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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 933: The Weakness of the Wei Wu Army

Chapter 933: The Weakness of the Wei Wu Army

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Lu Shu was up against a few hundred people. His calm expression remained clear in Li Heitan’s memories for many years. Li Heitan had heard that the best disciples of the Sword Hut were called Sword Deities. But Li Heitan felt that his Great Lord was definitely much stronger than those Sword Deities, at least for now!

At that moment, Lu Shu saw Li Heitan and the rest. “What are you standing there for? Hurry up and attack them! Don’t you see that I’m being surrounded?!”

“Oh!” Li Heitan raised his podao and led the rest to attack.

He suddenly felt that the Great Lord was still the Great Lord of the Azure Dragon Village, but Li Heitan preferred this kind of Great Lord… he was not unreasonable at all. If he asked them to attack, he would attack as well.

But Li Heitan was also very shocked. They had fought the Black Feather Army several times. Even though a few of them were being surrounded and killed, they did not seem to be afraid of death. Their counterattacks were very intense. If the Black Feather Army obtained the upper hand, the results would be obvious. Each and every one of them were as valiant as tigers.

But Li Heitan suddenly realized that the few hundred people who were surrounding Lu Shu seemed to be hesitating. They did not dare to actually surround him!

Their Great Lord had scared them!

Lu Shu did what Li Heitan and the rest could not do…

Lu Shu was very carefree. Ever since he had encountered Dream Chooser, he had been dejected as his celestial map and his sea of chi had been locked up. The Ninth Heavenly King, who was the strongest Rank Two, became an ordinary person.

But now, he had regained his strength. Furthermore, he had done so through painful training. For the past few months, he would train his swordplay whenever he had the time to do so. He did not rest even for one moment.

He had trained for this day. Being able to regain his strength was like taking his fate into his own hands.

He had reached Rank Two. Was Rank One still far away?

He had sensed the fight between Liu Yizhao and the commander from the Black Feather Army. Those were the waves of energy that were produced during a conflict between two Rank Ones. It was vast like the sea. It seemed as if it could topple mountains.

Lu Shu wanted to know how it would be like when he reached Rank One.

At that moment, the soldiers from the Black Feather Army felt powerless. Lu Shu was able to kill people using a branch without much effort. The sword energy was frightening and they could not defend themselves against it. Everyone felt that as long as this young man activated his sword energy, they would die.

At that moment, not a single leaf had fallen off the branch!

That night, the Black Feather Army suffered heavy losses. The Wei Wu Army had also suffered casualties, but their losses were negligible compared to that of the Black Feather Army.

Even if they did not have the advantage of geography, the Wei Wu Army’s overall strength was far too strong. The soldiers enjoyed the fruits of their suffering and sweat.

The Black Feather Army decided to retreat. 15000 people had entered the mountains. They had only been in the mountains for seven days, but their numbers had dwindled to about 4000.

The commander of the Black Feather Army knew that they would be punished for making this decision. But if they did not leave now, they did not know when they could leave again!

There were five commanders at first, but there were only two now. One Rank One and two Rank Two commanders had died!

The Rank One commander that had died had been killed by Liu Yizhao. When he killed the commander, he suddenly sensed that… someone on the ground had advanced to Rank One…

Although it was a happy thing that the Wei Wu Army had another Rank One expert, this advancement was far too mysterious. He did not even know who had advanced…

Liu Yizhao and the rest had only seen the Bishop. They had never even seen Anthony, let alone Johnson.

Thus, Liu Yizhao had mixed feelings. He thought, as expected of the king. He had been hiding so many experts! This was what a king should have!

Liu Yizhao felt that this way, he could be more relieved as a scout!

The Black Feather Army returned and reported the situation in the mountains to their chief commander. It was not that they were too weak. Their enemies were just far too strong. Furthermore, they were extremely cunning. The geography was a huge disadvantage to them, as they could not even find their enemies!

Everyone now understood where the four Black Feather Army units had appeared to. When the five units entered the mountains together, they were badly defeated. Needless to say, their results would be even more disastrous if they had entered the mountains one unit at a time.

But they could not understand. The army in the forest should have been made up of the Wei Wu Army and the Qing Sai Army. How did they become so ferocious after disappearing for a few months?

Thus, all of them provided Lu Shu with another wave of distress points…

In reality, if all 150 thousand people had entered the mountains, Lu Shu might have brought the Wei Wu Army to hide. The Wei Wu Army had only fought with the Qing Sai Army once. They had morale, but when their enemies outnumbered them, they would definitely be afraid.

But they had sent their men in waves, causing the Wei Wu Army to become more confident… everyone then realized that they were able to fight well…

The chief commander sat in the military tent in Wei Bei Pass. He furrowed his eyebrows and asked, “Did you discover any weaknesses when you fought them?”

The two remaining commanders thought about it. “They seem slightly greedy?”

“How so?” The chief commander asked calmly.

“When they began to attack, they did not kill anyone. Instead, they came and stole our spears.. furthermore, during the battle, they even shouted, don’t destroy the armor!” When the commanders talked about this, they were filled with anger. They felt like they were regarded as fish on a chopping board. How depressing!

The chief commander was dumbfounded. “They fight like that?”

The commanders and the chief commanders looked at one another. It was not a lie!

“Do they have any other weaknesses?” The chief commander asked.

“It’s not quite a weakness, but it’s a characteristic,” said the commander after some hesitation. “For some reason, they particularly like singing folk songs. During the battle, there will be people singing folk songs in the mountains to fool around.”

“Wait. Does this army have any females?” The chief commander felt that something was not right.

“No, it was two uncles singing to each other…” When the commander recalled this, they felt goosebumps forming.

The chief commander calmly sat on his chair. He furrowed his eyebrows and pondered. “This army is slightly strange… okay. The two of you will retire. The West Region agrees that your compensation will be cut by 30%. If you are dissatisfied, bring it to the Lord of Heaven.”

The two Rank One commanders served Duanmu Huangqi, the West Lord of Heaven. When they led armies, they had to open up new territory. But at the same time, the Lord of Heaven would promise them rewards and compensation.

But the two of them did not say anything. After all, they had lost the first battle. There would be no benefits even if they discussed with the Lord of Heaven. On the contrary, the Lord of Heaven might think that they were useless.

The two commanders said, “Our leader is fair when he handles matters. The two of us have no objections. If there is nothing else, we will take our leave.”

“Go.” The chief commander watched them as they left. Then, he sat in the dark tent and pondered about how they would deal with the army hiding in the mountains.

He had over a hundred years of experience commanding the Black Feather Army for the West Lord of Heaven. But this was his first time seeing such a strange army!

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