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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 905: Unaccountably Solicitous

Chapter 905: Unaccountably Solicitous

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Liu Qianzhi, who was beside them, further elaborated, “We only have these goats to breed after the male goats have been castrated. According to their growth, we will be able to obtain the first batch of kids in three to four months.”

“Don’t touch the lambs for now. Don’t stop the hunting either. Working on the fields is very tough. We cannot deprive our soldiers of meat,” said Lu Shu. ‘”The mountains are our storage. We only have as much as we can find.”

Lu Shu was working hard to become the backbone of the army. Lu Xiaoyu was also working hard to make herself useful to Lu Shu.

When Zhang Weiyu saw the two of them, he suddenly felt that Lu Shu was very down to earth. Typical aristocrats and slave owners would never care about these kinds of things!

But he also pondered about how he should tell Lu Shu about passing down techniques. First, he felt that his techniques were more than decent. If the Imperial Dragon Soldiers had not insisted that their techniques all be the same, he would have thought of a way to train his family techniques as well.

Next, how should he pass the techniques down to Lu Shu? Zhang Weiyu knew that Lu Shu was not an ungrateful person, but how should he ensure that Lu Shu appreciated it?

Last night, Zhang Weiyu and the rest spent a long time talking. They had always been separated and had few opportunities to chat. When they escaped, they could not do so either. Thus, they could finally settle down last night. Everyone suddenly felt relaxed.

It was as if they had suddenly put down a burden. They could finally have a good chat.

Some people started to weep bitterly. They asked Zhang Weiyu how long they had to bear this before the day came, or… if the day would ever come in the first place.

Zhang Weiyu understood. They had borne far too much in the past few years. But they could continue to wait if they could redeem themselves.

Because… they missed the golden times in the past. They also knew who had given them these golden times.

Zhang Weiyu was lucky. The old King of Gods had selected him from the aristocrats to join the Imperial Dragon Soldiers. Many people had forgotten that a majority of the Imperial Dragon Soldiers were orphans, or had tragic experiences. They were all brought back by the old King of Gods.

Outsiders said that the old King of Gods was cruel and emotionless, as they were once the enemies of the King of Gods. They had witnessed the cruelty of the war.

But Zhang Weiyu and the rest understood that the old King of Gods was not a cold and emotionless tyrant.

Over 20 years had passed since they had led an army. Back then, when a new person was brought by the old King of Gods to join the Imperial Dragon Soldiers, they would tease the newcomer out of kindness. They would then quietly observe as the newcomer slowly integrated with the rest. Over time, it was impossible to differentiate them.

Now, everyone suddenly realized that they had another opportunity to lead an army. Although they could not walk on the battlefield with their current physique, they could satisfy their desires!

They had complex emotions. They clearly knew that they could no longer go on the battlefield, but they wanted a taste of what had happened back in those days.

It was very interesting just thinking of how they would treat the soldiers of the Wei Wu Army like newcomers to the Imperial Dragon Soldiers!

Then, not only was Zhang Weiyu willing to put out his techniques, the others had also taken out their private collections.

Back then, the Imperial Dragon Soldiers was under the surveillance of the old King of Gods. It was impossible for them to not have any private collections. They had carried out the extermination and punishment of some large aristocrat families. How was it possible that they had nothing in their possession?

The last time they counted, over 50 of them had a total of over 20 different techniques…

All of them started to be picky. If the techniques could not be trained until Rank One, then do not take them out! How embarrassing!

Thus, the over 20 techniques were reduced to five. All of them could be trained to Rank One.

There were benefits to having more techniques. An army often needed to face different environments and enemies. A diverse army would mean a lower rate of fault tolerance.

Although the Imperial Dragon Soldier techniques were strong, their techniques were not weak either.

Everyone had thought that it was of no use to nurture the Wei Wu Army. It could even be considered a trade. But as they talked, new changes occurred. Zhang Weiyu and the rest wanted to take this as their own. They even used jargon in their conservation. They had to lead the troops well, and not have an army where the soldiers were useless.

It was as if there was a competition among them.

Now, Zhang Weiyu wanted to maximize his benefits. He would first tell Lu Shu about the situation. Everything after that would come naturally.

Lu Shu was done patrolling the fields and was about to continue training in the limestone cave to break through to Rank Three. Zhang Weiyu dragged Lu Shu to one side and said, “We are willing to offer five techniques that can be trained to Rank One to nurture the Wei Wu Army!”

“I reject.” Lu Shu simply rejected.

Zhang Weiyu was dumbfounded. He had five techniques that could be trained to Rank One. What gave Lu Shu the right to reject them? Then, he looked at Lu Shu’s expression and understood his apprehension… they had offered too many techniques at once. It was too good to be true!

To Lu Shu, one who is unaccountably solicitous was hiding evil intentions. He did not want the Wei Wu Army to be particularly powerful. He had given the Imperial Dragon Soldiers free rein to their imagination, but had not set anything in stone.

After all, he wanted to return to Earth. He was just a visitor in this world.

Lu Shu did not doubt Zhang Weiyu’s reliability, as he should be able to take out the techniques in front of Lu Shu.

But the more insider information he had, the more it explained his past position before his fall. What kind of person was able to obtain five Rank One techniques? A Lord of Heaven? An important person to the King of Gods?

No matter what position he had been in, it was probably something Lu Shu could not be involved in and escape in one piece. Lu Shu was a very conscientious person. Back then, when Li Xianyi offered to teach him swordplay, he could even reject him. Now, there was nothing that he could not reject. In any case, Lu Shu did not need these techniques anyway. His celestial map and swordplay were invincible… at least, this was what he had thought.

But Zhang Weiyu could not accept this. “Wait. These five techniques are all one could wish for. Now, we just want to strengthen the Wei Wu Army. There is a high concentration of magical energy here. We might as well tell you that we have a way to increase their strength quickly. They have the power to do so. It is not impossible to produce an army filled with Rank Fours and above. Half of them will even be able to reach Rank Three! Rank Threes like Liu Qianzhi are even better. How about this? I will assure you that I will nurture them to Rank Two!”

They had agreed on this game, so why did Lu Shu no longer allow them to play?

Although the Wei Wu Army was broken, the abilities of these roamers were at least Rank Five. Furthermore, Zhang Weiyu and the rest had special methods. His promise to produce a Rank Four army was a conservative goal. After all, it would be awkward if he could not fulfill his promise. If this leaked out, it would affect the reputation of the Imperial Palace Soldiers!

Zhang Weiyu and the rest looked forward to leading the Wei Wu Army out one day and giving everyone a large scare… just thinking about it satisfied their desires. It was a different sense of achievement from personal training!

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