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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 929: Lightning War

Chapter 929: Lightning War

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When the first batch of Black Feather Army soldiers entered the mountains, Liu Yizhao hurriedly returned to King Lu Mountain and informed everyone.

Liu Yizhao was now in charge of scouting and information. Lu Shu felt that Liu Yizhao was qualified for this position. No matter how good their scouts were, the scouts from the Wei Wu Army were able to fly. Would you be scared?

Even if he was discovered, they could not catch up to him.

Even if they could not catch up, forget it. The vanguard of the Black Feather Army realized that not only were they unable to catch up, they would not be able to defeat him either!

In reality, Liu Yizhao had been discovered several times. When the Black Feather Army discovered him, they were all very excited. Everyone knew that there were many secrets hidden in the mountains. Thus, if they were able to capture their scout, it would be a great achievement. They might be able to gather information on what was happening in the mountains.

It would be a great achievement.

But when they excitedly prepared to capture Liu Yizhao, the scouts from the Black Feather Army were trapped and destroyed in the forest.

When the commanders saw this in the distance, they gasped in shock. This did not make sense. They used a Rank One as a scout. This was cheating!

Other scouts would run away the moment they saw someone. But your scout did not run away immediately after being discovered. Instead, the scout killed those who had discovered him.

What a despicable move!

In reality, this was very despicable. Under normal circumstances, no one would use a Rank One as a scout. Furthermore, a Rank One expert would not want to become a scout. They were able to obtain a proper place for themselves under a Lord of Heaven. Who would become a scout and work this hard?

But Liu Yizhao was extremely loyal to Lu Shu. He would do whatever Lu Shu made him do.

Gradually, Liu Yizhao became very happy. His position as a scout would allow him to display his full potential. In the past, he was a commander of an army. He had to observe the entire situation and command the army.

But now, it was different. Liu Yizhao felt that his commanding abilities were not as strong as Zhang Weiyu’s, or even Dong Ye’s. They were both once Imperial Palace Soldiers who led Liu Yizhao and the rest.

Thus, Liu Yizhao enjoyed his role as a scout… their commander would not become a scout. Thus, as long as their commander did not fight him at close quarters, he was temporarily invincible. He only had to watch out for the three Rank One experts.

Even if he was attacked, it would be fine. As long as he endured, he was sure that the two Rank One experts that accompanied Lu Shu would come and save him. He had this trust.

When the news of him started to circulate within the Black Feather Army, the scouts from the Black Feather Army were slightly annoyed. In the past, they hoped that they would be able to find traces of their enemy. After all, this was their job.

But now, it was different. They did not want to see anyone. Why? They were afraid to die.

The Black Feather Army also started to think. If their scouts was a Rank One, then what about the rest of their army. Of course, they got rid of this thought. After all, the Black Feather Army was the elite of the elite. Which other army was stronger than the Black Feather Army?

Indeed, there were armies stronger than them, but they were in the North Region and East Region!

When Liu Yizhao flew back and delivered the news, the Wei Wu Army mobilized. They quickly carried the grains, weapons, and armor into the limestone caves. They neatly split up into the different corners of the limestone cave.

After all, the Black Feather Army was three times the size of the Wei Wu Army. Furthermore, they were evenly matched in terms of Rank One combat power. Thus, Lu Shu did not want to fight them head-on.

But this did not mean that they would be able to escape unscathed when the Black Feather Army came. They had Lu Shu’s armor and spears in their possession…

Although Zhang Weiyu did not agree with this point of view, this was what Lu Shu thought…

Before the aristocrats in the North Region could understand why the Black Feather Army wanted to enter the mountains, the Wei Wu Army had already started to fight the Black Feather Army!

Neither the Black Feather Army nor the North Region aristocrats would expect that the small Wei Wu Army had been stationed here for a few months. They were very familiar with the underground route, thanks to Lu Xiaoyu’s map.

Typically, when Zhang Weiyu brought them out to train, or brought them to the mountains, he would intentionally walk through the limestone caves. This was so that the soldiers of the Wei Wu Army would be able to treat the limestone caves like a garden.

Now, it was not an exaggeration to say that as long as there was light, not a single soldier from the Wei Wu Army would get lost underground.

But the Black Feather Army was different. Whether or not they dared to enter the limestone caves were two different things.

The five Black Feather Army commanders ordered the troops to enter the mountains. The mountain routes were narrow and winding. Furthermore, the mountains covered a large amount of land. Thus, they could not advance as one army. At first, they had wanted to surround the armies that might potentially be in the mountains. If the entire army stayed together, their efficiency would decrease as well.

They split into five groups. The scouts acted as communication channels between the groups. If one of the groups was engaged in a battle, those in other areas would come and provide support.

According to them, as long as one of the groups was able to buy time, the other four groups would be able to rush over. They were at most half a day away from each other.

But just as they separated, a group made up of 3000 soldiers was ambushed by the Wei Wu Army.

The soldiers appeared like ghosts. The Black Feather Army did not know where they had come from. It was as if they had appeared out of thin air. Suddenly, they started to attack from behind.

Furthermore, these soldiers did not fight for long. After they attacked and killed, they ran away. The Black Feather Army could not even block them!

The Black Feather Army realized that there was no one below Rank Three among the soldiers!

This was far too bizarre. How could such a strong army appear here? Even the armies in the North Region and the East Region did not have this average strength. The two armies still had Rank Four soldiers.

This small scaled fight was like a lightning strike. It came and left quickly.

If the soldiers were just strong, then forget it. The commander of the Black Feather Army discovered that there was a Rank One expert underground escorting the enemy!

After Anthony had advanced to Rank One, his problem surfaced.

Reality proved that the heavens were fair. Before earth-type Metahumans advanced to Rank One, they were always highly praised among the elemental types. But after they advanced to Rank One, everyone else could fly, except for them. He could only display his full potential on the ground.

For example, Lu Xiaoyu could make Anthony control the Deep Sea White Sand from the sky, but this would only allow him to make use of a portion of his abilities.

But no matter what, Anthony was a great assistance in breaking up formations during battles. Furthermore, when the Wei Wu Army retreated, Anthony could easily build a dirt wall and block off the soldiers who chased them.

A small scale lightning war was fought perfectly. The Black Feather Army was caught by surprise.

But this was only the beginning.

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