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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 906: Treaty of Alliance

Chapter 906: Treaty of Alliance

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Zhang Weiyu and Lu Shu stood opposite one another. They were considering the pros and cons, as well as their judgment of the five techniques.

Lu Shu had dismissed the rest of the people. Their conversation had to be classified. After Zhang Weiyu sensed Lu Shu’s apprehension, he understood the choice he had to make. He looked at Lu Shu and said, “This is a good opportunity that only happens once in a blue moon.”

“But we have to see whether we can afford it.” Lu Shu took a long time to think about the position of a Heavenly King. These techniques were nothing to him.

Zhang Weiyu suddenly emphasized. “This time, we don’t need you to make any promises. We don’t need you to agree to any conditions either. Just allow us to train them!”

Lu Shu paused for two seconds. “Sure, but you have to agree to one condition.”

“Sure! What is it?” Zhang Weiyu looked at Lu Shu with a serious expression.

But Zhang Weiyu suddenly felt that something was not right!

Wait… he was giving someone else techniques. Why did he have to agree to a condition? What?! Why were the roles reversed? He had come to make Lu Shu feel obliged to return him a favor. Not only did Lu Shu not feel obliged, it was as if he was receiving an act of gratitude from Zhang Weiyu!

Zhang Weiyu quickly looked at Lu Shu’s innocent expression…

“From Zhang Weiyu’s distress, +666!”

“Let me settle this,” said Zhang Weiyu. “I came here to give you techniques. Why do I have to agree to your condition?”

Lu Shu innocently looked at Zhang Weiyu. “You settle it.”

Zhang Weiyu thought about it. He decided to start from the very beginning. “We want to give you five techniques.”

“No,” said Lu Shu.

“We don’t need you to make any promises. You just need to allow us to train them.”

“Sure, but you have to agree to one condition.” Lu Shu let go of his grip. “Do you have any problems with that?”

“From Zhang Weiyu’s distress points, +199!”

Zhang Weiyu sighed. “Sure, sure. What is it?”

“The condition is that you teach for free,” said Lu Shu calmly. “You see, our Wei Wu Army has a lot of expenses, but we have no income now. Thus, money is very important…”

Zhang Weiyu pondered. Since when had it become “our Wei Wu Army”? He even felt some resonance with this name…

But you had dragged the conversation on for so long, just to reveal that you were not willing to pay each person 2000 notes?!

Zhang Weiyu was not dumb. He knew where the problem was. This had occurred because they wanted to treat the Wei Wu Army like an intricate toy. Although they were disabled, if an army was able to produce stunning results under their training, it would act as a consolation to them as well.

Thus, this caused Zhang Weiyu and the rest to see the Wei Wu Army the same way parents hoped that their children would be able to achieve their unfulfilled wishes. They would give them the best resources and send them off for every journey.

In the end, it was because they had been lonely for too long. The once glorious Imperial Palace Soldiers had fallen into an abyss. They were filled with immense regret and hurt.

But now, they had suddenly realized that a group of disabled people like them had a chance to shine again. There was slight excitement and anticipation.

But most importantly, Zhang Weiyu understood Lu Shu. Lu Shu had helped them and had helped Zhang Weiyu himself. He was grateful to Lu Shu for saving his life.

It was important that Lu Shu did not own any powers. Lu Shu himself also had secrets that he concealed. This formed the basis of their mutual trust.

The Imperial Palace Soldiers did not give their lives to anyone but the King of Gods. But now, they did not have to give their lives to anyone.

To Zhang Weiyu, they were here because of their feelings, not because of the benefits. They had not changed. They still did not give in to the temptation of the large aristocrat families. Their loyalty still lies with the King of Gods!

This sounded somewhat unreasonable. They did not want high positions and great wealth. Instead, they had run to the mountains to train the broken Wei Wu Army. But this protected their last bit of respect as Imperial Palace Soldiers.

It seemed as if Lu Shu had seen this. Thus, he was willing to put forth a condition.

Zhang Weiyu calmly looked at Lu Shu. “We have to care about food, right?”

Lu Shu immediately beamed with joy. “Yes yes yes, we have to take care of that!”

“Not take the tray away?” Zhang Weiyu asked in a cold voice. He knew that Lu Shu had suggested Li Heitan to take the tray of gifts.

“Ha ha ha, this is a misunderstanding…”

After they had finished their discussion, Lu Xiaoyu saw Lu Shu wink at her. It was decided!

Suddenly, Lu Shu could not wait to see how the Wei Wu Army would progress in the future.

That night, Lu Shu came to the barrack where Zhang Weiyu and the rest were staying in. Over 50 people were either sitting on the beds or on the floor. They all looked at Lu Shu.

Lu Shu smiled. “I look forward to working with all of you.”

Zhang Weiyu patted his shoulder. “We need to clarify the rights of control over the Wei Wu Army.”

Lu Shu calmed down. They were talking about the main issue. But rights of control over the Wei Wu Army? How would they discuss this? Lu Shu definitely would not give these people the rights over the Wei Wu Army.

“Don’t think too much about it,” said Zhang Weiyu calmly. “Although we are willing to give you our techniques, we don’t want these techniques to leak out. Thus, the people in the Wei Wu Army must be under your control! We are trusting you, not them!”

“What do you mean?” Lu Shu thought about it and asked, “Do you have any way to ensure that?”

“Make all of them your slaves,” said Zhang Weiyu. “We have the techniques. Maybe you are still unable to accept all of them as your slaves in one go, but we can do this slowly. We will only be relieved if all of them become your slaves.”

Lu Shu hesitated. He was a modern man, not a person from this world.

Thus, Zhang Weiyu and the rest felt that taking in slaves was unimportant and normal, but Lu Shu felt very awkward. He never wanted to oppress anyone, and had never thought about becoming a slave owner.

He never wanted anyone to control his freedom. Thus, he treated others the same way he wanted to be treated. He was not willing to control the freedom of others.

“It would be hypocritical if I said that people are equal. I do not wish to control anyone else. I have never thought of occupying a high position and looking down on others either. Furthermore, I approve this point of view. Controlling the loyalty of others is not true loyalty. When one’s life and freedom is in their own hands, only then will that person be able to make use of his fullest potential.”

When he finished speaking, Zhang Weiyu and the rest looked at one another helplessly. It was as if they were immersed in thought.

After some time, Zhang Weiyu took a deep breath and said, “You are extremely similar to someone we know… she once said something similar to yours of course, there are differences in your choice of words.”

Lu Shu was dumbfounded. Who else had said something similar to Zhang Weiyu and the rest?

Lu Shu felt that there was something fishy, but he could not figure out what.

“It is not that I am unwilling to accept them as slaves. I just feel that this is not the best way,” said Lu Shu. “Are there any other methods other than taking them in as slaves? I am not unreasonable. To be honest, I am not a selfless person. Although I do not want others to become my slaves, I also do not want to have any betrayals.”

Lu Shu was an earthly and pragmatic person. He was willing to confess his selfishness. At the same time, he would stick to his moral values.

“Yes, there is another way,” said Zhang Weiyu after some thought. “A treaty of alliance. The party pledging their allegiance will willingly sign a treaty of alliance with the host. The host is unable to control the actions of the other party. But when the other party betrays the host, the treaty will destroy and discontinue their foundations. But you have to think about it. This treaty of alliance is weaker compared to the seal of a slave. The greatest advantage that slave owners have is that if they want to send their slaves to their deaths, the slaves have to do so. Some slaves are born to be cannon fodders on the battlefield. If you want to use this method, you have to be careful in your operations. They only cannot betray you.”

Lu Shu sighed. This was enough for him. He did not need anyone to become cannon fodder for him either.

Loyalty could not be exchanged for chains. The Heavenly Network had never accepted anyone as slaves. No one was forced to their deaths. Thus, the word “hero” was significant.

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