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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 918: Surrender

Chapter 918: Surrender

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An army who had risen had definitely stepped on the bodies of the dead. Once they saw blood, they would use their victories to complete their transformation.

The Qing Sai Army had come at the right time. They had traveled long distances and lacked food and clothing. On the other hand, the Wei Wu Army simply waited at ease for their enemy. The Qing Sai Army’s combined strength was no match for the Wei Wu Army. They did not have as much people as well. This allowed Lu Shu to train his soldiers with ease of mind.

Although Lu Shu did not go into the limestone cave, he had established a treaty of alliance with the soldiers of the Wei Wu Army. Even if he was not at the battlefield, he could survey the entire situation. He had an even clearer view than Zhang Weiyu.

As Lu Shu trained his swordplay, he observed the situation. He paid close attention to Zhang Weiyu’s commands and tried to learn his commanding skills.

Lu Shu was not competent in commanding, but he was willing to learn. The history of cultivation on Earth was not as long as in this world. Once he learned, he could bring these advanced commanding techniques back home…

He tried to make Li Heitan and the rest steal a spear, but realized that even an elite army like the Qing Sai Army did not prepare any magical spears.

This surprised Lu Shu. There were many magical items in the remains that had been opened up on Earth. He had thought that magical items were common in this world, but realized that this was not the case.

After all, the remains on Earth were like treasure coves that had been meticulously concealed by someone, waiting for someone else to dig it up.

There was something wrong here.

The Wei Wu Army did not stop disturbing the Qing Sai Army. The Qing Sai Army grew smaller and smaller, while the Wei Wu Army seemed very motivated. The folk songs in the mountains did not stop. It was as if the brother and sister in the song would get married happily tonight…

The soldiers of the Qing Sai Army found themselves in this situation. They listened to folk songs while their lives were in danger… they were about to collapse…

They were not this stressed even when they fought the Black Feather Army. Firstly, even the Black Feather Army did not have the combined strength of the Wei Wu Army. These people were using their strength to increase their speed. Once they ambushed the Qing Sai Army, they ran away and did not stop. It was impossible to catch up to them. Even if they did, they had to face a Rank Two. Furthermore, the Wei Wu Army was very sharp. After a few ambush attempts, they dispersed the Qing Sai Army and ambushed areas that were particularly weak.

The soldiers of the Qing Sai Army could not understand. The Wei Wu Army was famous for being a weak army, right? How had they transformed in such a short period of time?

Moreover, putting their strength aside, they could not stand the singing of folk songs. If you wanted to fight, then fight properly. There were even people singing folk songs to liven up their spirits. What was this?!

The Wei Wu Army knew that the comrades had received a command from Zhang Weiyu to disturb the Qing Sai Army, and they were very successful. But the Qing Sai Army did not know this. They were surprised about how much excess manpower they had to sing songs during a battle. It was as if they were having fun while fighting…

The Qing Sai Army formation grew smaller and smaller. Everyone held their spears and were on their guard. They would not allow the Wei Wu Army to easy ambush them in this formation.

Zhang Weiyu, who was at the command center, furrowed his eyebrows. He did not expect the Qing Sai Army to be as difficult to deal with as this. Rationally, the Qing Sai Army should have been a spent force after escaping. But their fighting spirit did not die.

This was the result of an excellent leader. Zhang Weiyu thought about the past. He did not realize that Liu Yizhao had abilities in this area.

Seeing that they had no other choice, Zhang Weiyu delivered a command to the people who were guarding the back. “Throw stones and break their formation!”

Soon after, the Wei Wu Army carried the massive boulders that they usually carried for training up the mountain. They threw the boulders down without any hesitation.

Each boulder was over two tonnes. Even Practitioners did not dare to take on a falling boulder. Although they would not die from it, their formation would be broken!

It was not that the Qing Sai Army was too weak. The Wei Wu Army had just taken advantage of the geography and their strength in numbers. They would not lose. If Liu Yizhao had expected that there was an army stationed here, he could have taken a detour and spread the fight against the Wei Wu Army over the mountains. But they did not expect an army to be stationed here…

The Qing Sai Army had no choice but to avoid the boulders. While their formation was broken, the soldiers from the Wei Wu Army, who had been hiding in the limestone caves, charged at them!

Liu Yizhao stood in the battlefield and calmly assessed the whole situation. He realized that the Wei Wu Army was still the Wei Wu Army he knew. His impression of the Wei Wu Army was of soldiers who were cowardly and afraid to die. But their commander was very smart. They had increased their strength and allowed them to pick on an easy target. This made the soldiers of the Wei Wu Army slowly think that they were very powerful. They grew more daring as well.

Liu Yizhao was very clear that now, the Wei Wu Army lacked the chance to train as an army. The Qing Sai Army had come at a perfect time. They fulfilled the needs of the Wei Wu Army in terms of their strength and manpower.

There was someone powerful behind the scenes. First, they were able to allow the entire Wei Wu Army to advance rapidly. It was not through any cheap tricks. He knew that techniques had been employed here. But advancing so quickly would injure their vital channels. However, upon closer inspection, the soldiers of the Wei Wu Army were full of energy. They did not seem to be in any pain.

Liu Yizhao was very certain that there was a powerful person in charge. The rise of the Wei Wu Army was inevitable. If the Qing Sai Army could not defeat them, the Black Feather Army might lose to them in the future. Then… did they have any other big plans?

The situation was hopeless. This was Liu Yizhao’s judgment towards the Qing Sai Army.

He felt slightly lonely. He had been in charge of this army for over a decade. They had been destroyed in a fight, and now they were the whetstones for the Wei Wu Army. If the Qing Sai Army was well-organized, so what if the Wei Wu Army was strong?

Liu Yizhao suddenly said in a loud and clear voice, “The Qing Sai Army is willing to surrender. Although I don’t want to give up, I am willing to leave the Qing Sai Army. Please give the Qing Sai Army a chance to live.”

Then, he put his hands behind his back and waited for a response. Even after he admitted defeat, Liu Yizhao maintained a proud posture as he was an Imperial Dragon Soldier who served the king.

The soldiers of the Qing Sai Army all quietly looked at Liu Yizhao. They knew that their leader was very prideful. He had admitted defeat to exchange for their lives.

Everyone quietened down. At that moment…

“The young lady is like a flower, but she got married to a midget…” The folk song continued to echo through the mountains.

The folk song continued from another mountain. “She wanted to find a good husband. Why not marry a midget…”

Liu Yizhao was speechless.

“From Liu Yizhao’s distress, +666!”

Only the Wei Wu Army dared to sing in the quiet mountains. Liu Yizhao wordlessly looked at the mountains. This was official business! Could you stop for just a moment?

The Qing Sai Army was surrounded by folk songs in the Tun Yun Mountains. But there was no way out…

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