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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 935: Reach a Consensus

Chapter 935: Reach a Consensus

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The seven slaves, who were lying on the ground, suddenly felt as if their knowledge of the world had been renewed. They had been sent by high ranking aristocrats to this broken Wei Wu Army. They were Rank Two experts, while their enemy was just a scout. But they were almost killed.

Were you crazy? He was a scout? Have you ever seen a scout like him?

Who would make a Rank One expert a scout?! Were you serious?

But the slaves had another question. Since when did the Wei Wu Army have a Rank One expert? Was this still the Wei Wu Army they knew?

In reality, after the Wei Wu Army had defeated the Black Feather Army, Zhang Weiyu analyzed that the aristocrats in the North Region were planning something, but had not moved. In particular, they wanted to share Nangeng City, Guang Liao City, Yun An City, Wei Bei Pass, and Li Yang Pass.

But with such great gains, the aristocrats could not do much. The Lord of Heaven would still make the final decision.

Thus, if the aristocrats knew that the Wei Wu Army was in the mountains, and that they had defeated the Black Feather Army, they would definitely send people here to win them over. Liu Yizhao and Li Heitan had been waiting for these slaves to come.

But they had been waiting here for a week. They did not think that the aristocrats had a lack of information and did not know where the Wei Wu Army was.

Zhang Weiyu, Lu Shu and the rest had planned for this. Now, the Wei Wu Army was a rare commodity worth hoarding. The fact that 5000 people could kill 10 thousand soldiers was a great achievement. If Lu Shu received compensation, the Wei Wu Army would definitely have a share.

Thus, the Wei Wu Army should occupy the main position and wait for the highest bid.

If it were an ordinary army, they would do their best to build relations with the aristocrats. But the Wei Wu Army was different. The Wei Wu Army was far too ferocious. They would have enough to eat anywhere they went.

Thus, people could try to pull them in, but they would not quickly agree!

But Zhang Weiyu had discussed with Lu Shu. Now, the aristocrats had too much power. If possible, they should do their best not to offend them.

Lu Shu nodded his head. “Relax. I know the limits.”

Then, Lu Shu relayed these instructions to Liu Yizhao and Li Heitan.

At that moment, the loyal Liu Yizhao and Li Heitan stood in front of the slaves and talked to each other. “Do you think that they will swear at our Great Lord if they go and meet him now?”

Liu Yizhao shook his head. “I don’t think so. But even if someone offends the Great Lord, all we have to do is kill them.”

The slaves were scared. They could not take that conversation lightly. They had a feeling that there was something wrong with the Wei Wu Army. When they said that they would kill someone, they would actually do it!

After they got up, the originally arrogant slaves meekly followed behind Liu Yizhao and Li Heitan. Li Heitan felt that these slaves were very troublesome. They had to deal with them before they could talk properly.

But Li Heitan greatly admired Liu Yizhao. “When will I become as strong as you? I feel that the path to Rank Two is still long.”

Liu Yizhao laughed. “It’ll be very quick. Rank One is not difficult to achieve.”

When the slaves heard this, they pouted. How could you talk about achieving Rank One just like that? Liu Yizhao glanced at them from the corner of his eye. The slaves returned to their meek selves…

They could not provoke him!

When they reached King Lu Mountain, the slaves felt that there was something wrong. The barracks and fields were neatly arranged. They had visited military camps before. Even if they traveled throughout the entire North Region, they would not be able to find a military camp that was as clean as this.

Furthermore, they were in the mountains. They wanted to know how long the Wei Wu Army had been here. The crops were not fully grown yet.

They were able to clean up this place in such a short period of time.

Furthermore, there were many people learning how to read in the parade square! The slaves looked at one another helplessly. Since the Wei Wu Army was so strong now, there should be people training their swordplay all around. But here, they were all learning how to read…

This was not right!

Wait. The slaves suddenly saw a large flag in front of the parade square. The flag had the words “Escape Poverty and Make a Fortune”…

First, it was the Rank One scout. Then, it was the neat barracks. After that, it was the soldiers who were learning how to read. Finally, it was the flag that said “Escape Poverty and Make a Fortune”.

To the slaves, the Wei Wu Army was strange in all aspects…

At that moment, Lu Shu arrived. “You all have come a long way. Excuse me for not going out to meet you. Were Liu Yizhao and Li Heitan inconsiderate in their treatment?”

The slaves widened their eyes. You could see our badly battered appearances, right? Who were you putting on an act for? Although they thought so, they said, “No, no, their treatment was very good…”

Li Heitan, who was beside them, had already raised his sword…

Lu Shu invited them to the discussion hall in the King Lu Mountain. After everyone sat down, Lu Shu smiled kindly. “What have you come here for?”

One of the slaves fought to speak first. “My aristocrat had heard that the Wei Wu Army made outstanding contributions behind Wei Bei Pass. We all know what the Wei Wu Army was like in the past. It must have been difficult to transform it into the current state. Thus, my owner recognizes your worth and wants to build relations with you.”

Lu Shu laughed cheerily. “Speak in human language.”

The slave said, “If you serve my owner, once the war is over, you will become the head of Wei Bei Pass.”

“Is that all?’ Lu Shu asked curiously.

The slave nodded his head. “What do you think, commander?”

Lu Shu suddenly said, “You have found the wrong place. We are not the Wei Wu Army. This is the Azure Dragon Village. Haven’t you seen the flag outside? That is the symbol of the Azure Dragon Village.”

Lu Shu winked at Zhang Weiyu. See, we are the Azure Dragon Village! Even if we offend them, we are still the Azure Dragon Village. The Wei Wu Army had not offended them.

Zhang Weiyu looked at Lu Shu, then looked at the badly battered slaves. Are you sure that there was nothing wrong with this? He had given up…

“From Zhang Weiyu’s distress, +666!”

To be honest, Lu Shu did not think much of the position as head of Wei Wu Army. But when the slaves recalled what their owners had told them before they left, they said, “You should know that although you have become the commander of the Wei Wu Army, it has not been officially recorded by the palace. There will be many variables!”

Rationally, there would not be such a mishap in the appointment of leaders. But if someone created trouble for them, it would lead to an unexpected situation.

Lu Shu sighed. Was this a threat to him? He got up and walked out of the discussion hall. “Liu Yizhao, discuss this with them. Try to fight for a common consensus.”

Liu Yizhao said, “Roger.”

The expressions of the slaves changed. There was something wrong with your choice of words!

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