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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 920: What A Coincidence

Chapter 920: What A Coincidence

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At this moment, Liu Yizhao almost fell to his knees when he confirmed his speculation after seeing Zhang Weiyu and the rest.

Zhang Weiyu shook his head. “This is not the King.”

Lu Shu was unhappy. Why was someone challenging his authority? Did Zhang Weiyu lose his spirit or did King Lu say he was not going to attack? “If I am not the king, are you? Isn’t this the King Lu Mountain? Is your surname Lu or is my surname Lu?”

Zhang Weiyu looked extremely stunned. ‘We are not talking about the same king! You are talking about the king of the King Lu Mountain, while we are talking about the King of Gods in this world!’

“From Zhang Weiyu’s distress, +666!”

Only Zhang Weiyu and the rest knew what misunderstanding Liu Yizhao had. However, it was really a coincidence that Zhang Weiyu bumped into Lu Shu. They left the town because the Black Feather Army was really too ferocious and they would die in vain if they stayed there.

At this moment, Liu Yizhao’s eyes lit up when he heard Lu Shu. He admitted it?! And his surname was really Lu!

Why did this world take the name of ‘Luniverse’? The name was changed by the King of Gods after the palace was built. In the past, it was called ‘universe’!

Zhang Weiyu rolled his eyes. Forget it, they were just going to make things worse…

Liu Yizhao said to Lu Shu, “The Qing Sai Army is willing to join forces with the Wei Wu Army. If Sir is worried, I, Liu Yizhao, can be your slave and fight for you!”

There was no such thing as unconditional love in this world, neither was there any unconditional hatred. Lu Shu kept silent for two seconds. “Did you say this because of my looks, please be respectful, I am not someone like that.”

Liu Yizhao did not care about that. He waited for more than ten years and finally saw the light. Who would care about what the other party said? He knelt on one knee. “I will obey whatever you say, Your Majesty. I will do anything for you.”

Zhang Weiyu and the rest swarmed forward to carry Liu Yizhao away. “Er… Your Majesty, let us talk about this in private!”

Liu Yizhao did not struggle violently as he thought that Zhang Weiyu and the rest had something to tell him. Did he do anything wrong?

Meanwhile, Lu Shu suddenly smiled when he saw the back of Zhang Weiyu and the rest. “So it looks like Zhang Weiyu is indeed on the same side of the King of Gods. However, Liu Yizhao probably got the wrong person, what should we do?”

Lu Xiaoyu spoke after thinking, “Just get some money. I calculated and our crops need about two months before ripening. There will be one month without crop supply. If we have money, I can go and buy some food at the back of Wei Bei Pass.”

“Yes, money is important…” Liu Yizhao nodded. “No matter what, Liu Yizhao gave us a lot of money…”

Lu Shu calmed down. He knew that there was some misunderstanding. Lu Shu noticed the change in the expressions of Liu Yizhao after Zhang Weiyu and the others appeared. He thought that Zhang Weiyu’s identity must have given Liu Yizhao some misunderstanding.

Therefore, if he was correct, Liu Yizhao and Zhang Weiyu knew each other long ago and were always the followers of the old King of Gods.

Everything seemed to be getting more complicated. Lu Shu sighed. Initially, he did not want to get involved with Zhang Weiyu but now he was definitely getting more involved.

Lu Shu was not stupid, he only wanted to watch the show.

In the back of the cave, Zhang Weiyu said firmly, “Although I do not know who gave you the command to manage Nangeng City, I have to say that I met Lu Shu coincidentally and we are unrelated after we parted ways in town!”

Liu Yizhao shook his head. “I don’t believe it, all of you are lying to me! All of you lied to me previously and now you are lying to me again!”

Liu Yizhao was brought up by Zhang Weiyu. The incident that happened 23 years ago was done by the Imperial Palace. As they did not want to get the Imperial Dragon Soldiers involved, they lied and said that they were doing a normal task.

“I did that for all of you.” Zhang Weiyu was slightly pissed off.

“Hmm,” Liu Yizhao nodded. “I didn’t know that Sir wanted to put me onto the frontlines, but I, Liu Yizhao, am not afraid of death.

Zhang Weiyu was stunned. “Didn’t I make myself clear?”

“The sir told him that since all of you are farming the land, why did all of you appear here?” Liu Yizhao asked calmly and looked extremely stern.

“We are here to flee from the Black Feather Army.”

“Such a small world?”

“… The world was indeed small.” Zhang Weiyu felt speechless. Yes, the world was so huge and yet he bumped into Lu Shu coincidentally.

“Let me ask Sir Zhang. Since everyone coincidentally came in touch with the King, why did you stay to train his Wei Wu Army?” Liu Yizhao was very calm and was confident about his deduction.

After organizing his thoughts, Zhang Weiyu said, “Look, I will describe the process for you. We met him after we escaped to this tunnel and ate some food as we were starving. However, halfway through the meal, he told us to leave and asked someone to clear our plates.Then…”

Liu Yizhao broke off his sentence. “This must be made up by you, Sir Zhang. Why would there be such people in this world?”

Zhang Weiyu almost spat out blood. He said from the bottom of his heart, “He is really this type of person!”

“From Zhang Weiyu’s distress, +999!”

“Stop bringing this up,” said Liu Yizhao, “I can do whatever you can do for the King too. I know that you don’t trust me yet but it’s alright, time will prove everything. Furthermore, I am willing to become a slave. I won’t be able to betray him once I become a slave, right? I will prove my loyalty with my actions.”

From Liu Yizhao’s perspective, Zhang Weiyu and the rest did not tell Lu Shu his identity because he was afraid that he would harm Lu Shu. He did it to protect Lu Shu…

After completing his sentence, Liu Yizhao turned around and looked for Lu Shu. Zhang Weiyu and the rest were unable to stop him as, after all, they were ordinary people and Liu Yizhao was a solid Rank One.

Zhang Weiyu and the rest looked at each other at the back. “What should we do?”

“What else can we do?” Dong Ye said helplessly, “We initially tricked him and now he refuses to trust us. Moreover, he felt that we made up all the coincidences to protect Lu Shu. Now, we can’t really do anything. The critical point is, if I were him, I would also refuse to believe that everything is a pure coincidence. However, everything really is a coincidence…”

Suddenly, someone said, “Hold on, have any of you thought about going with the flow and treating Lu Shu as the new king and pushing him to be our “shield”. Once the new king appears, nobody would notice Lu Shu!”

Zhang Weiyu suddenly became serious. “Shut up, this battle concerns life and death, don’t kill an innocent person! All of you know that Lu Shu is a good person with immense potential. Our business is our business, did you forget the lesson the old King of Gods gave us?”

The person who made the comment earlier on said, “I am wrong, I will not bring it up again.”

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