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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 927: Rise of Anthony!

Chapter 927: Rise of Anthony!

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On the battlefield, Liu Yizhao managed to sweep away the enemies with his long spear. When he pointed the tip of the spear at the commander of the Black Feather Army, the soldiers between Liu Yizhao and the commander stood aside in fear. The red tassel on the long spear was flowing in the sky.

Zhang Weiyu suddenly thought that he had seen how impressive Lu Shu was when he attacked and killed as a Rank Six. If that was the case, what would it be like if he was Rank One?

He felt that the day was approaching. He could picture the scene judging from Lu Shu’s progression.

For some reason, Zhang Weiyu anticipated for the day to come.

The commander of the Black Feather Army wanted to leave because he knew that he was disadvantaged. Nobody expected an elite army to be hidden in the mountain. He should not fight to their death but bring this news back to the Black Feather Army. When the army arrived, no matter how elite the Wei Wu Army was, what could they do?

However, Liu Yizhao and Xiaoyu would not allow him to leave so easily. The Bishop rose from the ground and chased after the commander of the Black Feather Army. The Black Feather Army suddenly felt that the comfortable silver radiance on the bodies had vanished and they resumed normal movement.

However, they could not do anything even if they resumed normal movement. The Wei Wu Army had completely surrounded them and the Wei Wu Army, who initially had nothing in their hands, were equipped with weapons now…

The scouts of the Black Feather Army had podaos while the regular army had both the podaos and spears. Therefore, for every opponent killed by the Wei Wu Army, two of the soldiers managed to share the weapons…

In this unequal battle, the Black Feather Army was already in chaos. Even though the remaining soldiers were unafraid of death, they could not reverse the outcome of the battle.

The Bishop used his strength in midair. All of the silver light radiance were wound around the commander’s body and Liu Yizhao penetrated his body with the long spear.

Although the commander of the Black Feather Army died very unwillingly, in the situation when it was a battle of two Rank One experts versus one in an ambush, the commander felt helpless.

Liu Yizhao glanced at the Bishop and returned to the battlefield of the Black Feather Army like a sharp arrow again. However, he did not realize that Anthony, who was underground, stopped laughing foolishly.

Lu Xiaoyu quietly controlled Anthony, causing him to spit out a soul pearl to absorb the souls of the commander and the dead soldiers of the Black Feather Army. After that, Anthony swallowed the soul pearl again and started laughing foolishly again.

At the next moment, the black fog around Anthony began to shake and turned blurry.

Liu Yizhao looked down on the ground in confusion and shock. He was not sure if he had mistaken but he felt that someone managed to break through from Rank Two to Rank One!

What was going on? Breakthrough on the battlefield, the third Rank One expert of the Wei Wu Army was born? He knew that Lu Xiaoyu was underground and because he had yet to see Anthony, he thought that Lu Xiaoyu managed to breakthrough.

In the Luniverse, there were almost no armies with three Rank One soldiers! It was indeed the army of the King, perhaps the Wei Wu Army could reenact the splendour of the Imperial Dragon Soldiers? Liu Yizhao was slightly excited…

Hmm, oh no, Liu Yizhao suddenly realized that if Lu Xiaoyu promoted to Rank One, why was there no strange phenomenons? Whenever one promoted to Rank One, there would be strange phenomenons!

Liu Yizhao felt doubtful but did not say it out loud. Instead, he continued to attack the Black Feather Army until they were defeated.

Meanwhile, Lu Xiaoyu started observing Anthony happily while Anthony continued laughing foolishly. If Lu Xiaoyu activated the natural disaster Sand Shower Tripitaka now, she did not require the power from other earth-type Metahumans.

Lu Xiaoyu knew that the more powerful she was, the more assistance she could give to Lu Shu. Currently, with two souls of Rank One experts, if she sprang a few more sneak attacks to the Black Feather Army, Johnson might be able to promote to Rank One too.

By then, she would be able to give Lu Shu more flying swords!

Lu Shu was diligently training up his sword skills recently. Although the sea of chi was still sealed by the shackles, the sword prototypes were still increasing. Therefore, Lu Xiaoyu was worried that the number of swords Johnson had would be insufficient for Lu Shu’s use when Lu Shu managed to break free from the shackles.

There was no need to worry about it now. In fact, Lu Xiaoyu planned to sneakily bring Johnson, Anthony and the Bishop to Wei Bei Pass as she wanted to collect the dead souls at the battlefield!

To other people, Wei Bei Pass was like a gigantic massacre machine. The walls of the city were splattered with blood stains and dead bodies. New soldiers would gag at the scene.

However, to Lu Xiaoyu, it was like a land of treasures.

She already realized that the evil souls would become twisted and terrifying after they died. Although Lu Shu did not allow her to capture the souls of the good people, she thought that she could at least capture these evil souls?

However, there was a limitation. Lu Xiaoyu was unable to let Anthony and the rest reach the Master Realm from the rank of the souls captured.

It was the same reason as to why Anthony was unable to promote to Rank One. Unintentionally, the soul was unable to produce its own “dao” and had to snatch it from others.

The situation on the ground was strangely aggressive. The roars of the Wei Wu Army could be heard occasionally. “Don’t be so aggressive, that set of armor suits me nicely, don’t smash it!”

“Have you guys seen a soldier who is taller, help me keep his armor!”

The soldiers of the Black Feather Army had lost hope. It was because the actions of the Wei Wu Army were too much a blow for them to handle and they thought they were destined to die…

However, the problem was that none of them had armor? How could an army without armor be so powerful?

Occasionally, folk songs could be heard from the mountain. “Lady, hear me speak, please don’t accuse me…”

In this strange environment, the Black Feather Army was unwilling to admit defeat… This was the first time they had encountered a strange army like the Wei Wu Army since the start of their career…

At the instant when the sun set, Li Heitan led the army. He carried the long spear that he had snatched from the Black Feather Army and sang loudly with the rest, “There are no great saviors, nor do we need superhumans or kings…”

They felt extremely powerful when they sang it because they did not need to depend on anyone else. Both the Wei Wu Army and the Qing Sai Army had completely merged after this battle and Qing Sai Army had officially left the stage of history.

Initially, when Lu Shu taught them the song, everyone felt that the lyrics were very motivational. Now, they finally felt the benefits of being powerful. It felt as though they could control their fates.

If anyone asked the Wei Wu Army if the Black Feather Army was powerful, Li Heitan would probably say that the Black Feather Army were nothing.

Someone teased under the setting sun, “You went off tune!”

“Nonsense, I am the best at singing in the Wei Wu Army, how can I possibly go off tune?”

Li Heitan laughed, “I wonder if the Black Feather Army is coming, I cannot fit into the armor of the soldiers who came, they are all too small!”

“I think they will come and give us more weapons or armor, it will be great if they could bring some wine too…”

Seeing their backs, Zhang Weiyu suddenly realized that the Wei Wu Army had their morale boosted!

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