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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 909: Standardizing Opinions

Chapter 909: Standardizing Opinions

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The King Lu Mountain had settled down at night. Apart from those on patrol duty, everyone had gone to bed.

Since Lu Shu trusted Zhang Weiyu and tasked them to train the soldiers, Lu Xiaoyu had to give them a copy of the map of the cave’s route which Xiaoyu drew. On one hand, it served to show his trust in them. On the other hand, it was to allow them to be assured. They had an alternative route even if the Black Feather Army came.

Zhang Weiyu was extremely enthusiastic and reorganized the routes that the people on patrol took.

Initially, the Wei Wu Army, including Liu Qianzhi and Li Heitan, were unwilling to be trained by a group of ordinary people. Weren’t they just a few ordinary people? Li Heitan could kill one of them with a punch…

However, after replotting their routes, Liu Qianzhi suddenly realized that their military power was much more concrete than his.

Zhang Weiyu was also very surprised. Upon looking at the route of the cave, he realized that it was extremely connected and accessible underground. Once the Black Feather Army came, the Wei Wu Army would be able to enter the cave quickly in all directions if they knew about their arrival beforehand.

Moreover, there were many exits to the cave and the tunnels were so long that Zhang Weiyu gasped in awe. He asked Lu Shu, “Did you purposely choose this location?”

“It was a coincidence,” Lu Shu said while smiling, “Heaven is on my side because I am handsome.”

“From Zhang Weiyu’s distress, +481!”

‘Go and die, can you stop boasting about your looks?’

Lu Xiaoyu suddenly felt worried as she watched by the side, Lu Shu… Was being arrogant…

Zhang Weiyu continued examining the routes displayed on the map of the cave. He discovered that the entrances of the cave were coincidentally at the important walking paths in the mountain, they looked extremely hidden.

Was that a coincidence? Zhang Weiyu was very sure that Lu Shu kept himself busy for the few weeks he had reached the cave.

However, Zhang Weiyu did not know that there were over ten minor routes, those final escape routes confirmed by Lu Shu, which Lu Xiaoyu did not mark out on the map.

It was not because they were worried that Zhang Weiyu would betray them, but rather because Lu Shu had always been so cautious. In order to stay alive, he had to be wary.

Initially, Zhang Weiyu was worried that the Black Feather Army would arrive before they finished training the soldiers.

Now, he need not worry as they need not be afraid even if they came!

Zhang Weiyu and Dong Ye discussed softly after returning to their room, “Do you guys think that this map is complete?”

Someone smiled. “Based on that chap’s personality, this map is definitely incomplete. He will definitely make an escape route for himself.”

Zhang Weiyu nodded. “It is understandable. If he showed the map to anyone he saw on the road, he would be extremely unreliable. Let’s not bother about this, we only need to focus on training the Wei Wu Army. Let us double check our plans to confirm who is responsible for which section and which technique, we cannot afford to get it wrong.”

After all, Zhang Weiyu and the rest were more dedicated than Lu Shu in terms of training the Wei Wu Army…

Lu Shu was more concerned about teaching the Wei Wu Army how to read and write, which Zhang Weiyu and the rest regarded as something unimportant.

In this world where hierarchy played an important role, most of the slaves did not have the right to learn about knowledge and culture. The slave owners wanted them to be more stupid as they believed that the more educated they are, the harder it would be for the slave owners to control them.

However, Lu Shu thought otherwise. He felt that it was too difficult to interact with a bunch of people who were illiterate.

Martial Arts training needed time, similarly to cultivating one’s cultural knowledge. One had to start from learning how to read.

Lu Shu felt that an adult would be able to recognize all the words if they used two hours to learn how to read every night.

However, he would not waste his time on this. Zhang Weiyu and the rest were in charge of teaching them how to read.

Zhang Weiyu was initially confused and asked Lu Shu, “Is it really necessary to learn how to read? Isn’t it enough if they knew how to fight?”

They wanted to increase the overall competency of the Wei Wu Army by teaching them battle tactics and how to cooperate with each other. However, would recognizing words make one more powerful?

Lu Shu smiled. “For two armies with the same capability, would the army with a firm belief be more powerful, or would the army who only has the knowledge of battle tactics be more powerful?”

Zhang Weiyu thought about it. “The former should be more powerful. With a firm belief, they would not even care about their lives.”

“I didn’t mean for them to die. I just hope to unify their beliefs,” said Lu Shu.

Zhang Weiyu was stunned for a while. None of the army in this world had noticed this before. The army just had to attack and one would be considered a good soldier if they were able to kill their opponents. Therefore, who would care about the beliefs of the soldiers?

However, after giving it some serious thoughts, the famous soldiers were all successful in unifying their armies’ beliefs.

For example, the Imperial Dragon Soldiers had all alone carried the mission of guarding the throne. The sense of honor was also considered a unified belief, such that they viewed the life of the King of Gods as more important than their own lives.

Now, Lu Shu seemed to be influencing them and inculcating the belief into the soldiers as they learnt how to read. Learning how to read was secondary as the inculcating of belief was of the primary importance.

Zhang Weiyu was curious, did Lu Shu learn about that himself? Was this chap a gifted trainer of the army? At this moment, Zhang Weiyu suddenly treasured this gifted individual. He wondered, ‘If I had pushed him further, would he become a famous commander too?!’

At this moment, Lu Shu suddenly asked, “Do you know Mathematics?”

“A little,” Zhang Weiyu looked at Lu Shu cautiously.

“Then teach them some simple Mathematics. If not, they won’t even be able to calculate the price of the soap, what if they get scammed…”

Zhang Weiyu said, “… No way!”

He suddenly felt that he should not view the chap in front of him in too favorable a manner or he would be extremely pissed off. Why was he still concerned about selling soap at this point in time?

For some reason, Zhang Weiyu felt that Lu Shu was not kidding. He also predicted that the Wei Wu Army would really end up selling soap in the future…

Zhang Weiyu felt like committing suicide when he thought about how a famous army ended up selling soap.

Wait a minute… Zhang Weiyu was very certain that when the Azure Dragon Village sold soap in the past, a group of bandits had stolen many soaps shamelessly…

In the future, if the Wei Wu Army ended up as powerful as the Imperial Dragon Soldiers, everyone would need to buy Lu Shu’s soap…

Zhang Weiyu suddenly realized that he had read Lu Shu’s mind!

Did that chap really have such low levels of moral principles?!

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