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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 914: They Have To Do Homework!

Chapter 914: They Have To Do Homework!

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Lu Shu pondered. Half a year would be enough for him to advance to peak Rank Two. Rank One was not impossible either.

Lu Shu was making great progress in his swordplay. As for cultivation, he was well aware of his own situation.

Zhang Weiyu and the rest silently looked at one another. They realized that although this young man only had the strength of a Rank Four, he did not have the calmness and the confidence of just a Rank Four practitioner.

Was he really a Rank Four? He did not seem like one, but the truth revealed himself.

Zhang Weiyu and the rest had thought that Lu Xiaoyu’s job was to help Lu Shu manage finances and did not help out much in other areas. But this time, they realized that they had misunderstood.

It was not easy to be able to go out while the Black Feather Army was advancing and still return in one piece.

But they were very happy. They were worried that they would not be able to obtain information on what was happening outside while they were stuck in the mountains. Now, they did not have to worry as they had a source of information.

When they knew that they only had half a year left, they spared no effort in training the Wei Wu Army. Everyday, the Wei Wu Army would attend cultural lessons for one hour, do homework for one hour, clean the barracks for two hours, and then train from afternoon till night until they were almost half dead.

Gradually, Lu Shu requested Zhang Weiyu and the rest to conduct psychological coaching after their training. One group would be made up of 60 people. They would take turns to share their troubles, motives, or other things…

At first, everyone was rather embarrassed. What was this for? But slowly, they got used to it. They even started to enjoy these kinds of group activities.

Lu Shu was subtly changing them. He wanted the soldiers to have a sense of belonging and a collective spirit towards the Wei Wu Army.

Training an army was not as simple as increasing their combat power. Armies could not win wars just by being the strongest. Zhang Weiyu and the rest realized that Lu Shu’s wicked ideas were produced in an endless stream, but the Wei Wu Army was becoming more and more united.

After half a month, everyone had advanced by one rank. The nine Rank Threes, including Liu Qianzhi, had advanced to Rank Two. All the soldiers were at least Rank Four. Their pure strength had caught up to that of the flood of bronze, although they did not have as many people as the flood of bronze.

“This is still the beginning. If we continue to train this way, the Wei Wu Army will be completely different in half a year,” said Zhang Weiyu proudly. “You’ve really benefited from this. They have been stuck at the bottleneck for so long, yet no one was willing to give them fruits. Now, they are growing stronger in your hands.”

Lu Shu happily looked at the Wei Wu Army doing their homework. He did not bother to respond to Zhang Weiyu. He knew very well that he had benefited this time. The Wei Wu Army was not an ungrateful group of people. He had helped them to strengthen their abilities, that had been stagnant for many years. They were grateful from the bottom of their hearts.

Of course, this was also because of the training and techniques by Zhang Weiyu and the rest.

This was the heritage of this world. Lu Shu sighed with emotion. Earth could not be put on par with this world.

“But we can’t be too happy yet. I don’t think that it is possible for Rank Twos like Liu Qianzhi to advance to Rank One in half a year. Out of the nine of them, it is hard to say whether they have the aptitude and rank to reach Rank One. Perhaps they will be stuck at Rank Two for the rest of their lives.” Zhang Weiyu looked at Lu Shu and continued. “From today onwards, we must increase the intensity of their training. They have to endure suffering everyday. I estimate that after five months, the Rank Four soldiers will be able to advance to Rank Two. Should we put off the cultural classes for now and prioritize training?”

“No rush, no rush.” Lu Shu smiled. “We absolutely cannot postpone the cultural lessons. Furthermore, they must finish their homework on time everyday. This is of utmost importance.”

Zhang Weiyu thought. Lu Shu truly did his best to build the Wei Wu Army. He was not like other shortsighted commanders who only wanted an increase in strength. Thus, Lu Shu hoped that in the long run, the entire army would progress together…

What great plans!

In reality, Lu Shu did not think that far ahead…

Training and life had become a standard routine for them. After the soldiers of the Wei Wu Army advanced in rank, they had new vital channel routes. They had developed the ability to not be distracted during their long training. But now, they had to start over.

Once again, there was the sound of wailing at the bottom of the mountain. Li Heitan, who was now a Rank Two, shouted particularly loudly.

But everyone slowly realized that Zhang Weiyu was not making them do all these for nothing. After their vital channels had been developed, they would be able to advance very quickly.

Ordinary people would not be able to endure this, but Zhang Weiyu still had the ointment made from herbal medicine.

Lu Shu was thinking of a problem. If he was able to break free and obtain refresher fruits, how strong would the Wei Wu Army become?

But he could not take out his refresher fruits just like that. This world had many threats, just like on earth.

Slowly, the soldiers got used to their new vital channels, and were not distracted. Thus, Zhang Weiyu made them travel cross-country while carrying a boulder on their backs. One boulder was about two tons.

Although they were able to carry much heavier weights, the problem was… it would take a long time for them to travel.

Carrying the boulder was not tiring, but it would be very painful to carry the boulder and run for five hours.

This kind of training was aimed at those who were Rank Two. Those who had reached Rank Two, such as Li Heitan and Liu Qianzhi, did not have to do this. They just had to continue their usual training routine.

After one day, the Wei Wu Army trained until they were exhausted and their vital channels hurt…

In the past, everyone wanted to grow crops. No one wanted to be on lookout or scout for information. Planting crops was comparatively easier compared to these roles. But now, everyone fought to be part of the lookout troops or scouts, because this way, they would be able to rest for one day. It was great to not have to train for one day.

At that moment, a scout hurriedly ran back to King Lu Mountain. He was nimble and robust. When he saw Lu Shu, he panted and said, “An unknown army has appeared 15 kilometers south. They have about one thousand people, but they are not the Black Feather Army!”

Lu Shu was dumbfounded. “If it isn’t the Black Feather Army, then who is it?”

“The Qing Sai Army!” Zhang Weiyu exclaimed with confidence. “Only they would appear here. Back then, Liu Yizhao led the Qing Sai Army to escape, but disappeared after that. Now, he has probably entered the mountains!”

Lu Shu said with a serious tone, “Don’t allow them to enter King Lu Mountain. We have no common interests. Furthermore, two tigers cannot share one mountain. Everyone is to enter the limestone caves. We will chase the Qing Sai Army away!”

Lu Shu thought about it. What if the Qing Sai Army slacked off here? Were they able to support another 1000 people? They would have to feed 1000 more mouths!

Furthermore, it was time for the Wei Wu Army to train in actual combat. Although they might not kill people, actual combat experience would be good.

15 kilometers away, Liu Yizhao was walking in the mountains. He suddenly felt a cold chill down his spine…

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