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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 921: Cultural Lesson

Chapter 921: Cultural Lesson

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

When Liu Yizhao was pulled away by Zhang Weiyu and the rest, Lu Shu thought Zhang Weiyu would clarify the matter. However, after looking at Liu Yizhao who had a determined expression, he suddenly realized that it was impossible to clear the matter…

Liu Yizhao was very intelligent. Because of his intelligence, he was able to make connections of the minute details and coincidences. If it was Li Heitan, he would not think about that at all.

Moreover, because of his intelligence and confidence, he believed in his own judgement and deduction and did not believe in what others said.

The main point was firstly, Zhang Weiyu and the rest had fooled Liu Yizhao once. Secondly, Zhang Weiyu and the rest had difficulties explaining the coincidence.

Wasn’t that a coincidence? Zhang Weiyu was thinking about how he bumped into Lu Shu in the King Lu Mountain.

Liu Yizhao said calmly to Lu Shu, “Please accept my request to become your slave. Only then would everyone believe that I had always been loyal to you.”

Lu Shu said in an annoyed manner, “Come, listen to my explanation. There is probably some misunderstanding between the both of us. Moreover, I will definitely not accept you as a slave, I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

Liu Yizhao’s eyes lit up. Back in those days, the King of Gods also did not accept any slaves and none of the Imperial Dragon Soldiers were slaves. Wasn’t this a repeat of history? He asked, “Then how did you manage to control the Wei Wu Army?”

Lu Shu said, “By the Treaty of Alliance. None of them are my slaves.”

Back then, Imperial Dragon Soldiers also signed the Treaty of Alliance.

“Oh no, we are doomed.” Zhang Weiyu and the rest started to grow desperate when they heard Lu Shu from a distance away. It got f*cking more and more difficult to explain.

Liu Yizhao activated the spell of the Treaty of Alliance by kneeling on one knee. “Please accept my Treaty of Alliance.”

Lu Shu thought about how frustrated Liu Yizhao would be once he found out that it was a misunderstanding after Lu Shu accepted Liu Yizhao as his man. What should he do?

“Accept it,” said Zhang Weiyu helplessly, “The Treaty of Alliance could be nullified.”

Zhang Weiyu’s idea was to let Lu Shu accept it first or the drama would not end. Now that the Wei Wu Army was able to recruit a Rank One expert like Liu Yizhao, they would grow immensely in strength when they joined forces with the Qing Sai Army.

Although this was frustrating, Zhang Weiyu thought that the truth would be out eventually. Since Lu Shu was not evil, everything would be fine when Lu Shu nullifies the Treaty of Alliance.

Then, the Qing Sai Army and Wei Wu Army suddenly came to a compromise. Liu Yizhao flew back to the Tun Yun Mountains where the Qing Sai Army was and brought over a thousand of the soldiers over to the King Lu Mountain so each of them could sign the Treaty of Alliance with Lu Shu…

Lu Shu was stunned. “We are so casual about this?”

He felt that Liu Yizhao was rushing to hand the Qing Sai Army over to him. In fact, that was precisely what Liu Yizhao wanted to do. He had waited at Nangeng City painstakingly for the day to utilize the army once he achieved prosperity and honor. However, unfortunately, the Qing Sai Army was only left with over 1000 people.

The soldiers of the Qing Sai Army were stunned too. Liu Yizhao had never mentioned his responsibilities. Yet now, Liu Yizhao was telling them that Lu Shu would be everyone’s King from now on and nobody could disobey Lu Shu…

Liu Yizhao was explaining to the soldiers of the Qing Sai Army seriously and the soldiers realized that their commander was not kidding. Liu Yizhao seemed to look up to Lu Shu a lot…

At this moment, Liu Yizhao was still telling the soldiers, “You will eventually thank me for making this decision and understand how much honor you will have in the future…”

This sentence caused the soldiers of the Qing Sai Army to be confused. Why was their commander so naggy today?

Zhang Weiyu sighed upon seeing this. “This chap is still as naggy as before.”

Liu Yizhao suddenly looked at Zhang Weiyu. “Sir Zhang, don’t be stingy, the Qing Sai Army needs some tactics too. Many of the soldiers have been stuck for seven or eight years, would you please save them?”

“Teach teach teach…” Zhang Weiyu waved his hands helplessly. Actually, he knew that if Liu Yizhao was his man, the Qing Sai Army would be their sister army… Now that everyone became the “sister” of Lu Shu, he could only pray that Lu Shu could help everyone in the future.

Then, Liu Yizhao initiated the request of mixing the Qing Sai Army with the Wei Wu Army. From now on, the Qing Sai Army would disappear and only the Wei Wu Army remained.

Lu Shu felt that the merger of the two armies would be a long process as Qing Sai Army had their own spirit and strangers always lacked trust.

It was as though a student entered a new class or a new employee entered a new company. It was definitely awkward to begin with.

However, Lu Shu felt that the threat that the Black Feather Army brought was too great and urgent that the Qing Sai Army had to merge into the Wei Wu Army as quickly as possible.

Therefore, Lu Shu called for Zhang Weiyu, Li Heitan, Liu Qianzhi and Liu Yizhao to discuss a strategy. This was when he suddenly felt like a commander.

However, Zhang Weiyu did not mention the merger of the Qing Sai Army. Instead, he analyzed to Lu Shu, “Since the Black Feather Army had always been spying after the Qing Sai Army, they definitely know that the Qing Sai Army had entered this mountain. The priority of the Black Feather Army is the attack on Li Yang Pass and Wei Bei Pass and therefore may not focus on us yet. However, after their attack, they would definitely target the Qing Sai Army and head to where they are currently hiding at. Therefore, the previously said period of “six months” probably has to be pushed forward.”

Lu Shu was stunned for a moment before turning to Liu Yizhao and asked, “Do you think the Black Feather Army can attack the Li Yang Pass and Wei Bei Pass successfully?”

“Yes,” Liu Yizhao confirmed, “The Black Feather Army came prepared and the people of the Li Yang Pass and Wei Bei Pass are not united. Although there was the danger of the trap, the Rank One experts are still in the North Capital and did not participate in this battle. The Black Feather Army, on the other hand, has their Rank One experts in the army and they even became the commanders. I think you can send a letter to the commander of the Wei Bei Pass to tell him that you will distract the Black Feather Army. However, the commander of the Wei Wu Army had already died and you will need the officially approved title of a commander. At this moment, the Wei Bei Pass will do anything for someone to distract the Black Feather Army and will definitely help you solve this problem.”

“You just have to put the name of the soldiers of the Qing Sai Army into the name booklet and hand it over,” Liu Yizhao added, “This is a golden opportunity. If you want to secure the title of the commander of the Wei Wu Army after the battle ends, you will have to pay a heavier price.”

Lu Shu nodded. Liu Yizhao was intelligent and managed to think of a solution for Lu Shu to resolve the problem of his awkward identity. As he hid in the mountains, the title of the commander of the Wei Wu Army was always self-declared and was not recognized by the officials.

Moreover, they were just making up an excuse of distracting the Black Feather Army. Being in the King Lu Mountain, who could hurt him?

“How long does the Black Feather Army need to attack Wei Bei Pass?” asked Lu Shu.

“Three months!” Liu Yizhao said with certainty.

At this moment, Zhang Weiyu said, “King, since time is so tight, shouldn’t we stop the cultural lessons and put the combat training as priority?”

Lu Shu said anxiously, “No! No way!”

When everyone began to discuss about how to merge the Qing Sai Army into the Wei Wu Army, Lu Shu said softly to Xiaoyu, “Is Zhang Weiyu mad, since when did the Physical Education teacher take over the cultural lessons…?!”

Lu Xiaoyu was speechless.

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