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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 934: I am a Scout

Chapter 934: I am a Scout

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It was not a secret that the Black Feather Army had returned from the mountains. But the large aristocrat families only obtained vague information. Furthermore, it was not from the Black Feather Army.

There were many spies from the Black Feather Army that were hiding in Wei Bei Pass, as they had planned this for a long time. Furthermore, the large aristocrat families wanted to share the gains, but only came up with ideas at the last minute. Thus, they were slightly weak in terms of information preparation.

When the news that the Black Feather Army had returned after a defeat reached the ears of the aristocrats, they only knew that there seemed to be an unknown army in the mountains who had killed 11000 Black Feather Army soldiers…

When they received this information, the aristocrat families thought that they were dreaming… a leftover army that had been hiding in the mountains was able to kill 11000 Black Feather Army soldiers?

Since you were so impressive, what were you doing? How could you be defeated by a leftover army?!

Thus, the large aristocrat families did not think that this information was reliable. They even suspected that the Black Feather Army had intentionally laid out a trap for them.

But the Long Meng Army was not completely dead. Like the Qing Sai Army, their leader had brought his subordinates and secretly left, avoiding death. More interestingly, no matter whether it was the Red Flame Army or the Long Meng Army, when their defenses was cracked, they did not have the mindset that they would either survive or perish with the fort. Instead, they chose to run away.

At that moment, the Long Meng Army, who only had about 4000 soldiers left, escaped to a city over 300 kilometers away after their struggle at Wei Bei Pass. They wildly pleaded for help from the aristocrats. Although they had lost the Pass, they were willing to cooperate and take it back!

The respective aristocrat families interacted with the Long Meng Army. Now, everyone wanted to steal work. It would be better as long as they were able to pull in the Long Meng Army.

Thus, at this moment, an aristocrat sent people to ask the Long Meng Army with this information. They wanted to see whether the information was reliable. Did you know who the army in the mountains is?

When the leader of the Long Meng Army received this piece of information, he was dumbfounded. An army in the mountains? That is the new army formed by the Wei Wu Army and the Qing Sai Army, right?

At first, when the Long Meng Army received the information that Lu Shu was the commander, they did not have much hope. They had also received information that the Black Feather Army had sent four units into the mountains. Thus, they had been careful.

But before they could encounter the four Black Feather Army units, the Long Meng Army was utterly defeated…

But now, it seemed that it was not because the Black Feather Army was too slow. It was because the Black Feather Army might have already died in the mountains!

What was this? Since the Wei Wu Army and the Qing Sai Army were so ferocious, what were you doing?

No one in the North Region knew how the Black Feather Army had been defeated. No one knew how strong the Wei Wu Army currently was either. But from this information, they were so ferocious that it was unclear…

No one knew why the Wei Wu Army and the Qing Sai Army was suddenly so ferocious.

When the commander of the Long Meng Army passed this information back to the aristocrats, they were dumbfounded. They had heard of the Wei Wu Army before. It was the army that was made up of roamers!

But the Wei Wu Army was the joke of the North Region, right? Why did they suddenly launch a counterattack?

But the aristocrats did not care about this. They cared about whether they would be able to use the Wei Wu Army! If the Wei Wu Army had indeed mysteriously become stronger, this meant that whoever was able to obtain the Wei Wu Army would get the largest slice of the cake!

Wen Zaifou, the Lord of Heaven, rarely asked about what was happening on the ground. But all along, he encouraged and rewarded the brave. Since the Wei Wu Army had defeated over 10 thousand Black Feather Army soldiers, the Lord of Heaven would definitely reward them handsomely when he heard about this.

Thus, that night, some aristocrats sent their slaves into the mountains. They walked around King Lu Mountain to find the Wei Wu Army.

On one hand, they wanted to see what the Wei Wu Army was like. On the other hand, it was a race among them. They wanted to see who would be the first to obtain the Wei Wu Army.

The Black Feather Army was stationed at Wei Bei Pass and Li Yang Pass. They were set on cleaning up internal matters and maintaining the security of this area. However, the Li Yang Pass side had decided to continue traveling east, while the Wei Bei Pass side felt somewhat unhappy.

They could not continue to travel north. It was clear that there was a strong army in the mountains. How in the world would they be able to advance north?

The slaves of the North Region aristocrats ran in the mountains in order to fulfill their owners’ goal of obtaining the Wei Wu Army. But what made them annoyed was that they did not know the Wei Wu Army’s exact position. They could only slowly find them.

Half a month passed and the slaves finally saw the barracks on King Lu Mountain.

But when they approached King Lu Mountain, they were stopped. Liu Yizhao and Li Heitan were patrolling the area.

The slaves saw the young man smiling and chatting. They even had the arrogance of an aristocrat on their faces, as to an army like the Wei Wu Army, the aristocrats occupied a place high in the clouds. On the other hand, no matter how strong the Wei Wu Army was, they were still at a level where they played with mud. “We are here to find the commander of the Wei Wu Army, and give him riches and honor.”

Li Heitan looked at them. He was unhappy. “Why does our Great Lord commander need riches and honor from you? Who are you guys?”

The slaves instantly grew upset. “Who are you? Can you replace your commander?”

Liu Yizhao smiled. “I am a scout. You know what a scout is, right? I’m in charge of…”

“I know what a scout is.” One of the slaves laughed coldly. “Why don’t you report to your commander? If he knows that we are here, he will be very happy.”

“I’m sorry.” Liu Yizhao shook his head. “You have to learn how to speak with my Great Lord before I can lead you there.”

The slaves all laughed. This was their first time seeing such an arrogant scout. Although armies fought battles, in this world, the aristocrats were like gods!

One of the slaves laughed hideously. “Then let us teach you how to speak!”

To the slaves, they were all Rank Twos. How could they stand being disciplined by a small scout?

As they spoke, they surrounded Liu Yizhao and Li Heitan. Although they were not particularly strong, disciplining a small scout would not cost much.

After ten minutes, Liu Yizhao smiled as he saw the seven slaves on the ground. “Do you know how to speak with my Great Lord now?”

“Yes, yes…”

“From Zhang Zhiwen’s distress, +999…”


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