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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 928: Strange Situation

Chapter 928: Strange Situation

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Rank One experts were not foolish in the Luniverse. The team which the Black Feather Army had sent to hide in the mountain was very ambitious as they had a Rank One expert in the team. The commander of the Black Feather Army hoped that they could play a crucial role in the battle.

The outcome was that they disappeared into thin air like a small stone being thrown into the ocean.

The Black Feather Army had been plotting this for years and placed many spies at the back of Wei Bei Pass. If the Black Feather Army which had entered the mountain managed to accomplish things, then the commander of the Black Feather Army would definitely receive news.

Even if the Black Feather Army surrendered to the Long Meng Army, they should receive some news!

However, there was no news at all. The army seemed to have disappeared into thin air…

After that, the entire Black Feather Army gave Lu Shu distress points.

A teenager of the Black Feather Army was resting in the army camp outside Wei Bei Pass. “This mountain is strange. Lin He, Zhang Yun, both of you shall lead the army for a tour around the mountain. I want to see what is hidden in the mountain.”

“Roger,” The two of them replied.

Then, they never returned…

The entire Black Feather Army were troubled. They fought to their deaths with Wei Bei Pass in order to attract Long Meng Army’s attention so that the elite team of the Black Feather Army could go to the back and attack Wei Bei Pass from both sides, thereby delivering a fatal blow to Wei Bei Pass.

However, despite the fierce battle, several teams had vanished. What kind of situation was this, what was in the mountain?

At this moment, Lu Shu smiled happily when he saw the rapidly increasing distress points in the records. Lu Xiaoyu helped him obtain many distress points and the distress points also increased because of the death of several teams of the Black Feather Army.

Lu Shu did not dare to imagine how many levels he could advance after he broke free from the shackles. Indeed, the correct way to obtain the distress points was through battle and death…

This caused Lu Shu to reflect on whether the method he used to obtain his distress points was appropriate…

Then, he shook his head. After all, war resulted in casualties. After a few rounds of battle, over a hundred soldiers of the Wei Wu Army had died. Even though there were three Rank One experts as bodyguards, death could not be avoided completely. This was a realistic issue.

The Wei Wu Army had completed transformed to the point that Lu Shu could not believe it. Who would believe that this army was one that was despised by everyone two months ago?

The Wei Wu Army was no longer lacking in weapons and armor. In fact, Lu Shu planned to ask Liu Yizhao to bring the 3000 extra long spears and armor to Wei Bei Pass and ask the commander if he wanted them…

However, that was too much of a flaunt and Lu Shu thought that it would be better if he did not do that. Wei Wu Army would definitely need to replace the weapons and armor, the extras could be used as supplies for the Wei Wu Army.

In the past, people said that it was too costly for one to develop an army. However, Lu Shu did not think so. He could obtain whatever the army lacked from his opponent. Gradually, he would no longer lack anything.

The Black Feather Army brought food when they entered the mountain. These rations could last the Wei Wu Army for a good while.

On the second month the Black Feather Army reached Wei Bei Pass, someone from the Wei Wu Army managed to breakthrough again!

It was too difficult for Rank Two and Rank Three to breakthrough. However, with high levels of training and nourishment from medicinal herbs, the Rank Four soldiers saw the possibility of making a breakthrough within a short span of time.

Therefore, Lu Shu decided to not do anything for now, even if the Black Feather Army entered the mountain. He wanted to focus on upgrading his skills. Initially, Lu Shu was worried about what he should do if the Black Feather Army ambushed them in the mountains. However, the battle between the Black Feather Army and Wei Bei Pass was so intense that he had no mood to care about his initial concern.

During this period of time, Lu Shu finally reached Rank Two.

This was the rank which Lu Shu was the best at. Therefore, he was fully confident.

At this moment, Liu Yizhao returned and greeted Lu Shu with respect, “King, the Black Feather Army is about to complete their attack. The backup that Wei Bei Pass has been waiting for has yet to arrive and everyone is exhausted and food supplies are depleted. Moreover, the Black Feather Army had attacked Li Yang Pass last month and the Red Flame Army had retreated for 300 miles. Now, some of the Black Feather Army in Li Yang Pass are rushing towards Wei Bei Pass. The day when they arrive at Wei Bei Pass would be the day that Wei Bei Pass falls.”

Lu Shu was slightly troubled. “What is going on with the army of the North Region? Is nobody caring about the attack of the Black Feather Army?”

“The internal battle of the North Region was worse than what the King had imagined. If the Lord of Heaven Wen Zaifou asked about it, they will definitely not dare to do this. However, I heard that the Lord of Heaven Wen Zaifou is currently busy cultivating his skills. Everyone knows that the Black Feather Army is unable to attack the entire North Region even with the participation of Duanmu Huangqi. Therefore, they are daring to fight until the entire army of Wei Bei Pass and Li Yang Pass perish so they can end everything,” said Liu Yizhao.

“This is a little too much,” said Lu Shu, “After Wei Bei Pass is defeated, the Black Feather Army, after realizing that many of their soldiers had disappeared, will definitely attack us in the mountain.”

“Therefore, we hope that you can make the necessary preparations early. To fight or to retreat, please make the decision as soon as possible,” said Liu Yizhao calmly.

After seven days, Wei Bei Pass finally fell to the Black Feather Army. As a result, the Black Feather Army had control over both Li Yang Pass and Wei Bei Pass. They had the upper hand in both the attack to the east or the North.

At this moment, the aristocrats of the North Region and the East Region became excited. Both the Red Flame Army and the Long Meng Army had to bear the consequences of losing their control over the fortress and it was time for them to tie up loose ends. Therefore, the entire North Region became excited after losing as everyone wanted to share the benefits.

They were unable to occupy the city and the fortress. They had to wait for the Lord of Heaven to complete his cultivation to award them. Therefore, the number of Black Feather Army soldiers one killed and the amount of fortresses one took over were the bargaining chips during the splitting of benefits.

Of course, in order to take the fortresses and city back from the Black Feather Army, one had to have a considerable ability. The Black Feather Army were not weak. One had to pay a price for a battle against them.

The aristocrats did not rush to attack and everyone wanted to wait. They wanted to wait for the formation of the Black Feather Army to be more developed, as well as to wait for others to attack so as to hold the Black Feather Army back.

However, they suddenly realized that the Black Feather Army did not head to the north or east. According to some intelligence report, the Black Feather Army went into the mountains…

All of the aristocrats were stunned. Why did they go into the mountains? What was in the mountains?

Everyone instinctively felt that something was wrong. Was the Black Feather Army doing it on purpose?

Hold on, hold on a little more…

They were not being overly suspicious. The situation was really too strange. The Black Feather Army could reorganize their army, continue their attack on the city, or retreat back to the West region. However, why did they enter the mountains…

The first batch who entered the mountain added up to 15000 soldiers. Five commanders led the team and three of the commanders were Rank One.

The force was considerably huge!

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