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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 916: Our Song Will Summon a Golden Phoenix

Chapter 916: Our Song Will Summon a Golden Phoenix

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Zhang Weiyu and the rest lit up a torch and illuminated the cave. All the group leaders gathered and waited for instructions. People walked in and out of the cavern. It was noisy, as if they were actually fighting a war.

Although the Imperial Palace Soldiers had led teams while they were still training, they were only teachers. Other people led the troops. These were people who they had selected based on their many years of experience and foresight.

It was said that if the leader was not outstanding, the rest of the team would not be outstanding either. Although the situation at the King Lu Mountains had been slowly influenced by Lu Shu, to the extent that they did not know what the result would be, choosing a leader was still extremely important.

After all, not only did the leader have to control the troop and give flawless commands, they had to influence the thoughts of their soldiers and ensure that all of them were on the same page.

Thus, after ten days of training, Zhang Weiyu and the rest spent a whole night discussing before they decided on a leader. The people who had been chosen seemed to be more reliable.

A leader said softly, “I heard from Heitan that the Great Lord wants to attack the Qing Sai Army…”

“With such a large formation, they definitely want to stealthily see our standards. We must perform well. What if the Great Lord is disappointed with us? What will we do?”

“Although I am slightly scared, we are right to follow the Great Lord. I still aspire to reach Rank One like him…”

“I heard that we don’t have to train today. I’m happy…”

A group of people looked at the person who said this. Fellow sufferers sympathise with one another. Needless to say, training was much more painful than this!

Zhang Weiyu looked up and glanced at them. He said to the other Imperial Palace Soldiers in a small voice, “We have to fight a good fight today. If not, they will feel conflicted just after they have advanced and been praised. Their inflated spirits will be affected. It will not be easy to pull them back after that.”

Typical armies were all calm in their thoughts. They could not allow their soldiers to be complacent. After all, an army puffed up with pride was bound to be defeated.

But the Wei Wu Army was different. A pile of mud had suddenly turned into concrete. Zhang Weiyu had to allow them to continue to be proud. Once they reached a higher level, they would wear down their arrogance. If not, the mud would remain as mud forever.

This revealed Zhang Weiyu’s thoughts. He was afraid that the Wei Wu Army was not proud enough. This was not the time to talk to the Wei Wu Army about remaining modest either!

Thus, when Zhang Weiyu and the rest were guiding combat, they were very serious. They were even more serious than when they were guiding the Imperial Dragon Soldiers. After all, enemies would be terror-stricken at just the mention of the Imperial Dragon Soldiers. They had enough power. They really did not have to be so serious…

Zhang Weiyu looked up and gathered the seven leaders. He said with a serious tone, “I need the seven of you to lead the rest and harass the Qing Sai Army. There’s no need for you to engage in actual combat with them. We just have to make them confused about our intentions.”

The seven of them asked curiously, “What should we do?”

Zhang Weiyu glanced at them. “Do you really need me to tell you? Why don’t I eat your meals for you? You no longer have to eat.”

When everyone heard this, they realized that if they did not complete this task, they would have nothing to eat. Thus, they had to finish this…

After the seven leaders left, Zhang Weiyu gathered ten squad leaders. “Go to Tun Yun Mountains and block the Qing Sai Army’s path to the north. Find a way to ambush them. If they chase after you, use the geography of this place to shake them off if there are a lot of them. If only a few people are chasing you, go into the limestone cavern and surround them. If you can capture them alive, then do so. But do not be overzealous in fighting.”

This was the strategy that Lu Shu had asked Zhang Weiyu to adopt. Lu Shu did not quite understand the rest, but he requested that this time, they would engage in guerrilla warfare. Zhang Weiyu thought that this was a good idea. This way, when the Black Feather Army came, the Wei Wu Army would have sufficient experience.

The Qing Sai Army was carefully heading towards the Tun Yun Mountains. They had realized that there were many entrances and exits to the caves. The Wei Wu Army might appear at any time.

Although the Qing Sai Army was very tired after escaping from the Black Feather Army for half a month, and did not have enough to eat or wear, they were still elites. They were determined.

At that moment, the Qing Sai Army suddenly realized that something was wrong. They realized that some people had suddenly appeared not too far away in the mountains. The Qing Sai Army was alert. The Wei Wu Army had disappeared for some time. They thought that the Wei Wu Army had ran away in fear, but they had appeared again. Furthermore, there were only a few people.

What’s going on?

But before they could react, a few more people appeared on another mountain. Then, they started to sing. “Brother Wei Wu, Sister Tun Yun. If we have chemistry, let’s sing together.”

Then, there was singing from another mountain. “Brothers and sisters, let’s sing. Alcohol doesn’t make people drunk. People make themselves drunk…”

The Qing Sai Army was confused.

What in the world was happening? We are fighting a battle here! Why was a group of uncles singing folk songs to one another in the mountains? Could you be more serious?

To be honest, the Wei Wu Army was also in despair. Zhang Weiyu had only told them to confuse the Qing Sai Army and make them lost. But he did not tell them exactly what to do.

In reality, leaders always wanted results from a battle. They did not care what you did. This was how outstanding soldiers were differentiated. If they were good enough, they would think of their own method according to the request from their leader. If they were not good enough, they would not be able to come up with a solution.

Now, the troops were panicking. On they way here, they thought about what Zhang Weiyu had said. How would they confuse the Qing Sai Army?

When the Qing Sai Army saw the Wei Wu Army, they immediately prepared to attack. But it did not seem as if the Wei Wu Army intended to attack them. They continued to sing their folk songs. “As long as we have goodwill, our song will summon a golden phoenix…”

The Qing Sai Army was dumbfounded.

To be honest, the Qing Sai Army had fought many battles, but they had never seen this type of army…

“So what was the Wei Wu Army doing in the parade square all along…” Someone from the Qing Sai Army sighed.

“Capture them,” said Liu Yizhao in a cold voice. “Let’s see what they have up their sleeves.”

The vanguard immediately rushed out. But when they were halfway up the mountain, the Wei Wu Army had disappeared.

Everyone from the Qing Sai Army suddenly realized that the soldiers of the Wei Wu Army were extraordinarily fast!

Someone said in a low tone, “Commander, I have sensed how far away they are! There are more than ten of them. No one is below Rank Four! There are quite a few Rank Threes!”

When Liu Yizhao heard this, he was dumbfounded. “They might be the elites from the Wei Wu Army, so they are relatively stronger.”

Even an elite army like the Qing Sai Army had many Rank Fives. The Black Feather Army was the same. Liu Yizhao did not believe that a lousy army like the Wei Wu Army did not even have a Rank Five!

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