that, or they are very irritable and hard to manage,” said Lu Xiaoyu.

“Creatures will always be creatures.” Lu Shu sighed.

They had big dreams, but reality fell short. They could not rid all creatures of their barbarity.

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