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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 930: Messenger from Hell

Chapter 930: Messenger from Hell

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After the first attack, the Black Feather Army tried to trace them. They wanted to know where these mysterious soldiers had appeared from.

When the Black Feather Army was serious, even if the entrances to the limestone caves were well-hidden, they would not escape their eyes.

When the commander of the Black Feather Army saw the entrances to the caves, they gasped in shock. Did those soldiers appear from here? What was inside?

He sent two units of five people into the cave. But the Wei Wu Army had not left. They had been waiting for the Black Feather Army to enter the cave. Thus, these soldiers from the Black Feather Army were also destroyed…

The commander’s expression darkened. He had lost almost 400 people from one attack. But not even one soldier from the enemy army had been left behind. How humiliating!

This time, he personally led his group into the cave. The Wei Wu Army received news from someone and dispersed. They escaped into over ten different routes… they were far too dispersed. There was no way to chase them!

The commander carefully observed the caves. To be honest, this was his first time seeing this kind of place. The strange and jagged stalactites made it seem like a purgatory. One of the Black Feather Army soldiers said in a soft voice, “Is this hell… look. They are all wearing armor from the Black Feather Army. They even have weapons from the Black Feather Army. It’s just that they have a white mark on their face. Have our comrades who had disappeared been swallowed up by this hell? After hell obtains their strength, they will come out and demand for more lives, right?”

This analysis made some sense. Furthermore, four teams from the Black Feather Army had mysteriously disappeared. There had been some pessimistic publicity about it. Back then, someone had joked that the four teams that had disappeared might have been eaten up by the mountains, because their whereabouts were completely unknown.

Thus, these opinions caused the mountains to become mysterious.

Suddenly, they saw an even stronger person wearing the Black Feather Army’s armor…

Rationally, if they were so strong, they would definitely have their own armor and weapons. Why did they need the Black Feather Army’s armor? So had their comrades who had been swallowed up come here to demand for their lives? This seemed to make sense…

The commander turned and looked at the soldier. He slapped him. “If hell exists, we have to trample it! Figure out who is messing around here and skin him alive!”

He could fly as a Rank One. Of course, he would not believe that there were ghosts and spirits here. There was only one god in this world.

He did not believe this as he was very strong. But his subordinates could not calm down.

The commander brought his group out and pondered about what they would do next. Some people had started to spread the rumor that these mysterious soldiers had come from a purgatory. A vivid description started to circulate among the soldiers. At first, everyone thought that it was nonsense and treated it as a joke. Later on, some of them discovered an entrance. When they looked inside, they started to believe these rumors.

Needless to say, places like limestone caves suited a setting like hell. This was before there were scientific explanations and without people who installed colorful lights in the cave. Lu Shu had thought about it, the first person who said that hell existed might have stumbled into a limestone cave…

When the commander heard about this, he wanted to publicly execute the one who had started the rumors. But he was not sure whether this would be able to stop the spread of rumours.

All the distress points produced belonged to Lu Shu.

It was hard for the Black Feather Army to decide. Before they came, they felt that even if there was an army here, they had taken Wei Bei Pass and Li Yang Pass. What army would they not be able to handle?

The phrase “hiding in the mountains” was meant in a general sense. This meant that although they were hiding in the mountain range, people would still be on the ground.

But in the end, they were actually hiding inside the mountain…

From Liu Yizhao the scout, to soldiers who were all Rank Threes, to these mysterious holes, the army hiding in the mountains was shrouded in mystery.

But the most important problem was, how were they going to surround the army? Should they enter the caves?

The commander of the Black Feather Army had a dark expression on his face. “Set the caves on fire. Use the smoke to chase them out!”

The soldiers’ eyes lit up. This was a good idea! As expected from their commander!

That day, the Black Feather Army set fire to over ten entrances and fanned the smoke into the caves. They did this for an entire day, but not a single soldier from the Wei Wu Army emerged.

The commander felt that something was wrong. This should not be the case. Even if the caves were very big, they would not be able to stand being exposed to smoke for a day.

He went in and saw that the entrances had been blocked off by Lu Xiaoyu. Not a single wisp of smoke could enter.

They had worked for nothing.

Then, they received the news that the Black Feather Army in the east had been ambushed. This time, the commander was a Rank Two. Thus, they suffered heavy losses. The entire unit was wiped out in an hour!

On the first day that they came into contact with the Wei Wu Army, the Black Feather Army had already lost one unit. They were completely taken by surprise.

The other commanders of the Black Feather Army knew that the limestone caves underground extended in all directions. Thus, the soldiers from the Wei Wu Army were like ghosts. The Black Feather Army did not know where they were.

Li Heitan carried his spear and protected Lu Shu while singing L’Internationale. Lu Shu could not bear his cadence. “Heitan, listen to your own voice. I feel like I’m traveling on the fields while riding a horse-drawn carriage.”

Li Heitan eyes lit up. Was the Great Lord praising him? Traveling on the fields while riding a horse-drawn carriage. This sounded very comfortable.

But Lu Shu continued. “A pity that the wheels of the carriage are square…”

“From Li Heitan’s distress, +9…”

Lu Shu was unhappy. Only nine points? Were you serious?

Lu Shu discovered that it was most difficult to earn distress points from Liu Yizhao and Li Heitan. They were extremely loyal to him. They believed whatever Lu Shu told them. Thus, they would not produce that many distress points…

But it was fine. Li Heitan produced many distress points when he did homework… evidently, doing homework was very painful…

“Great Lord, what do we do next?” Liu Yizhao said, “Their strength has dwindled. I suggest that we settle the units who do not have Rank One commanders first.”

Lu Shu thought about it. “Don’t let them understand the rules. That is our strategy. Thus, don’t intentionally avoid units with Rank One commanders. This way, they will lie in ambush and wait for us.”

There was a saying in the history of crimes. Those who killed people who seemed irrelevant when it was needed were the people who had the least flaws.

The more thought they put into it, the more traces they would leave behind.

What the Wei Wu Army had to do now was to be unconventional in their military tactics.

Zhang Weiyu had tolerated this for a long time, but he could no longer stand it. “Aren’t you the one who isn’t competent in military tactics… the two of you, let go of me! What in the world! Liu Yizhao! Are you opposing me? I am the military advisor! Let go of me, the two of you!”

Just like that, Zhang Weiyu was dragged away…

“From Zhang Weiyu’s distress, +666!”

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