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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 932: World Tide

Chapter 932: World Tide

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Lu Shu waved the branch in his hands and walked out of the limestone cave. He suddenly turned around and asked, Zhang Weiyu, “What? are you looking down on my tree branch? Don’t underestimate it. It can kill others.”

Zhang Weiyu was speechless. Although they did not match in terms of techniques, Lu Shu was very similar to that person when he boasted. He said with disdain, “An inconvenient weapon is an inconvenient weapon. I don’t understand why you’re using that even though you have weapons!”

Lu Shu cheerily laughed. “What, do you think that I really have no weapons? I just left them in my hometown. I will eventually take them back. Anyway, what weapons did you use in the past? A sword? A knife? Or a spear?”

It was a simple question, but Lu Shu realised that Zhang Weiyu was absent-minded!

Liu Yizhao was fighting a Black Feather Army commander in the sky. Their fight was vast and intense. The waves from the sky were transmitted to the ground. Even the strong trees were about to break.

The soldiers from the Black Feather Army and the Wei Wu Army all moved away from this area. Firstly, they could not help much. Secondly, they wanted to prevent any accidental injuries.

In reality, Liu Yizhao always had the upper hand in the battle against the Black Feather Army commander. The techniques that the old King of Gods had bestowed upon them allowed Zhang Weiyu to not even use his own family’s techniques. It definitely had its own strengths.

During the battle, the commander realized early on that no matter whether it was his flying speed or the surging of his Spirit Qi, he was no match for Liu Yizhao. This was the difference in their techniques.

The Black Feather Army commander turned and flew away. The moment Liu Yizhao caught up to him, the commander turned around and caught him off guard. A massive python seal appeared in the air behind him. Then, a spear flew towards Liu Yizhao.

But for some reason, he saw a smile on Liu Yizhao’s face.

“I was afraid that you would run away,” said Liu Yizhao with a joyful smile. Suddenly, he snapped the spear in his hands. The spear, which was made out of gold, broke into pieces, revealing a sword that had been hidden in the spear!

Before the Black Feather Army commander could see the sword clearly, the sword has split into seven parts, as if it had been disassembled! Each broken piece did not resemble the sword. It was as if someone had casually come up with a sword design, but the sword was very sharp!

When the Black Feather Army commander saw this, it was as if he had lost his soul. “The World Tide! This is the World Tide! Didn’t the aristocrats cut it up a long time ago? Why is it in your hands?!”

At the same time in the limestone caves, Zhang Weiyu looked at Lu Shu and smiled. “I know that you are probing me, but you have to think carefully about it. If you know about the weapons we had used back then, you will understand our identities.”

Zhang Weiyu was very clear. Once Lu Shu knew their identity and put everything together, they were in this together, for better or for worse.”

“Ah. I suddenly don’t want to know.” Lu Shu waved his branch and walked away.

Suddenly, Zhang Weiyu said, “Our weapon is called the World Tide. It is the sword that the old King of Gods bestowed to us!”

“Didn’t I say that I didn’t want to know…” Lu Shu looked at Zhang Weiyu expressionlessly.

“Each World Tide can split into seven parts. Even one of the broken pieces is a valuable magical object.” Zhang Weiyu smiled. “You should know our identity now.”

Lu Shu looked at Zhang Weiyu, who had an enigmatic expression on his face. He was silent. “Who in the world are you?!”

Lu Shu was bewildered. Why did Zhang Weiyu seem as if Lu Shu should know his identity once he had said the words “World Tide”? Lu Shu really did not know!

“From Zhang Weiyu’s distress points, +199!”

“Why is it called the World Tide?” Lu Shu asked curiously.

It was very difficult for Zhang Weiyu to adjust his breathing. When he looked at Lu Shu carefully, he realized that he was not faking it. He had never heard of it before. Zhang Weiyu was puzzled. Where in the world did Lu Shu pop out from?!

Although Zhang Weiyu was an Imperial Palace Soldier, only the Puppet Masters knew about the existence of Earth. Thus, he could not understand. Had Lu Shu never heard of something as famous as the World Tide?

He took a deep breath. “It is because when they use the World Tide, the broken pieces are like a tide that can cover the entire world… it can slay those who have reached the Master Realm!”

Lu Shu thought about it. “Quite impressive.”

Zhang Weiyu suddenly felt that Lu Shu’s praise did not make him happy. How shallow!

Lu Shu casually turned and walked out. He waved his branch with his back to Zhang Weiyu. “Okay, got it. You guys are amazing.”

“Wait right there! Come back! Let me tell you how impressive we were back then… come back!” Zhang Weiyu was upset, very upset. Why was he unable to control his anger whenever he talked to this guy?!

“From Zhang Weiyu’s distress, +699!”

The Black Feather Army had thought about how to deal with the ambush attacks from the Wei Wu Army. After all, they could not be under constant attack all the time, right? Suddenly, a unit from the Black Feather Army walked in the forest and discussed. Those mysterious soldiers all had a white mark on their faces. This was probably how they differentiated their enemies. Thus, if they painted the white mark on their face, would they be able to confuse the enemy?

Everyone thought that this suggestion was normal, but there were no other good solutions. They would use whatever they had.

That night, the units from the Black Feather Army, which had not been attacked, took a long time before they found a stone that was of a similar color to the white mark. Then, they ground the stone into powder and spread it on their faces.

But before long, Li Heitan and the rest held their podao and charged out from the caves.

When the Black Feather Army saw Li Heitan and the rest, they were dumbfounded. “Why don’t you have the white mark on your faces?!”

Li Heitan turned and looked at the people around him. He was silent for a moment. Then, he said, “We forgot…”

The Black Feather Army was speechless. How could you forget something in a serious situation like a battle?! Was anyone managing you?! Huh? We spent so long recreating the white marks, but you forgot about it?

The Black Feather Army was slightly angry. “Are you always so careless when you fight?”

That was right. They were careless. So what?

When Li Heitan heard this, he was unhappy. “Do you need to question whether we have a white mark on our faces? My Great Lord doesn’t care, so why do you need to? Brothers, kill them!”

The Black Feather Army unit was dead.

Needless to say, since the Wei Wu Army realized that they were much stronger than the other armies, they became more aggressive…

Suddenly, they heard wails coming from the west. They made a prompt decision to rush in that direction. But before they could reach, they saw Lu Shu with a tree branch in his hand. He was among hundreds of Black Feather Army soldiers, but he was calm and unhurried.

His sword energy emerged. It was able to destroy a forest and the Black Feather Army soldiers.

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