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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 924: Give Me a Break

Chapter 924: Give Me a Break

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu did not know that almost one-third of the army was looking for the enemy that might be in the area.

When the scouts from the Black Feather Army heard this news, they were very shocked. Thus, they decided to attack Wei Bei Pass first!

The King Lu Mountain was still very lively. Over 5000 people were gathered in a mountain, and a lot of smoke was produced. When it was time for lunch, the mountain was full of cheers and laughter.

Although Lu Shu was in charge of military affairs, he did not prohibit the use of their free time. It was still very free. They only had to be serious about sleep, training, and cultural lessons. If they were not serious, they would have to suffer heavy consequences.

Lu Shu advocated a balance between tension and relaxation. At first, he was worried that these people would be playful. But the results were not bad. The entire Wei Wu Army advanced at a rapid pace.

At first, when the Qing Sai Army first joined, they were not used to this. But the Wei Wu Army warmed up quickly, and their commander, Liu Yizhao, was a loyal follower of Lu Shu. Thus, they eventually assimilated here.

Zhang Weiyu then started to pass the techniques to them and helped them break through the bottleneck like the Wei Wu Army. Everyone remembered what Liu Yizhao had said. In the future, all of them would thank his decision.

In reality, there were people who were already happy. The only safe thing in this world was their own strength!

Furthermore, everyone understood that although the Wei Wu Army was not very big, their average strength was almost on par with the Black Feather Army!

Zhang Weiyu sighed. He said to himself, “Luckily, the Wei Wu Army and the Qing Sai Army is small. If not, it will be hard to handle too many people. All the herbal medicine in a 50 meter radius have been pulled up. Their vital channels have finally stabilized, We can continue to train them.”

The herbal medicine on the mountain was finite. There would always be new growth, but the growth would not be able to catch up to the Wei Wu Army’s demand.

Thus, 5000 people was just nice. Any more and there would not be enough herbal medicine.

After they were all used to carrying boulders while crossing the mountains, the overall explosive power and stamina the Wei Wu Army possessed reached a new level. Zhang Weiyu laughed. “Everyone thinks that just training techniques is good enough. But if they have not mastered their own bodies, how can they consider themselves able to fight? As long as they are willing to suffer, they will continue to break through the limits of their techniques.”

Originally, there were 52 teams with 60 people in each team. The number of teams had increased by 21, bringing the total number to 73.

A competition started between the 73 teams. They compared the time they took to cross the mountains and competed to be the first to come back.

Everyone was eager to compete. The Wei Wu Army, which had been like salt fish, suddenly turned into lions after they defeated the Qing Sai Army. No matter the difference in manpower, it was still the Qing Sai Army that they admired. But they won very easily.

This was also what Lu Shu was doing now. For example, at Rank Six, his celestial map was able to support 1200 kilograms. Now that he was training his body again, if he was able to break free of the chains, this might reach 2400 kilograms. He would be able to completely crush others who were of the same rank as him.

But compared to the Wei Wu Army and the ordinary people, Lu Shu’s training methods were even better.

Earlier, Zhang Weiyu had tried to ask Lu Shu whether he could pass on his swordplay to the Wei Wu Army. But Lu Shu rejected as he did not have the permission from his teacher.

Thus, Zhang Weiyu received new information that Lu Shu had a teacher.

Zhang Weiyu started to imagine. If Lu Shu was this amazing, then how strong was Lu Shu’s teacher? He did not know who exactly Lu Shu’s teacher was, and whether they would be able to borrow their power in the future.

Up to now, Zhang Weiyu had always thought about the day in the future that might happen and saved his strength. To him, no matter whether it was him, or Liu Yizhao, they would eventually have to part ways with Lu Shu.

Should he hint to Lu Shu and make him pledge allegiance to a great cause…

Zhang Weiyu said to Lu Shu, “You have to understand that for this level of army, I am able to make them progress rapidly, but the other Lords of Heaven are able to do the same. Unless you are able to create an army like the Imperial Dragon Soldiers, there will be no future for them. Furthermore, the Imperial Dragon Soldiers are different. Even if there are only 50 Imperial Palace Soldiers and 5000 Imperial Dragon Soldiers, the Lords of Heaven might not dare to take them head-on…”

Zhang Weiyu said this to make Lu Shu understand that the most impressive person in this world was the King of Gods.

But Lu Shu thought… if he was able to exchange enough refresher fruit, would he be able to create an army of Imperial Dragon Soldiers? If what Zhang Weiyu had said was correct, and the Imperial Dragon Soldiers were that strong…

Lu Shu had an idea. “If I am able to become a Lord of Heaven, the entire region can only buy my soap, right? Even if someone else produces soap, they will not dare to sell it!”

Zhang Weiyu was speechless.

“From Zhang Weiyu’s distress, +666!”

So your train of thought has jumped to becoming a Lord of Heaven? Furthermore, you want to sell soap while being the Lord of Heaven?

Lu Shu cheerily looked on as Zhang Weiyu turned and walked away. He was always talking about useless things like this. Give me a break!

Lu Shu would not give up on a big business like his soap industry!

At that moment, the Black Feather Army finally started to attack Wei Bei Pass. There was immense power. The beating of the war drums caused the entire mountain range to tremble.

Lu Xiaoyu and Lu Shu secretly went to the outskirts of the battlefield to take a look. He realized that the battle at the Tiger’s Back, one of the greatest battles in the history of cultivation on Earth, was nothing compared to the battle in front of them.

Practitioners died one by one. The fortress of the city slowly started to crack. The dark clouds overhead were very low. It was as if a storm would occur at any moment.

The soldiers from the Black Feather Army were dressed in black armor. They climbed up the massive weapon used to destroy the city. They were not afraid of death.

When they climbed up the wall, the people on the wall flew to them. Everyone was at their top speed. The strong would survive and the weak would die.

So this was how a war in the realm of cultivation should be like.

“They have finally started fighting,” said Lu Shu to Liu Yizhao when he returned to King Lu Mountain. “Find the chief commander of Wei Wu Army and tell him that the Wei Wu Army will contain the Black Feather Army’s reinforcements. I am not pretending to be polite. I genuinely want to help them contain the opposing forces.”

“Yes, Great Lord.” Liu Yizhao cupped his fist in the other hand and flew to Wei Bei Pass. It was the best chance to propose conditions. The commander at Wei Bei Pass would definitely want every bit of help he could get.

Zhang Weiyu thought about it and asked, “Great Lord, are we bringing the Wei Wu Army into the war? You should think twice before making a decision. The Black Feather Army is far too strong. It is fine even if wait behind the scenes.”

Lu Shu shook his head. “We still have to fight.”

Zhang Weiyu was confused. He could not understand. “Why?”

“Don’t you feel that the Wei Wu Army is lacking in armor and weapons…” Lu Shu turned and asked.

Zhang Weiyu gasped in shock. He already had his eyes on their armor and weapons?!

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