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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 910: Rising Powers

Chapter 910: Rising Powers

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lu Shu was anticipating how the power of the Wei Wu Army could be upgraded quickly because he wanted to see if the method used by Zhang Weiyu and the rest was suitable for himself.

After the soldiers of the Wei Wu Army had come to an agreement with Lu Shu, a significant reform officially began. Lu Shu told them what the so-called “reform” referred to, it was the teaching of a new tactic which was able to upgrade one to Rank One.

At this moment, everyone of the Wei Wu Army started to go wild. The reason why they were unable to upgrade their powers was because their skills had reached a bottleneck and it was impossible for them to upgrade!

Yet now, after following Lu Shu, not only had their quality of life upgraded, but they could also continue to upgrade their skills.

Liu Qianzhi was the most excited of them all. The reason he chose to enter the Wei Wu Army was because he was only able to upgrade his skills to Rank Three. If he entered an elite army like the Qing Sai Army, he would be overpowered by the talents inside. Therefore, as he wanted to be the best in the army, he came to the Wei Wu Army.

Nobody was willing to accept the fact that his skills were inferior. Being Rank Three was nothing in this world and Liu Qianzhi had always dreamt to upgrade his skills.

Suddenly, someone mumbled, “Is our commander crazy? He didn’t adopt us as slaves when he decided to pass down the skills, for safety reasons, shouldn’t he adopt us as slaves?”

Initially, everyone was slightly regretful. They were not stupid and knew the significance behind being Rank One.

Everyone was used to the unequal exchange of benefits in this emotionless world. In order to survive, one had to sell oneself as slaves. In order to cultivate one’s skills, one had to die for their slave owner.

In the world of an adult, everyone was concerned with deals and benefits. When everyone got used to this, a little bit of warmth allowed them to cherish it. This was also one of the reasons why they were willing to become Lu Shu’s slaves.

They felt that Lu Shu was significantly different from others.

To put it frankly, Ye Xiaoming treated them as objects while Lu Shu treated them as humans.

Lu Shu said to the Wei Wu Army, “I can actually take over the entire Wei Wu Army as, after all, I am the most powerful in the army. However, I felt that that was not good as it was as though nobody had a say in the prosperity of the Wei Wu Army and this would cause all of you to lose motivation. I hope that everyone here would have the common understanding that none of you are slaves and nobody can force you to become slaves. Everything we are doing right now is for ourselves. As part of the team of the Wei Wu Army, we will become more powerful and live a better life if we unite. All of you are not fighting because of me, in fact, you are fighting for yourselves. In the past, all of you could only live under others’ noses. Now that all of you have the skill of a Rank One, let’s go out and fight for our future.”

The speech was not extremely motivating but Lu Shu’s intention was to tell everyone in the Wei Wu Army that the upgrade of skills of the Wei Wu Army required everyone’s effort and not only Lu Shu’s effort alone.

Therefore, everyone had a share of the prosperity and benefits.

The five tactics provided by Zhang Weiyu were carefully picked. Each of the 56 people were in charge of 60 soldiers of the Wei Wu Army. For convenience, Lu Shu redistributed the Wei Wu Army and grouped them into groups of six and putting ten groups in a troop.

All of the soldiers of the Wei Wu Army listened attentively to how Zhang Weiyu and the rest described the cultivation of skills. Everyone knew that it was probably the best opportunity they had in their entire life!

Even Li Heitan sat properly. That was extremely rare because he usually acted as though he was hyperactive. When Lu Shu brought him to check out the King Lu Mountain, Li Heitan continuously flipped around Lu Shu and could not stand still at all…

Initially, Lu Shu thought that Zhang Weiyu would allow everyone to practice after teaching them the tactics. However, after everyone mastered the method of manipulating their vital channels, Zhang Weiyu brought them to climb the mountains.

Zhang Weiyu stood beneath the mountain and allowed Li Heitan and the rest to climb the mountains while practicing their skills.

“Won’t this cause them to become obsessive?!” Lu Shu was shocked.

After seeing Lu Shu’s confusion, Zhang Weiyu felt that he had an upper hand in terms of knowledge. He smiled. “Yes, they will become obsessive.”

Lu Shu was speechless. “… Don’t torture them until they die.”

“Rest assured, with their current abilities, nothing would go wrong even if something went awry with the routes of their vital channels. The worst would be to suffer pain. However, this will not be the case if they were more powerful. If they are afraid of suffering now, then they don’t need to think about becoming more powerful,” said Zhang Weiyu, “There is a reason behind this training, please do not interfere.”

“Haha.” Lu Shu left without any expressions. He continued to practice his sword skills.

However, Lu Xiaoyu did not leave. She asked while blinking, “So what are the advantages of this method of practice?”

Zhang Weiyu could purposely ignore Lu Shu but he could not bear to ignore the adorable Lu Xiaoyu. He knew that Lu Xiaoyu was asking this question on Lu Shu’s behalf but he explained nevertheless, “This group of people had something wrong with their method of practice and cultivation. We hope that their Spirit Qi would collide in their bodies after they are distracted, causing the capacity of their vital channels to expand from the size of a stream to that of a sea. Although this is a violent method that would cause suffering and is usually not practiced, we have to do it now because we want their skills to grow quickly.”

Lu Xiaoyu nodded and left to explain to Lu Shu. Zhang Weiyu sighed as he saw this.

Zhang Weiyu kept seeing Lu Xiaoyu lead the army out for a hunt and was initially worried for her safety. However, he realized that he was over-concerned.

The way Lu Xiaoyu hunted was extremely unique. The wild creatures would follow her after she waved to them.

Without using any weapons, she returned with many creatures. Some of them were even willing to let her sit on them…

However, something went wrong in the rearing of these creatures. Rearing them meant that the numbers would increase but Lu Xiaoyu realized that she could only control 36 creatures at once and could not fulfil the requirement.

Zhang Weiyu was waiting at the foot of the mountain. After about two hours, he heard Li Heitan’s shouts as he ran back. Li Heitan was the first to accomplish the mission of climbing the mountains and immediately lay down on the ground to recuperate his Spirit Qi after he returned. He was moaning in pain and could not breathe properly.

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