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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel) - Chapter 936: Lu Shu’s Plan

Chapter 936: Lu Shu’s Plan

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Zhang Weiyu and Lu Shu stood beside each other in front of the door of the discussion hall. They could hear the wails from inside. Zhang Weiyu said with a tinge of worry, “You are playing with fire. Great Lord, you underestimate the power of the aristocrats.”

“They are only one group of aristocrats. If the other families come and talk to us, the trouble of the Wei Wu Army is naturally something that they have to resolve. I am worried about this,” said Lu Shu.

“What if you cannot reach an agreement with the aristocrats?” Zhang Weiyu furrowed his eyebrows. “These aristocrats are very greedy. To them, they are high in position. How can a small leader of the Wei Wu Army like you talk to them? Thus, I think that the conditions that they offer us will be almost the same. Furthermore, you cannot possibly accept these conditions. What will you do then?”

Lu Shu laughed buoyantly. “How long do you think this war will last for?”

Zhang Weiyu thought about it and said, “From the ambition of the Black Feather Army, it is unlikely to end in one year.”

“The Sword Hut selection will start in half a year. Do you think that these aristocrats will dare to provoke a disciple of the Sword Hut?”

Zhang Weiyu was dumbfounded. He did not expect Lu Shu to already include this in his plan. “The Sword Hut is extraordinary. Disciples of the Sword Hut will be under the command of the Lord of Heaven. The Lord of Heaven will also treat them with due respect. The aristocrats would not dare to provoke them.”

“Thus, before this war ends, the Black Feather Army could not defeat us. Then what can those aristocrats do?” Lu Shu smiled. “As long as the war does not end, no one will dare to move the Wei Wu Army. After the war ends, I might be a disciple of the Sword Hut. Then, who will dare to cause trouble for the Wei Wu Army?”

“So you already had this idea. No wonder you dared to bring the Wei Wu Army out here and provoke the aristocrats.” Zhang Weiyu sighed. “I haven’t thought as far as you have. Allow me to ask you a serious question. Since when did you come up with this idea?”

Lu Shu calmly said, “Just now.”

“As expected, I can’t think much of your planning activities.”

After he finished speaking, Zhang Weiyu turned and looked at the discussion hall. When he verified that Liu Yizhao and Li Heitan did not hear his conversation with Lu Shu, he could finally relax.

But he agreed with Lu Shu’s plan. If Lu Shu could become a disciple of the Sword Hut, then the problems facing the Wei Wu Army would no longer be problems.

But Zhang Weiyu was puzzled. “But all the geniuses in this world will gather at the palace. Are you sure that you will be selected? Furthermore, no one knows what the second round of selection is like. How are you sure that you will be able to pass?”

Lu Shu thought about it and said, “Have you ever thought of this? Although I don’t know what the second round of selection is like, the Sword Hut only selects four people every year, right?”

“That’s right,” said Zhang Weiyu.

“If I cannot pass the second round, have you thought about this? If only four people are left to be selected, everyone would be able to pass, right?” Lu Shu asked.

“Hold on. I know you are very strong now and have high combat power. But 16 people will go to the second round. You wouldn’t even be able to touch them in the arena,” explained Zhang Weiyu.

Lu Shu was silent for two seconds. “Are you stopping me from defeating them in private?”

“… no.”

“From Zhang Weiyu’s distress, +666!”

Lu Shu sighed with emotion. Zhang Weiyu was so generous. He produced plenty of distress points for Lu Shu everyday. When he returned to Earth, he would definitely give Zhang Weiyu some refresher fruits to eat. Although he did not know whether the fruits would be of any use to Zhang Weiyu, it was good enough to rid him of his current physique.

On the other hand, Zhang Weiyu suddenly felt that the moment Lu Shu stepped into the palace would be a very interesting story. He did not know what would happen, but mysteriously, he was looking forward to it…

But it was the Sword Hut. All the geniuses that Lu Shu would encounter would be the elites of each army. The aristocrats would also pay for their talented descendants to enter. They would all be experts that had been produced by a wealth of resources.

Zhang Weiyu wanted to know what would happen when Lu Shu encountered them…

The discussion hall had quietened down. Lu Shu walked in and heard the slaves beg, “Spare us, Great Lord! We have no autonomy over this! We have to return to our masters and report this before we can offer you new conditions. We were not threatening you. Please do not misunderstand!”

Lu Shu waved his hand. “Fine. Go back and tell your aristocrats that since the Wei Wu Army has been discarded, it is too early to share that piece of territory. If they want to work with the Wei Wu Army, I will have to see whether they are worthy. If they are not even able to defeat the Black Feather Army, don’t even think about pulling in the Wei Wu Army.”

Lu Shu’s words were arrogant. He seemed to look down on the Black Feather Army…

The slaves did not dare to say anything. The Black Feather Army had many elites, but they were viewed with disdain by the broken Wei Wu Army.

Lu Shu met messengers from seven aristocrats over seven consecutive days. But no one was able to offer Lu Shu conditions that were attractive enough for him.

Lu Shu was not in a rush to escape and seek refuge with anyone. He just wanted to go back. On the other hand, there would not be any large movements from the Black Feather Army for a while. After all, if they continued to send people over, would they still be able to defend Wei Bei Pass? The aristocrats in the North Region were still eyeing Wei Bei Pass.

After the slaves returned, the aristocrats saw their badly battered appearances and their expressions darkened. “The small leader of the Wei Wu Army thinks that he is secure with a strong backing, huh? What gives him the right?”

The slaves did their best to incite their owners. “Master, why don’t we attack Black Feather Army. If the Wei Wu Army was able to defeat the Black Feather Army with so few people, the Black Feather Army will not be as ferocious as we had thought. Once we have defeated the Black Feather Army, we will deal with the Wei Wu Army. We can even send troops to surround and kill them. We will wipe them out in front of the Lord of Heaven!”

The aristocrat glanced at the slave who had spoken. “Go away, you useless thing. Do you think fighting is as easy as you say? I know how strong the Black Feather Army. It is not that they are too weak. Now that the Wei Wu Army has a strong leader, they have become very powerful.”

The aristocrats were not dumb. They would not be fooled by their slaves either. They knew that if the Black Feather Army was weak, they would not be able to take Wei Bei Pass and Li Yang Pass.

But the Wei Wu Army was far too strong!

For a period of time, the news of the Wei Wu Army’s transformation, as well as how they defeated the Black Feather Army with their small size slowly started to spread.

In less than a month, even the aristocrats in the palace started to talk about this after their meals. These kinds of stories, where the weak became strong, would always be the topic of conversations.

Thus… the Wei Wu Army grew famous!

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