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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 922: Robbery!

Chapter 922: Robbery!

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Cultural lessons were necessary. If not, where would distress points come from?

But since these cultural lessons took up time, the training that was carried out in the remaining time had to be of sufficient intensity in order to fulfill Zhang Weiyu’s plan of completely training the army in three months.

If they did not do so, once the Black Feather Army was done with Wei Bei Pass and focused their attention on rectifying this area, the King Lu Mountain would have to face battles without rest.

Zhang Weiyu could only hope that before the Wei Wu Army crumbled, the North Region would be able to launch a counterattack. If not, even if the Wei Wu Army had become stronger, they would not be able to stop a few hundred thousand soldiers from the Black Feather Army!

Of course, the Black Feather Army could not send all their manpower here. After all, they definitely needed people to guard Wei Bei Pass and prevent an attack from the North Region. But even then, it was very dangerous.

Lu Shu trained his swordplay all day. It was as if he would not walk out of the limestone cave unless a major incident occurred. Liu Yizhao sighed with emotion. “As expected. The King is sturdier than us. I didn’t have that strength back when I was training.”

Zhang Weiyu rolled his eyes. He could not be bothered to deal with him. He completely could not understand the situation. He could only wait for the true king to appear.

When Li Heitan saw Zhang Weiyu rolling his eyes, he raised his sword. “You, do you have anything to say about the Great Lord?”

Zhang Weiyu was speechless.

Heh heh heh. Very good. All of you were very loyal!

Zhang Weiyu looked at the Wei Wu Army. Even at a crucial time like this, they were still attending cultural lessons. He could not stand it. He ran into the limestone caves to find Lu Shu.

He had just entered the limestone cave when he saw the new sword marks on the walls. He almost fainted to the ground. Zhang Weiyu retreated in a flurry. He did not expect that in the few days he had not entered the cave, the sword marks on the walls had become even more amazing. He could not even glance at them!

“Hey, come out. I’m not going in,” roared Zhang Weiyu from outside the cave.

Not long after, Lu Shu walked out with a smile. “What’s wrong?”

Zhang Weiyu looked at Lu Shu with some hesitation. “Have you advanced again?”

“That’s right. I’ve advanced to Rank Three!” Lu Shu replied. There was nothing to hide. He had simply advanced to Rank Three.

But he did not know how much of a shock this was to Zhang Weiyu!

Back then, they felt that Lu Shu was advancing too quickly. It did not make sense. Thus, they took note every time Lu Shu advanced. At first, Zhang Weiyu and the rest thought that Lu Shu would advance again in three months. After all, Lu Shu was not like the Wei Wu Army and the Qing Sai Army. His strength was not stuck in a bottleneck.

But Lu Shu did not even take three months. He had advanced from Rank Four to Rank Three in less than one month. Why did it feel as if he was accelerating on top of speeding up?

But Zhang Weiyu did not know that to Lu Shu, it was as if a mini version of the same game had been released. He had thought that it would take him some time to advance to Rank Three, but he realized that his progress was growing faster and faster.

It was as if success had come naturally.

“What are you here for?” Lu Shu asked curiously, “If it is about the cultural classes, then forget about it.”

It was uncertain when Lu Shu could advance to Rank Two. He might even reach Rank One. It was time for him to earn a huge wave of distress points. How could he relax here?

When Zhang Weiyu realized that his aim had been completely crushed, he almost choked. “Then what about the grains? What do we do about the grains? Back then, you said that we had to save up on grains. But you allowed the Wei Wu Army to settle it by themselves. What do we do now? There’s not enough to eat… wait, let go of me!”

Zhang Weiyu was carried away by Liu Yizhao and Li Heitan, who were supporting him on both sides. On the way, Liu Yizhao said calmly, “Lord Zhang, you have helped the king to ascend to the throne. Please do not oppose him.”

Zhang Weiyu said, “What?! I should have killed you at the palace back then… you idiot! Let go of me!”

What were you talking about? Helped him to ascend to the throne? All of that was fake! Gradually, Zhang Weiyu stopped struggling. His expression looked as if he had nothing left to live for.

Lu Shu stood on the King Lu Mountain, looking formidable and mighty. It was great to have underlings.

But he was also panicking over the problem of food. However, it was not a major problem. Lu Xiaoyu already had notes!

Before she left, Lu Shu even told Lu Xiaoyu that since they had money, she should do her best to buy the grains.

On one hand, Lu Shu was not a mass murderer. Although he had become the head of the bandits, he did not want to resolve everything with violence.

On the other hand, he was worried that Wei Bei Pass was being guarded by experts. Although there were not as many of them as the Black Feather Army, if more than two Rank Ones had their eyes on Xiaoyu, it would be very inconvenient.

Furthermore, Liu Yizhao had to represent the Wei Wu Army and appoint him as the commander of the Wei Wu Army. Lu Shu did not want any problems to happen during this critical moment.

Lu Xiaoyu waved her hand. “I won’t fight anyone!”

Although Lu Xiaoyu had agreed, Lu Shu could not be at ease…

At first, Liu Yizhao had only taken out half of his savings. But after he had pledged loyalty, he had taken out all his savings. After all, Liu Yizhao had been saving up money for this day…

But he did not have much savings. Lu Shu was slightly curious. As the head of Nangeng City and the commander of the Qing Sai Army, how did he only have a few hundred thousand notes after saving up for more than ten years? Liu Yizhao explained that he was not willing to cause too much disturbance to the people. He was not willing to embezzle the salaries of the soldiers. There were even times when he used his own money so that they could afford to pay the soldiers and purchase equipment for them.

After hearing this, Lu Shu was not surprised that the Qing Sai Army was so loyal to him. He was truly stronger than Ye Xiaoming, the previous commander of the Wei Wu Army.

A few hundred thousand notes did not seem like a small amount of money. They could buy a few hundred thousand kilograms of rice. But the problem was, they had to feed over 5000 mouths. Even Xiaoyu’s invisible storage equipment was not enough to store all of this. She had to make multiple trips.

Lu Xiaoyu brought the Bishop and Anthony to the city within 150 kilometers of Wei Bei Pass to buy food. After asking around, she found out that the grains in the city had all been taken by the Long Meng Army in Wei Bei Pass. It was said that spies had appeared in Wei Bei Pass. A fire had destroyed all the grains in Wei Bei Pass. Thus, they transported grains from the neighboring cities.

From this, they could infer the Black Feather Army’s plan. The Black Feather Army had prepared for a very long time for today’s battle!

The cashier at the grains store frowned. “Young lady, it’s not that we don’t want to sell you any grains, but the entire city is out of grains. The vehicles from Long Meng Army have just come to transport grains. I don’t think that they’re very far away.”

When Lu Xiaoyu heard this, her eyes lit up. “Which direction did they travel in?”

The Long Meng Army was traveling towards Wei Bei Pass to transport the grains. Suddenly, someone shouted, “Where is my transport carriage? My huge transport carriage with grains disappeared!”

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