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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 931: Zhang Weiyu’s Guess

Chapter 931: Zhang Weiyu’s Guess

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Liu Yizhao walked in the King Lu Mountain in the darkness. He was very relaxed. He rarely had the time to be relaxed. He had always been bearing his mission. He could not let his guard down even for one moment.

Since that moment 18 years ago, he no longer lived for himself. He lived for his mission.

There were many female aristocrats and slave owners who chased after him, but Liu Yizhao remained alone. He was afraid that he would reveal secrets while he was sleep talking.

He cherished the memory of being part of the Imperial Dragon Soldiers. They were free of troubles and only had to do whatever the king told them to do. They did not need to think much.

As for their glory, relatives, and lives, the king would never treat his subordinates unfairly.

Everything seemed to be developing in a good direction. It was as if he could be a steady pawn without any worries. He enjoyed his job as a scout.

Suddenly, he felt that after he had advanced to Rank One, it felt as if people were always looking at him.

But when he turned around and looked, to his shock, he saw a few scouts from the Black Feather Army. They seemed as if they had not discovered him and were ready to leave…

They did not provoke him, they did not provoke him…

The Black Feather Army scouts silently chanted. I did not discover you. I did not discover you. But it was too late…

When they saw Liu Yizhao flying towards them, the scouts all felt that the army that was hiding in the mountains were not reasonable. A Rank One was able to sense when people were looking at them. Thus, a Rank One scout would always be able to find the enemy.

They could not keep glancing from the corner of their eye. If they could, scouts would not be needed…

Before the Black Feather Army scouts died, they took out a tube made out of paper. After they pulled off the cap of the tube, red fireworks would shoot out from the tube. Then, they would throw the tube into the air in hopes that the nearby Black Feather Army would be able to see this signal and kill Liu Yizhao here.

With his strength as a Rank Four, he could easily throw the tube a few hundred meters in the air for everyone nearby to see.

But before the tube could go beyond the trees, they were shot down by Liu Yizhao.

The scouts were full of despair. This simply did not make sense!

At the same time, while the Black Feather Army was ready for battle, the Wei Wu Army did not slack off. They took advantage of the geography.

The Black Feather Army did not dare to enter the limestone caves. Thus, in the day, the Wei Wu Army could bravely rest in batches. But this was not possible for the Black Feather Army. They had to be on their guard against an ambush from the Wei Wu Army.

At night, the Black Feather Army had to force themselves to remain alert. On the other hand, the Wei Wu Army was full of vigor!

Typically, the Wei Wu Army had a curfew. it was rare for them to have activities at night. They were like children celebrating the New Year. It was finally justifiable for them to stay awake and not train. Not only were they not tired, they even wanted to play with firecrackers!

This world celebrated the New Year as well. The old King of Gods decided that the first day of the first lunar month would be the new year. Everything would be new and fresh. Everyone could forget about the past and start a new year.

Thus, the Wei Wu Army started to move out at midnight. Those who had carried out ambush attacks in the day started to rest and waited for day to come.

Although Lu Shu had said that the strategy of the Wei Wu Army was to have no strategy, they could not have absolutely no strategies in reality. They had split into two units. One of the units would follow Liu Yizhao and Anthony, while the other unit would follow Lu Xiaoyu and the Bishop.

On the other hand, Lu Shu disappeared into the forest. He decided to test the results of his individual training.

Zhang Weiyu wanted to stop Lu Shu from doing so. They would be done for if Lu Shu encountered a Rank One expert.

Lu Shu was the pillar of emotional support for the Wei Wu Army. If Lu Shu was gone, everything would be over.

But when he saw Lu Shu’s expression, he felt that something was not right. He saw a confidence on Lu Shu’s face that he had never seen before. Zhang Weiyu asked with doubt, “Are you a Rank Two now?”

“That’s right.” Lu Shu nodded his head.

“Even if you are a Rank Two, you cannot defeat a Rank One,” said Zhang Weiyu.

“Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing.” Lu Shu smiled.

Zhang Weiyu realized that Lu Shu was not scared at all. He did not have the uncertainty of a practitioner just after they had advanced. It was said that training was like being an official. Once you advance to Rank One, it was as if you became the head of a city. You had never become the head of a city, and were not sure what you could and could not do. Thus, you had to slowly get used to your role.

It was the same for training. After one had advanced, they would not know how far their abilities had developed. There would be some hesitation when facing enemies.

But this did not seem to happen to Lu Shu.

Zhang Weiyu calmly asked, “Have you reached this rank in the past?”

Lu Shu was dumbfounded. He looked at Zhang Weiyu and smiled. “That’s right. This is not a secret anymore. When I first met you, my abilities had fallen to the lowest level, but I have trained before.”

Lu Shu made an honest confession as he had already grasped the situation. In the future, he wanted to unlock his celestial map. Zhang Weiyu would definitely discover this.

Zhang Weiyu felt as if everything had been explained. So this young man was already an expert.

But Zhang Weiyu suddenly had a question. Where was this young man from? How was he able to become so strong at such a young age? Furthermore, it was as if Lu Xiaoyu had many secrets of her own.

Zhang Weiyu had thought about the least possible answer, which was also the answer that he had hoped to receive. After all, Lu Shu had appeared in a sensitive area like the fields.

But the problem was, the characteristics that Lu Shu displayed did not corroborate with his answer. As long as there were some inherent characteristics, Zhang Weiyu would dare to make a brave guess. But he did not do so.

Lu Shu walked out of the limestone cave. He did not even carry a sword in his hands. He only held a tree branch.

Lu Shu had not even carefully ripped the branch off. As he walked and hummed, the leaves of the branch would sway along with him. Zhang Weiyu was speechless. Could this be considered as a weapon? Was he impressive, or did boldness of execution stem from superb skill?

But the young man, who was illuminated by the moon, was full of sword energy. It was as if he had trained himself and was prepared to kill someone.

At that moment, the Rank One commander from the Black Feather Army soared into the sky. The spear in his hands was pointed towards the mountain. The soldiers beside him continued to die. He was full of evil. He wanted to destroy the mountains in front of him, including the limestone caves inside the mountains!

He was very clear that with his current ability, he would only be able to destroy one mountain range. There was also the danger that he would exhaust his strength. But he had to create a place where his soldiers could rest. He could not constantly worry whether the Wei Wu Army would suddenly appear from a hole.

But before he could attack, he was stopped by Liu Yizhao. The two of them flew in the sky. Liu Yizhao felt as if he could finally kill to his heart’s content. He did not need to worry about the entire situation. He did not need to deliver commands either. It was as if he had returned to when he was an Imperial Dragon Soldier.

Due to his strength, Liu Yizhao was permanently stationed in the Imperial Dragon Soldiers. Thus, when he was in the Imperial Dragon Soldiers, he was still like a young boy.

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