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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 919: A Big Misunderstanding

Chapter 919: A Big Misunderstanding

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

In this world, the old King of Gods led an army to surround a formidable man. After they surrounded him, the old King of Gods made them shout war songs, causing the man to fall into despair. This dampened his fighting spirit.

If Lu Shu knew about this, he would say that the old King of Gods was shameless…

But now, Liu Yizhao suddenly felt as if he was the formidable man… but the problem was, war songs were not sung. Folk songs filled the mountains!

What in the world?! He wanted to experience what it was like for a formidable man to reach the end of the road. It was like the story of the Hegemon King 1 that had been passed down by mouth.

But the problem was, the young man and young lady in the folk songs made him lose interest in minutes. This was a completely different feeling!

There was definitely something wrong with this!

But the soldiers of the Wei Wu Army who were singing folk songs had no choice. They had not received orders to stop singing. It was unclear whether the Wei Wu Army had learned anything from their training, but they had learned the strict enforcement of orders and prohibitions.

If the Great Lord and the commanders did not tell them to stop, they would not stop…

The few Wei Wu Army soldiers who were singing in the quiet mountains forced themselves to continue singing, while the others watched them sing… the stark difference between expectation and reality almost caused the singing soldiers to collapse…

Suddenly, they felt as if they had been relieved of a heavy load. They had received a new order from their Great Lord that they could stop.

Li Heitan strutted out of the limestone cave. He stood in front of the entire Qing Sai Army. “The Great Lord has asked you to make a detour to the east. We have released the captured soldiers to meet you there.”

Liu Yizhao was dumbfounded. Were their conditions so simple? All they had to do was take a detour. This was not rational. They should have taken this opportunity to enjoy the benefits of defeating the Qing Sai Army.

It was a common practice to take in the losing army as slaves. As long as they were taken in as slaves, no matter whether they were willing or not, they could only fight for their new slave owner in the future.

Liu Yizhao could not understand. “Why won’t you take in the Qing Sai Army?”

Li Heitan said in a low, muffled voice, “The Wei Wu Army doesn’t have enough grains to feed you! Go away!”

At the King Lu Mountain, Lu Shu suddenly covered his face and sighed. He did not make Li Heitan say that.

It was the perfect time to act. he could say that they admired the moral courage of the Qing Sai Army or something like that. If he spoke like a hero, it might be recorded down in the history books and become a much-told tale.

But now, everyone knew that the Wei Wu Army was very poor…

What would the history books say? The Wei Wu Army rejected the Qing Sai Army because they were too poor… this sounded very depressing!

But Liu Yizhao did not leave. “Can I see your Great Lord?”

Lu Shu stopped practicing his swordplay in the limestone cave. He furrowed his eyebrows and thought about it. Why did Liu Yizhao want to see him? He passed a message to Li Heitan through the treaty of alliance. Li Heitan said, “The Great Lord said no.”

At that moment, Liu Yizhao suddenly took out a few piles of notes out of thin air. “This is half of the savings from the Qing Sai Army, accumulated over more than a decade in Nangeng City. I would like to exchange this for an opportunity to meet the Great Lord.”

Li Heitan was filled with deep veneration. “You can definitely make friends with the Great Lord!”

Lu Shu almost started swearing in the limestone cave. Could you say this kind of thing out loud?!

Liu Yizhao’s clothes fluttered in the wind and he flew towards the King Lu Mountain.

When he arrived, Zhang Weiyu and the rest did not appear, but Lu Xiaoyu had brought the Bishop back on time.

When Liu Yizhao saw Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu, he was filled with doubt. It was not his first time seeing them. But when he had seen them over two months ago, they were still nameless practitioners. How did they become Great Lords in such a short period of time?

Liu Yizhao had looked at Lu Xiaoyu in doubt before. He was sensitive to physiques, thus he was able to sense the Rank Two waves of energy from Lu Xiaoyu’s body. Back then, he knew that Lu Xiaoyu was definitely not an ordinary person. After all, she had reached Rank Two at such a young age. He only knew people from aristocrat families who were heirs that could do so.

Since ordinary people did not have natural talents, it would be very difficult for them to achieve such strength without resources.

But Liu Yizhao had never expected that their identities had swapped in the two months since they had last met. Furthermore, the waves of energy from the old man behind Lu Shu with a pink scarf were about the same level as him.

Lu Shu laughed cheerily. “Don’t act rashly. One wrong move and the entire Qing Sai Army will be dead.”

“Great Lord, please do not worry.” Liu Yizhao smiled. “I did not come here to capture the king and defeat the troops. I simply wanted to see how the Great Lord that had defeated my Qing Sai Army looked like. But since the Great Lord is here, Lord Zhang Weiyu must be here as well.”

The moment he saw Lu Shu, Liu Yizhao knew that the techniques the Wei Wu Army possessed were from various people. He had asked Zhang Weiyu whether Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu were related to Zhang Weiyu, but Zhang Weiyu denied this.

However, as a bearer of a high position, Liu Yizhao was not simple in his thoughts. He was used to thinking about the complex relationships between people. This would allow him to settle down to career and life early.

Thus, he assumed that Zhang Weiyu had always been with Lu Shu, and had helped Lu Shu complete the transformation of the Wei Wu Army.

In reality, it was a coincidence that Lu Shu bumped into Zhang Weiyu… but Liu Yizhao did not think that this was the case!

Thus, Lu Shu suddenly sensed agitation from Liu Yizhao that was hard to conceal. It was not anger, but excitement.

What was this? Lu Shu felt that there was something wrong… he did not know that Liu Yizhao knew Zhang Weiyu’s identity. Back then, Zhang Weiyu was the head of the Imperial Palace Soldiers. He was a commander of the Imperial Dragon Soldiers and led over 3000 of them.

How could this kind of person help someone else train their army for no apparent reason? Furthermore, the Imperial Palace Soldiers like Zhang Weiyu had always been in the fields. There had to be some reason behind this. After he returned, he sent people to investigate Zhang Weiyu. He realized that although Zhang Weiyu had suffered for many years, he had not moved from the fields. What were they waiting for?

But now, Zhang Weiyu and the rest had left the fields. What did this mean? It meant that what Zhang Weiyu and the rest had been waiting for arrived!

Liu Yizhao was also waiting for that person. That person had made him wait in Nangeng City for over a decade and conceal his strength. Thinking back now, Nangeng City was the closest city to the fields, right?

It was as if… everything had aligned perfectly! He had not spent the past decade waiting for nothing!

Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu looked at each other helplessly. They both felt that there was something wrong. Liu Yizhao said that he wanted to come and see him, but he suddenly started to space out. He even started laughing nervously time and again. Lu Shu was absolutely terrified…

Zhang Weiyu and the rest walked out of the limestone cave. These people were very shrewd. When they saw Liu Yizhao’s excited state…

Zhang Weiyu slapped his own forehead. “It’s over. Liu Yizhao might be on our side. What a big misunderstanding!”

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