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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 915: Try to Attack Them

Chapter 915: Try to Attack Them

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

It was not as easy to escape the battlefield as the Qing Sai Army had expected. After they left Nangeng City, a small group of elites from the Black Feather Army followed closely behind them. Liu Yizhao realised that the Black Feather Army had to obtain Shi Zuo City in the North Region, thus they took great pains to ensure that everything was settled.

Typically, there was no need for the Black Feather Army to kill the rest of the army, as the Qing Sai Army would no longer participate in the fight.

But the leader of the Black Feather Army could not relax. Their plans were too large. They could not risk a mishap back home. Thus, they had to resolve all of the hidden dangers.

Therefore, the Qing Sai Army walked around in the mountains and took half a month before they shook off the Black Feather Army. Then, they escaped towards King Lu Mountain at full speed.

This was not Liu Yizhao’s destination. He wanted to continue travelling north. Even if it was painful, he wanted to bring his soldiers to a safe place.

He could not be at ease with the older soldiers in the army. If he was alone, he would go to a place where only Rank Ones could go.

At that moment, Liu Yizhao suddenly furrowed his eyebrows. He sensed that there was someone secretly spying on him. But before he could do anything, the spy disappeared into a cavern.

“Commander.” His subordinate also realized the movement. “Do you want to chase them?”

“No.” Liu Yizhao shook his head. “This place is uninhabited. That could be a civilian or a roamer hiding here to escape the war. As long as it is not the Black Feather Army, we don’t have to worry.”

“What if…” The subordinate said softly, “They are a threat to us?”

Liu Yizhao said, “Since it isn’t the Black Feather Army, what threat could they pose us? Is it possible for another army to appear here? Which army would come here?”

An hour later, Liu Yizhao saw the Wei Wu Army in the mountains and his smile disappeared…

“From Liu Yizhao’s distress, +666!”

Li Heitan stood in front of the army. He held a piece of paper and shouted, “You have been surrounded. But based on the principles of friendship, cooperation… willingness, honesty, equality, reciprocity, and mutual benefit, we hope that you will not continue to advance. If not, we will attack!”

Liu Yizhao turned pale. He looked at the people on the mountains and narrowed his eyes. His subordinates beside him hesitated before saying, “There was really an army here. Where did they come from…”

“The Wei Wu Army.” Liu Yizhao said with a calm expression on his face, “So they have appeared here. Who else would be here, other than the Wei Wu Army, who lost their city like us?”

“What do we do?” His subordinate asked, “If it is the Wei Wu Army, we don’t even have to care about them. That army is rotten to the core.”

Liu Yizhao understood what his subordinate meant. They would defeat the Wei Wu Army and force their way through.

But Liu Yizhao nodded his head. “Pass the message down. We will let the Wei Wu Army understand the taste of being utterly defeated. Since when did the Wei Wu Army dare to block us, the Qing Sai Army? They are just asking for a massacre. Defeat them.”

To Liu Yizhao, the Wei Wu Army had no intention to show them sympathy. Furthermore, they had never seen the Wei Wu Army as allies, as they were not worthy of being their allies.

If the Wei Wu Army had not simply abandoned Yun An City, the Qing Sai Army would still have over 3000 people.

Back then when he had escaped from Nangeng City, they encountered the Black Feather Army, who had taken a detour. The Wei Wu Army had 20 thousand people, but could not defeat 3000 people. They were truly good for nothing.

When Liu Yizhao thought about this, his expression turned cold. But now, he did not want to kill anyone, as they would have to fight to their final breaths. There would also be casualties and fatalities among his soldiers.

With the current state of the Qing Sai Army, if just one more person died, he would be distressed.

But just as the Qing Sai Army was prepared to attack, they saw the Wei Wu Army run away. When the Qing Sai Army caught up, it was as if everyone had disappeared from the mountains…

Liu Yizhao slashed away some undergrowth and discovered a hole that had been concealed. His subordinate said in shock, “Are these people rabbits? How did they disappear in a blink of an eye? Commander, do we chase them?”

Liu Yizhao still walked into the hole. He took out a tool and lit up the limestone cave. He thought that it was a cave that the Wei Wu Army had dug up, but this did not seem to be the case. This cavern was a natural cavern that the Wei Wu Army was using.

He continued to walk in. He could still hear the concentrated sound of footsteps. But before long, he realized that the cavern would extend in all directions. It was an extensive network!

“Don’t chase them.” Liu Yizhao came out and shook his head. “The inside is like a maze. We are not familiar with the route. We might get lost underground.”

At that moment, Li Heitan eagerly ran back to King Lu Mountain through a shortcut. When he saw Lu Shu, he shouted, “Great Lord! The Qing Sai Army is going to attack us! What should we do?”

Lu Shu was dumbfounded. “How many people do they have?”

“Roughly 1000!”

“How many people do we have?”

“Over 3200 people!”

“Then what are you doing here? Attack them!” Lu Shu ordered. He felt that the Wei Wu Army was not lacking in strength. Looking at their pure power, even the Black Feather Army was slightly weaker than them.

This was exactly why Zhang Weiyu said that Lu Shu had benefitted. Why was the first commander of the Wei Wu Army so willing to recruit roamers? Because they were stronger than the others, especially those who had served big aristocrat families. They were much stronger than typical soldiers. They enjoyed more resources as personal property of the aristocrats.

Of course, if it were not for the new techniques and the hard work of Zhang Weiyu and the rest, the Wei Wu Army would not have been as strong. But now, they had broken through…

Thus, what the Wei Wu Army lacked now was not strength. It was courage.

Li Heitan scratched his head. “Then shall we try to attack them?”

“Go, go.” Lu Shu waved his head, then said to Lu Xiaoyu in a small voice, “Take Anthony, Johnson, and the Bishop to escort them. Do it secretly. Don’t let them depend on you.”

It was said that those who were compassionate could not lead armies. Lu Shu had learned how to let them go and grow from the experience. But the problem was, it had not been easy training these soldiers. He could not let them die just like that.

Lu Xiaoyu nodded her head and went underground. At the same time, Zhang Weiyu and the rest, who had received orders from Lu Shu, went to a spacious cavern in the limestone cave and established a command post there. Everyone received orders to ambush the Qing Sai Army.

Since it was a battle between the two armies, they could not fight without a plan.

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