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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 925: Wei Wu Army’s Tactic Is No Tactic

Chapter 925: Wei Wu Army’s Tactic Is No Tactic

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

A great war started. The black Black Feather Army and the red Long Meng Army began fighting in Wei Bei Pass. It looked like the battle between water and fire from the sky, a terrible conflict.

Liu Yizhao went to Wei Bei Pass with his promise and exchanged it for the position of the commander of the Wei Wu Army. The commander of Wei Bei Pass felt that it was worth it as, after all, the Wei Wu Army had always been in a demoralized state and it was worth giving them some hope so they could fight against the Black Feather Army. He wanted the entire Wei Wu Army to be killed by the Black Feather Army because if that was the case, he could earn a lot of money by making use of his position as the commander of the Long Meng Army.

In fact, he did not need the Black Feather Army to kill Lu Shu as he would find a way to kill him. God knew where did this person come from, he had never heard of him…

To him, Lu Shu was essentially seizing the position of the commander from him. This made him very gloomy.

Meanwhile, Lu Shu also felt that he did not suffer any loss from this. He even thought that he could play around with the position of the commander if he managed to win at Wei Bei Pass…

However, all these were secondary. Lu Shu felt that the most urgent matter was to help the Wei Wu Army dress up.

When the Qing Sai Army arrived, they were fully equipped and properly dressed. However, the Wei Wu Army threw all their weapons and armor away as they ran for their lives.

Now that they finally garnered some courage and aspirations, they realized that they had no f*cking weapons… Therefore, Lu Shu felt that he should steal the weapons from the Black Feather Army.

This may sound funny to the people in the North Region. The Qing Sai Army had perished. The Long Meng Army of the Wei Bei Pass and the Red Flame Army of the Li Yang Pass were all living with scarce resources. When the elite armies were hiding, the Wei Wu Army wanted to steal from the Black Feather Army…

Zhang Weiyu asked after being stunned, “Are you crazy?”

“I am not,” said Lu Shu, “I am just planning to pick up where I left off. Did you forget what was my identity before I became the commander of the Wei Wu Army?”

Zhang Weiyu replied cautiously, “Bandit Chief of the Azure Dragon Village…”

“That’s right, I need to live up to my name of a bandit. If I do not steal from the Black Feather Army when they passed by, I would lose face if the news spread in the future,” said Lu Shu.

“Can you not talk rubbish with me…” Zhang Weiyu rolled his eyes.

“From Zhang Weiyu’s distress, +666!”

Zhang Weiyu thought that Lu Shu was crazy. Moreover, Zhang Weiyu discovered that Lu Shu was giving his army cultural lessons the day before he sent them to steal from the Black Feather Army!

Lu Shu analyzed, “Think about our army’s capability now. We have two Rank One, 21 Rank Two, the rest are equally split amongst Rank Three and Rank Four. Am I right?”

“Yes,” Zhang Weiyu said, “Even those soldiers from the Qing Sai Army had risen in position.”

“What about the Black Feather Army?” asked Lu Shu calmly, “How many armies does one commander lead?”

“One commander leads 3000, half of them are Rank Five and the rest are…”

“Are they as powerful as us?” asked Lu Shu.

“I don’t think so…” sighed Zhang Weiyu. However, one could not calculate the strength of the army in this manner. None of the soldiers in the Qing Sai Army had the training of battle tactics.

“Take it slow,” Lu Shu comforted Zhang Weiyu after patting his shoulders, “We are not directly going against the Black Feather Army. Moreover, even if we are to steal from them, we have to wait for the next group of people to upgrade their skills. I know what you are worried about, but if they are powerful enough, Wei Wu Army’s tactic would be to have no tactic.”

After Lu Shu comforted him, Zhang Weiyu became more worried…

He would not need any tactics if he was with the Imperial Dragon Soldiers…

The vital channels of the entire Wei Wu Army were developing as the days passed. The oil from the herbal medicine were depleting very quickly. By training with this group of people, Zhang Weiyu had to move to a different hill every day. One was to harvest all the herbal medicine on the mountain and one was to hunt the beasts on the mountain.

Initially, it was very peaceful. However, the arrival of the group of bandits caused chaos as they hunted the beasts…

After the day’s training, a group of people moaned in pain at the foot of the mountain. Then, after a night of sitting in meditation, they became revitalized.

Gradually, everyone got used to the intensive training. In fact, as their vital channels became more developed and stable, Zhang Weiyu wanted to increase the intensity of the training.

Lu Shu was very impressed by Zhang Weiyu and the rest. In the night, they had to take turns to cook the herbs and the temperature used must be taken care of. In the day, they had to conduct cultural lessons and trainings and could only sleep during the short breaks. Yet Zhang Weiyu, Dong Ye and the rest remained passionate.

It felt as though they were happy because the army improved.

Initially, Li Heitan and the rest did not like Zhang Weiyu and the rest. After all, they thought that it was odd for a group of ordinary people to train practitioners. However, their respect for Zhang Weiyu and the rest grew as the days passed.

Lu Shu was very happy recently. His speed of training increased and his distress points was accumulating.

The progress of cultural lessons was also great. Lu Xiaoyu surprised him too. After Lu Xiaoyu snatched the food, Wei Bei Pass began to control the supplies given to each soldier. When the soldiers realized that their portion of food was decreasing as the days passed, they supplied a huge sum of distress points.

In fact, Lu Shu did not expect the stealing of food to bring so much benefits. He was tempted to ask Lu Xiaoyu to burn the Long Meng Army’s food storage place again…

However, he could not do that as the Long Meng Army were defending against the Black Feather Army. Once the Long Meng Army was defeated, the Black Feather Army would have sufficient energy to look for the “missing Qing Sai Army” in the mountains.

As the Black Feather Army and the Long Meng Army were fighting with all their might, The situation at the King Lu Mountain was relatively calm and peaceful, as though everyone was holding back their powers.

Liu Yizhao returned with a slip of instructions. Now that Lu Shu had officially assumed the position as the commander of the Wei Wu Army, he could finally write the letter of recommendation for the selection to enter the Sword Hut.

Lu Shu was slightly curious too. The Sword Hut seemed to be an extraordinary place. According to legends, even if the entire world was in chaos, they would not grant the candidates any time to slack off.

Those who had experience in the selection day of the Sword Hut went to the palace with their luggage. The commanders of the armies also did not care and supported them instead.

If the legendary person of the Sword Hut appeared in their army, when the opponent prospered in the future, they would have to help him no matter what. It was a high-risk investment and the outcome of failing would only be the loss of a soldier.

Everyone could settle this.

It was almost six months to the selection of the Sword Hut, which would be held during the cold winter.

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