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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 908: Don’t Be Rash

Chapter 908: Don’t Be Rash

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When the soldiers from the Wei Wu Army realized that the Great Lord had not taken them in as slaves, they felt a sense of regret…

Li Heitan said in a serious tone, “Perhaps we are too weak and the Great Lord does not think much of us!”

The soldiers of the Wei Wu Army looked at one another helplessly. This was very likely. The Great Lord’s servant was a Rank One. What gave them the right to become his slave…

What should they do? Some even wanted to hurry up and train, but the problem was… their techniques had already reached a bottleneck. It was of no use even if they trained.

Thus, everyone was somewhat disheartened. They still did not know what opportunity Lu Shu was talking about. To them, Lu Shu himself was the opportunity.

Unimportant people had their own survival wisdom. They were like grass. They were used to going wherever the wind blew and firmly living there.

Lu Shu wanted them to become a large tree and shoulder heavier responsibilities.

Zhang Weiyu and the rest realized that the situation had started to develop in a way that was hard for them to understand.

Lu Shu softly sighed. “I almost couldn’t control the situation. You were right about your worries. A mutiny almost happened.”

Zhang Weiyu saw a hint of cockiness in Lu Shu’s expression…

“From Zhang Weiyu’s distress, +666!”

A group of people pulled Zhang Weiyu aside. “Don’t be rash. You can’t defeat him…”

Although Lu Shu did not want to control the freedom of others, he felt a sense of accomplishment with so many people desperate to become his slave. When he returned to Earth, he would tell his comrades in the Heavenly Network, “Did you know? After I went there, so many people insisted on becoming my slave…”

Zhang Weiyu laughed coldly to the rest of the Imperial Palace Soldiers. “Let him be complacent for now. He doesn’t know how much mental strength is needed to maintain the treaty of alliance. I won’t remind him to sign the treaty by batches. I want to see how a Rank Four practitioner suffers when he overspends his mental strength!”

They had told Lu Shu how to sign the treaty of alliance. Lu Shu had started to accept the souls of the soldiers to sign the treaty. He suddenly felt that he had started to establish a connection with the soldiers who had signed the treaty. He could not control them, but could transmit faint signals in one direction.

Li Heitan thought of something. Before he could open his mouth to speak, it was as if Li Heitan had received a message. He grabbed a chair and gave it to Lu Shu. This was the message that Lu Shu had transmitted to him.

Lu Shu suddenly realized something. This treaty of alliance… seemed to have been created for the battlefield. If the commanders had the ability to transmit messages like this and had exceptional commanding abilities, the combat power of the army would exponentially increase.

Zhang Weiyu and the rest watched by the side. He wanted to see the limits of Lu Shu’s mental strength. Typically, mental strength was correlated to cultivation. The stronger the practitioner, the greater their mental strength.

Usually, even an ordinary Rank One expert out not be able to bear a treaty among over 3000 people.

But the problem was, Lu Shu had accepted treaties from over 1000 people, but he seemed completely fine!

Someone asked curiously, “Are you sure that he is a Rank Four practitioner? He has accepted treaties from over 1000 people. How is he completely fine? Look at his expression! There’s no change at all.”

“Just wait, just wait…” Zhang Weiyu started at Lu Shu.

Every time Lu Shu accepted one treaty, he would say to the soldier, “You are not my slave, not because I look down on you, but because I hope that you will understand the meaning of your life. You eat to live, but you do not live to eat. One day, you will be grateful for the freedom I have given you today and enjoy it.”

The soldiers of the Wei Wu Army did not quite seem to understand. They could not understand what Lu Shu meant given their standard of culture here. But for some reason, they were more or less touched.

Because they could feel the charm of awakening their awareness and freedom in Lu Shu’s ideology of this world.

Because they could feel that Lu Shu saw them as people.

In this chaotic world, it was a form of respect for slaves and roamer to be seen as people.

As for Lu Shu, although he was not ambitious about the Wei Wu Army, he suddenly wanted them to understand some morals as people, and not let them be content with being ants.

The treaty was only finished after an entire day. Even Lu Shu felt fatigued.

But when he stood up, he realized with some doubt that Zhang Weiyu and the rest were looking at him in shock…

Zhang Weiyu walked over and carefully observed Lu Shu. “Don’t push yourself. I know that you definitely don’t feel well after accepting so many treaties in one go.”

Lu Shu felt that this was rather bizarre. “What are you talking about? How odd…”

With that, Lu Shu went into the limestone cave to train his swordplay… leaving Zhang Weiyu looking at Lu Shu’s back with a serious expression on his face.

Zhang Weiyu did not know that the first day Lu Shu started training, Li Xianyi had said that the Hall of Swords trained vitality.

His strong mental state resonated with the heaven and the earth. His vigor was the sword energy.

Till today, Lu Shu could not fully understand this mystery. But he continued to train his swordplay everyday. As a result, Lu Shu’s swordplay had reached the level where it resonated with heaven and earth. It had reached Rank One.

Now, it was simply that his body could not keep up.

“This young man is rather strange,” said someone behind Zhang Weiyu.

“He’s more than that. Everything about him is strange. But to be honest, I quite like his personality. It’s quite interesting,” said Dong Ye from the Imperial Palace Soldiers.

Zhang Weiyu furrowed his eyebrows. “I don’t know whether we’ve made the right decision. When I was in the field, I thought that he was a dragon hiding in the abyss. But back then, I thought that he was far away from the day where he would be able to soar into the sky. Now… I believe that the day might be very close.”

“Why are you thinking so much?” Dong Ye smiled. “The higher he soars, the greater the help he will be to use in the future. If we are able to train the Wei Wu Army and form a friendship with him, when he suddenly comes to find us, we will no longer be just a group of disabled people. At least we will be slightly useful.”

“Anyway, why does he insist on going to the Sword Hut?” Someone asked curiously, “He is a commander of an army. There’s no need for him to go to the Sword Hut and take a risk, right?”

Zhang Weiyu thought about it and said, “I feel that he is finding something which he is highly involved in. It has something to do with a secret. I wanted to tell him that there was no need to go to the Sword Hut. But now, I no longer think so. I’m looking forward to what will happen when he goes to the Sword Hut…”

“Of course, the most urgent issue we have now is to come up with a plan and completely transform the Wei Wu Army!”

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