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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 913: Crisis Point

Chapter 913: Crisis Point

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At first, the soldiers of the Wei Wu Army were rather excited about the educational classes. Education was not widely spread, but was held in high esteem. Thus, they envied those slaves who had education back when they were still slaves.

A slave that could teach would be in a very high position. They would not be forced by the slave owner to do anything.

This respect for education had started back from when they were still slaves till now. But the respect disappeared when Lu Shu implemented the mysterious homework…

A burly man gripped the pencil that Li Heitan had made and drew on his book. His words were crooked. Li Heitan was in the most pain. He did not hold educated slaves in high esteem back when he was a slave. He felt that such people did not speak clearly and had other motives. It took too much effort to scold others without using vulgarities.

Once, Li Heitan had seen a private tutor of an aristocrat family get into a scolding match with someone else. As an observer, he could no longer take it. Scolding people was a confusing thing. Why not just attack the other person?

Lu Shu had already gone to practice his swordplay. He would be able to advance to Rank Three in a month. He started to panic as he saw the soldiers of the Wei Wu Army advance.

As the commander of the Wei Wu Army, how could his abilities be on par with that of his soldiers?

Furthermore, he had collected many distress points. He wanted to advance to Rank One, break through the chains and eat fruits.

Lu Xiaoyu saw Li Heitan’s worried look as he did his homework and became happy. She had always thought that homework was the burden of students. Thus, when she was in school, she did not want to do her homework.

Seeing that the straightforward and good natured Li Heitan was being tortured by Lu Shu, Lu Xiaoyu smiled and walked over to him. She picked up his blue accounts book and tore it apart. “There’s no need for you to do any more homework. If anyone asks, tell them that I tore your book!”

Li Heitan looked at Lu Xiaoyu, dumbstruck. He then looked at his book which had been torn apart. “I… just finished my homework…”

“From Li Heitan’s distress, +999!”

If it were someone else, Li Heitan would have attacked them. But he could not do anything against Lu Xiaoyu.

Li Heitan was frank, but he was not dumb. He knew that Lu Xiaoyu was the closest to Lu Shu. He could also feel the good intentions she had.

It was said that fortune favors fools. This meant that straightforward and good natured people were often accidentally helped by people of eminence. Every time they went into the mountains to hunt, Li Heitan would always protect Lu Xiaoyu, like a military troop. This was because he could sense Lu Xiaoyu’s good intentions.

Lu Xiaoyu was not born cold. She just felt that this world was full of people trying to cheat one another. She thought that the only person she could trust was Lu Shu. Later on, she realized that this world was not lacking in good people.

She silently looked at the book on the floor, which had been torn into pieces. “… do you want to do it again?”

“From Li Heitan’s distress, +666!”

While Lu Shu was practicing his swordplay, he saw the distress points he had earned from Li Heitan. He decided when he was about to return to Earth with Lu Xiaoyu, it did not matter how many refresher fruits he gave everyone. But he had to give Li Heitan more refresher fruits…

Lu Xiaoyu called Zhang Weiyu and the others to come to the limestone cave. This was the first time Zhang Weiyu and the others had officially seen the place where Lu Shu trained. There was an oil lamp on the wall of the cave. The oil was produced from animal fat. Typically, Li Heitan would come in and refill the oil. The rest were banned from entering.

Zhang Weiyu did not know why Lu Shu had called them over. But when they saw the countless sword marks on the stone walls, his expression grew serious. There was sword energy within each and every single sword mark.

It was as if the sword marks would jump out of the wall and attack them if they stared at the marks for long enough.

“Stop looking,” said Zhang Weiyu in a low voice. He suddenly felt some chest distress.

Zhang Weiyu and the rest had great talents. But no matter how great their outlook was, they could no longer take Lu Shu lightly.

Sword marks caused by a Rank Four practitioner when he was training caused them to feel oppressed with just a few glances. Just exactly how strong was his swordplay?

When Lu Shu saw them enter, he calmly kept his sword. He said to Lu Xiaoyu, “Tell them about what’s happening. It will be good if they know about the situation.”

Lu Xiaoyu had gone out, as she was the most suitable person to find out whether the situation was still safe. This time, she had gone out to ‘buy’ the homework books for Lu Shu, as well as to look at the situation outside and make a correct judgment.

Lu Xiaoyu said calmly, “I didn’t go to Li Yang Pass because it was too far away, but Wei Bei Pass has reached a crisis point. Many soldiers from the Black Feather Army have gathered in Wei Bei Pass. I’m afraid that they want to force their way in. I heard that Duanmu Huangqi, the West Lord of Heaven, promise that if the Black Feather Army defeats ten cities, ten commanders from the Black Feather Army will be chosen to become the heads of the cities.”

The three cities, Yun An City, Nangeng City, and Guang Liao City, were arranged in a triangle. They were in between Wei Bei Pass and Li Yang Pass. The Black Feather Army had to go through Wei Bei Pass in order to head north. If the Black Feather Army was determined to take Shi Zuo City, they had to fight at Wei Bei Pass.

“How? Are we safe here?” Lu Shu asked. They were over 50 kilometers away. He was not sure whether the Black Feather Army would come here.

At first, when he was still in the fields, Lu Shu had thought that this world was rather small. But later on, when he found out that the North Capital was 6000 kilometers away, he was shocked. The North Capital was the middle of the Northern Region. The palace was still over 5000 kilometers away.

China was only 5500 kilometers from north to south. The North State alone was worth two Chinas? When Lu Shu tried to calculate, he realized that this world was far from small…

Zhang Weiyu analyzed. “If the Black Feather Army fights at Wei Bei Pass with all their strength, they will not care about us. Thus, we are safe for now. We will be safe for about half a year to one year. It is not easy for the Black Feather Army to fight and take Wei Bei Pass. There are many people in the Black Feather Army as there are only two armies in the Northern Region. Everyone has already gathered. But Wei Bei Pass has a large number of troops. They are strongly fortified.”

Dong Ye shook his head. “But we cannot let our guard down. There are no fortresses that cannot be broken through. I think that it is simply a matter of time before the Black Feather Army breaks through Wei Bei Pass. After they do so, the first thing that the Black Feather Army will do is to guard Wei Bei Pass. Then, they will ensure that the area between Li Yang Pass and Wei Bei Pass is tightly secured. They can only focus on continuing north after they have cleaned up this area.”

“So, we have about half a year left.” Lu Shu nodded his head. “We have to do everything quickly. We must train the Wei Wu Army before the Black Feather Army comes. I don’t believe that the Black Feather Army will sweep across the entire mountain range with all their might. Till then, we will be strong enough to deal with them.”

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