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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 926: Snatching Spears

Chapter 926: Snatching Spears

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The food on the King Lu Mountain should be sufficient to last for a while. Therefore, the food supply for the Wei Wu Army should be sufficient.

The Wei Wu Army knew the condition of their food supply. They were originally planning to ration their food for a month but their King found a new source of food.

At this moment, Li Heitan, who was supposed to be training, suddenly ran back to the King Lu Mountain and yelled at the entrance of the cave, “King, a group of the Black Feather Army entered the mountain!”

Lu Shu walked out from the cave. “They came so quickly? Which direction are they heading to?”

“They are not targeting us,” said Li Heitan, “they seem to be going to the back of the Wei Bei Pass!”

In the era of skills cultivation, the significance of traps were unclear. If everyone were ordinary people, then what would you do with your food supplies even if you managed to pass through? One famous individual once said, “There were originally no roads on earth and roads were formed as people walked…”

Therefore, the trap was not the Great Wall. It was only stationed at the important path with traffic. The practitioners were skilled enough to go around it as hiking was a piece of cake to them.

Yet now, the Black Feather Army wanted to take over Wei Bei Pass no matter what. The army continued to advance in the northern direction and could not afford to leave any threats behind.

What if he managed to go around the mountain but met attacks by the Long Meng Army and the army of the Northern land from both sides? He would be doomed.

“The Black Feather Army has done it before,” said Lu Shu, “one of their horsemen had once attacked the Qing Sai Army at Yun An City in such a manner, maybe they are planning to do it again?”

Li Heitan said, “We are holding them back at the Eighteen-Mile Ravine. King, please tell us what to do, Zhang Weiyu said they have 3000 men.”

Lu Shu was stunned for a moment. He thought the Black Feather Army had yet to discover the Wei Wu Army, however, they managed to hold them back? Could it be that they had already started the battle? He asked, “You managed to hold them back?! What’s happening? How did you manage to hold them back?”

Li Heitan said, “By singing folk songs!”

Lu Shu was dumbfounded.

Singing folk songs to hold the Black Feather Army back? Are you guys addicted to singing folk songs?

The Eighteen-Mile Ravine was named because it was a ravine that was eighteen-miles long. There used to be water in the ravine but the water seemed to have changed directions.

The Black Feather Army was advancing secretly when they heard strange sounds coming from the two sides of the Eighteen-Mile Ravine. “The water of the river is very clear, blame the little girl for being playful.”

The Black Feather Army instantly fell silent and carefully analyzed the source of the sound. They wanted to attack from the back of Wei Bei Pass so as to be sufficiently prepared for the battlefield ahead of them.

They initially thought that there was nobody in the mountain. However, they heard the love song. If they found the person singing it, they had to kill him so as to ensure the secrecy of their plans.

A month ago, this scene was extremely familiar. The Qing Sai Army cursed them to be lunatics and thought that their behavior was very strange. Yet now… They had to sing it too…

One of the soldiers of the Qing Sai Army felt embarrassed and did not sing.

At this moment, the people standing on the west side looked at the people on the east side, “Your turn!”

The soldiers of the Qing Sai Army endured it for a long time. “I said something to joke around with you and you really fell for me…”

All of the soldiers of the Wei Wu Army began to laugh. Whoever knew how to sing the folk song was part of their family. He sang very well…

Meanwhile, after singing the first line, the soldiers of the Qing Sai Army relaxed. In this supernatural world, they had joined in…

The outcome was that everyone began to sing with more passion and the soldiers of the Qing Sai Army also began to sing and got high.

The faces of the Black Feather Army turned black. Was this the time to sing?

“Watch out for tricks,” said the Black Feather Army commander expressionlessly, “Get into your formations and face the battle!”

Suddenly, Li Heitan ran over from the cliff and said, “The king commands us to kill!”

They stopped singing the folk song and re-entered the cave, patiently waiting…

At the next moment, Liu Yizhao fell from the sky with a red long spear, invading the territory of the Black Feather Army without any hesitation. Then, Lu Xiaoyu, who had been waiting for a long time, controlled Anthony and attacked. All the broken stones on the ground became fine sand!

WIth the attack of the Bishop, the Black Feather Army had silver radiance around their bodies and it reduced their speeds!

In the battlefield, a small reduction of speed would make a huge difference! Sometimes, Lu Shu felt that although the Bishop was weak at attacking, he was very useful in a battle!

The Wei Wu Army was waiting for this moment. They dashed out from the surrounding caves and the entire Black Feather Army was surrounded instantly.

Initially, the Black Feather Army were fearless even if the Long Meng Army were ambushing them. After all, their commander was a Rank One and the Black Feather Army was more powerful than the Long Meng Army.

However, they did not think so anymore. The commander of the Black Feather Army was infuriated. “Why are there two Rank Ones ambushing here? Didn’t the intelligence report say that one of the Rank One experts was watching the show? How did the Long Meng Army dare to put both the Rank One experts in this mountain?! Hold on, this is not the Long Meng Army, they are the Qing Sai Army and the Wei Wu Army, they merged!”

According to the intelligence report of the Black Feather Army, there were only two Rank One experts in Wei Bei Pass now.

Moreover, the capabilities of the other soldiers in the Wei Wu Army had surpassed the commander’s imagination. The Eighteen-Mile Ravine was blocked completely by the 5000 people who rushed out. The Black Feather Army realized, to their surprise, that they had been instantly thrashed by the surrounding soldiers when they began the fight with the Wei Wu Army.

On one hand, it was due to the effective control of the Bishop. On the other hand, it was because the Wei Wu Army was indeed more powerful than the Black Feather Army.

However, the commander of the Black Feather Army realized that the priority of the soldiers of the Wei Wu Army was not to hurt people but to snatch their weapons…

What kind of attack tactic was this? By right, anyone who dared to do this would have died? However, they realized that the Wei Wu Army was very powerful. They snatched the spears like pulling carrots, the soldiers of the Black Feather Army were almost pulled away by them…

Zhang Weiyu did not command. He stood on the cliff of the mountain to figure out what Lu Shu meant by “having no tactics”.

Then, he realized that the Wei Wu Army was much more powerful now. With the combined attack of the two Rank One experts, the Black Feather Army was unable to handle it and ended up as weak as kittens.

The soldiers of the Black Feather Army wanted to counterattack but the Wei Wu Army was too fast and too agile. Not only was the Black Feather Army unable to stab the Wei Wu Army with their spears, but their spears ended up being snatched away…

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