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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 907: Mutiny

Chapter 907: Mutiny

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How would they make over 3000 soldiers from the Wei Wu Army be willing to sign a treaty of alliance with Lu Shu and treat Lu Shu as the core? This was a very difficult question.

To Zhang Weiyu, these roamers were used to the days free of restraint. Although a treaty of alliance was a relatively light restraint, it was still binding.

But if there was no way to guard against the soldiers, they were not willing to give their five techniques. These techniques could be worth an entire city. The techniques were how top aristocrat families had risen to prominence.

There were times when Zhang Weiyu thought that he was crazy for offering such things. He had even agreed to Lu Shu’s condition…

“I think that we have to spread this out in advance,” said Zhang Weiyu. “This is a treaty of alliance that will involve over 3000 people. If they do not agree and initiate a mutiny, we no longer have to discuss about the future.”

Lu Shu thought about it. “I think it is still better to tell them in a candid manner and allow them to choose for themselves.”

Lu Shu and Zhang Weiyu’s thought processes were different. Zhang Weiyu and the rest had started to imagine. If they could train the Wei Wu Army, the army might be useful in the future. What if they had contributed significantly to this?

But Lu Shu was different. What he wanted now was self-protection. When the war ended and he received an official document indicating that he was a commander, he would write a recommendation letter himself and apply to the Sword Hut. This would happen in about a year or so. Lu Shu had the confidence that he would be able to advance to Rank One in that period of time.

Zhang Weiyu had said that most of the people who had been selected to join the Sword Hut were Rank Twos. Those who were below Rank Two were not even willing to be sent to their deaths. If Lu Shu was able to advance to Rank One, he would definitely have an advantage in the selections.

Thus, Lu Shu was a visitor. He only wanted self-protection, and money from his soap business.

As for making the Wei Wu Army more powerful, it was just convenient for him. Most importantly, he wanted to make the Wei Wu Army a large army…

Thus, their attitudes were different. This caused Lu Shu to feel that it was of no importance if people wanted to leave because of the alliance.

Zhang Weiyu laughed coldly. “This is your own army. Of course, you will make the decision. It is just a matter of whether you can handle the consequences.”

Lu Shu did not care. What could he not handle? He had the Bishop, Anthony, Lu Xiaoyu, and Johnson by his side. Who in the Wei Wu Army would be able to oppose them?

Thus, Lu Shu gathered everyone from the Wei Wu Army. Zhang Weiyu and the rest observed coldly by the side. They waited for Lu Shu to settle this.

The Wei Wu Army gathered. They looked dumbfounded. Some of them had rolled up their trouser legs and their feet were full of dirt. They had just come from the fields.

There was a large, flat ground in King Lu Mountain that acted like a parade square. Everyone did their exercises here every morning.

Lu Shu stood in the parade square and looked at everyone. He said in a clear voice, “Plainly speaking, I want to give everyone an opportunity. Thus, I need to have absolute control over the Wei Wu Army. This is like doing a business. I cannot suffer losses while trading. I can force everyone to become my slave, but I don’t like controlling others. I believe that you do not want to lose your freedom either. Thus, I have thought of a compromise…”

At that moment, before Lu Shu could finish speaking, Li Heitan suddenly shouted, “Great Lord, I am willing to become your slave!”

Zhang Weiyu was dumbfounded. Had Lu Shu planned this in secret? Or was Li Heitan serious about this?

But before he could fully understand the situation, a large group of people shouted, “Great Lord, let us be your slaves! We don’t need freedom!”

Even Lu Shu was dumbfounded. A group of people were striving to be the first, as if they were afraid that they could not become his slave. Only Lu Shu knew that he had not made Li Heitan say this kind of thing!

Zhang Weiyu and the rest completely could not understand what was happening. They were smart people. Thus, they could see that the Wei Wu Army was willing. No one had forced or threatened them.

Even if Li Heitan had led the way, everyone had their own mind. Just one sentence could lead to this. Thus, these soldiers of the Wei Wu Army… were really willing to become Lu Shu’s slaves!

Zhang Weiyu and the rest could not understand this world…

But they had overlooked one problem from the very beginning. This did not mean that Lu Shu was extremely respected or adored by the Wei Wu Army, but that Zhang Weiyu and the rest had not understood the mentality of a slave.

These people wanted a way to survive in this chaotic world. There were two things that the Wei Wu Army liked about what Lu Shu had done. Firstly, Lu Shu was not demanding. To be honest, even if they had escaped to the mountains, it was much more free and comfortable than when they were in the old Wei Wu Army or when they were slaves.

Secondly, Lu Shu was very powerful. Everyone pondered how strong Lu Shu was, given that the servant with a pink scarf was a Rank One. Furthermore, what had happened in the past that had allowed Lu Shu to take in a Rank One expert as his servant.

A Rank One! After the chaos was over, and they became Lu Shu’s slaves, the future would be bright for Wei Wu Army!

Furthermore, everyone felt that Lu Shu was different from the experts in high positions. He had never treated anyone like ants, as he had always lived on this world with a sincere attitude.

Now, they were not worried that their freedom would be lost. They were worried that Lu Shu did not have the mental ability to take all of them as slaves.

The definition of mental ability was very broad. No one had specialized in training mental ability. No one even knew how to train. But it had become an important index for “the number of slaves” in this world.

Thus, the Wei Wu Army was different from Zhang Weiyu and the rest in terms of their ideologies. Zhang Weiyu and the rest occupied high positions as Imperial Palace Soldiers. Even after they had fallen, they still had their pride. But the Wei Wu Army soldiers were different…

Lu Shu patiently explained, “You do not have to become slaves. I believe that you will appreciate the decision I have made today in the future. You will also realize how wonderful freedom is…”

Before he could finish speaking, someone below shouted, “No, we want to become slaves!”

Zhang Weiyu muttered, “What?! They are all crazy!”

An Imperial Palace Soldier beside him said with an irritated tone, “Could it be that we were wrong?”

Lu Shu was still trying to explain patiently, while the Wei Wu Army was very excited.

Some would rather die than become a slave. Others were willing to become a slave even if it meant death. The mutiny that Zhang Weiyu and the rest were worried about had happened, but in a bizarre way.

But Lu Shu still persisted. In the end, he rejected the request of the Wei Wu Army. Instead, he chose to sign a treaty of alliance with them using their souls. He felt that one day, they would eventually be grateful for the decision that he had made today.

Thus, the treaty of alliance fulfilled his need to control the Wei Wu Army.

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