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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 912: A Huge Volume of Distress Points

Chapter 912: A Huge Volume of Distress Points

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The Wei Wu Army lined up. Everyone received a stick of white oil from the pot in front of Zhang Weiyu. After they rubbed the oil on their bodies, they felt very comfortable after just ten minutes.

This had no effect on ordinary people because it used the magical energy within the animals as its foundation. Herbal medicine was also present to aid in the recovery of vital channels.

This was different from that of on Earth. Although Earth also had mutated beings, they had only mutated recently. No one knew which species of herbal medicine had undergone changes.

Lu Shu asked curiously, “Why didn’t you start producing this ointment on the first day?”

“The level of training on the first day doesn’t require this,” explained Zhang Weiyu. “Furthermore, they will only need to use this once or twice a week in the future. I will decide after observing the intensity of training and the intensity that they can bear.”

“Ahem.” Lu Shu asked curiously, “Can we sell this?”

Zhang Weiyu looked at Lu Shu and was speechless. “The efficacy of the medicine will decrease after 24 hours. There is no way to transport and store it. So you should get rid of that idea.”

“Sure. It seems like my soap is still more reliable.” Lu Shu bit his lip.

Zhang Weiyu thought. So things that could not be sold were not reliable to you?!

“From Zhang Weiyu’s distress, +99!”

He suddenly felt that it was a wise decision to allow Zhang Weiyu to stay here, as Zhang Weiyu had more experience in certain areas than Lu Shu and the rest, especially in terms of his outlook.

This was different from that of on earth. The practitioners here had trained for a very long time. They might lack in productivity, but they were ahead of Earth.

There were countless aristocrat families and slave owners here. If every family had one technique, there should be at least 80 thousand different techniques.

But there were different levels of techniques and aptitudes. Some would never be able to reach the peak in their lifetime.

Furthermore, practitioners had a very long lifespan. Those who came first forcibly seized resources, while those who came later wanted to advance to the top. Thus, wars occurred from time to time.

Thus, to Lu Shu, wars were inevitable in this world. As long as a new expert appeared, they would definitely engage in conflict with the old experts who had already gained benefits.

Thus, Lu Shu did not quite like this world.

Lu Shu arranged for a literacy class in the morning, but he did not start from simple words, like counting numbers. He immediately thought them complex content. For example, he started with sentences, “I have a dream that the Wei Wu Army will stand up and fulfill the true meaning of our creed. We feel that the truth is self-evident. People are born equal. I have a dream that in the fertile King Lu Mountain, and in this world, the sons of slaves and the sons of slave owners will be able to sit together and share brotherly affection…”

“I have a dream…”

When Zhang Weiyu saw this, he was dumbfounded. He did not expect Lu Shu’s plan to be so great. He wanted to overthrow the classes in this world!

But Lu Shu did not think so far ahead. He simply wanted to educate the Wei Wu Army.

The slave society in this world could not be overthrown. There might be many examples where civilians overturned the world, but it was different in this world. Slave owners controlled slaves and used true techniques and profits.

Not only was betrayal useless, they had to bear incredible pain. 99% of the slaves in this world were unable to bear the pain.

Thus, Lu Shu had never thought of changing this world. He just wanted to change the Wei Wu Army.

But Zhang Weiyu did not think the same way as Lu Shu. He even started to respect Lu Shu…

The more he interacted with Lu Shu, the more he felt that Lu Shu was different from the rest. The difference was that he had core of thought in his body.

If Lu Shu knew what Zhang Weiyu was thinking, he would think that this was nonsense. They were people from two different worlds. Of course he would be different…

Furthermore, the Wei Wu Army was made up of roamers who were once slaves. Lu Shu had rejected them as slaves and selflessly impart techniques to them. When they started to learn the meaning of these words, the words “people are born equal” struck through their hearts.

Even if they did not have any culture, they felt that these four words were very pleasant.

Lu Xiaoyu had just returned. She carried a stack of blue books and threw them onto the floor, forming a small hill. Then, she said, “I could only find these near the city. There are no more business that are still in operation. Many of the residents have run away.”

Lu Shu looked at the books. They looked like account books. The pages were slightly yellow and rough. Paper making was not advanced in this world, but it seemed as if the papermaking industry was ahead of the production industry… after all, they had to print many copies of the poems by the king…

After the lesson ended, Li Heitan curiously came over. “Great Lord, what are these for?”

Lu Shu cheerily smiled. “These are for you to do homework on!”

Li Heitan suddenly had an unpleasant premonition…

Lu Xiaoyu quite liked Li Heitan’s personality. She liked interacting with frank and simple people. Thus, Li Heitan was one of the few people in the Wei Wu Army who could greet Lu Xiaoyu.

To the others, Lu Xiaoyu was the manager. She was cold and only smiled to Lu Shu.

Lu Shu, who had experienced formal education, although homework could not be strenuous, it was necessary. Many people could not understand. Did they have to do homework? They could just resolve these problems in class, right? Did they really have to continue doing homework after class?

But Lu Shu felt that this was very necessary. How could Lu Shu not want to earn more distress points…

While over 3000 people painfully did their homework and produced distress points, Lu Shu happily looked at the strings of numbers in the system’s back end. He suddenly thought of something. If he returned to Earth, should he manage a few members of the Heavenly Network? For example, make them do homework?

Lu Shu thought that he would not make them do homework and produce distress points for nothing. Before he returned to earth, he would give everyone a refresher fruit each as an act of friendship. This would be another great opportunity for them. This homework was their payment in advance… after all, he would have no connection to this world after he left. He did not need to be scared about anything.

In reality, the distress points produced by each soldier did not just stop at 1000.

A group of uncles had just started to learn how to write. They were desperate… in just one day, Li Heitan alone had produced over 900 distress points for Lu Shu…

Of course, he would definitely earn more points on the first day. After everyone got used to homework, they would produce fewer distress points.

But Lu Shu did not care. When that time came, he could start mathematics lessons…

Lu Shu’s thirst for distress points was the driving force that promoted the education of the Wei Wu Army.

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