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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel)


This is the story of an orphan, Lu Shu. He is not any regular orphan, but a metahuman experiencing the changes in himself, his country and the world during the dawn of the magical era. Watch as Lu Shu embarks on a journey to hone his peculiar abilities together with his sister, the adorable and charismatic Lu Xiaoyu. Along the way, they’ll encounter supernatural events, obstacles and even the most powerful people in their country. How will Lu Shu make the best of his abilities and oust his never-ending list of rivals and opponents?

724 • 2019-03-27 17:09:23


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 855: Clean the Gate2020-01-18
Chapter 854: Strange Method2020-01-18
Chapter 853: Creator of Dreams2020-01-18
Chapter 852: Again?2020-01-18
Chapter 851: Combine with the Tree2020-01-18
Chapter 850: Second Brother2020-01-16
Chapter 849: Little Shu’s Ability to Alter the Atmosphere2020-01-16
Chapter 848: Captured a Class A2020-01-15
Chapter 847: The Truth About the Past2020-01-15
Chapter 846: The Start of a Great War2020-01-14
Chapter 845: The 11th Heavenly King2020-01-14
Chapter 844: Invaders Are to Die No Matter How Far They Fled2020-01-13
Chapter 843: Let’s Go Up2020-01-13
Chapter 842: Kill Them!2020-01-12
Chapter 841: Natural Disaster Sand Shower Tripitaka!2020-01-12
Chapter 840: Image Macros in the War2020-01-11
Chapter 839: The 18-Year Dispute2020-01-11
Chapter 838: Uproar in the Sea2020-01-10
Chapter 837: Awakened Chaos2020-01-10
Chapter 836: An Unexpected Success2020-01-09
Chapter 835: The Darkness Kingdom2020-01-09
Chapter 834: A Meeting in the Dark2020-01-08
Chapter 833: A New Trump Card2020-01-08
Chapter 832: Cut the Ground from under One’s Foot2020-01-07
Chapter 831: Change of Plan2020-01-07
Chapter 830: A Perfect Conclusion2020-01-06
Chapter 829: Wrong Thought Process2020-01-06
Chapter 828: Maximum Skill Points for Hiding and Infiltration2020-01-05
Chapter 827: Strange Combination of Circumstances2020-01-05
Chapter 826: Department of Faith Theory2020-01-04
Chapter 825: An Accident2020-01-04
Chapter 824: Roping In and Rejection2020-01-04
Chapter 823: Don’t Even Think of Touching Her2020-01-04
Chapter 822: Lu Xiaoyu with Her Rich Expressions2020-01-04
Chapter 821: Goodbye2020-01-04
Chapter 820: Magic Show2020-01-04
Chapter 819: Hell on Earth2020-01-04
Chapter 818: Unexpected Disaster2020-01-04
Chapter 817: The New Owner of the Xin Ting Sword2020-01-04
Chapter 816: I Will Wait For You To Make A Triumphant Return2020-01-04
Chapter 815: All Those Who Enter Our Borders Will Die2020-01-04
Chapter 814: With Great Ease2020-01-03
Chapter 813: The Chase2020-01-03
Chapter 812: What Did He Say?2020-01-02
Chapter 811: Hunting Time2020-01-02
Chapter 810: Chen Zuan’s Intuition2020-01-01
Chapter 809: Dirty Thing2020-01-01
Chapter 808: The Hunt (Part 5)2019-12-31
Chapter 807: The Hunt (Part 4)2019-12-30
Chapter 806: The Hunt (Part 3)2019-12-29
Chapter 805: The Hunt (Part 2)2019-12-28
Chapter 804: The Hunt (Part 1)2019-12-26
Chapter 803: The Real War Has Begun2019-12-26
Chapter 802: Walnut Tree2019-12-26
Chapter 801: The Ninth Heavenly King2019-12-25
Chapter 800: A Buried Past2019-12-25
Chapter 799: Lu Shu’s Decision2019-12-25
Chapter 798: Ruthless Official You Mingyu2019-12-24
Chapter 797: Chief Manager of Yuzhou2019-12-23
Chapter 796: Chop the Table2019-12-21
Chapter 795: The Darkest Hour2019-12-21
Chapter 794: King Meets King2019-12-20
Chapter 793: Escape Poverty and Make a Fortune2019-12-19
Chapter 792: Opening Ceremony2019-12-19
Chapter 791: The Man-killing Sword Formation2019-12-18
Chapter 790: Chess Player and Chess Pieces2019-12-18
Chapter 789: A Game of Chess2019-12-17
Chapter 788: Feng Yeming Who Had Materialized the World2019-12-17
Chapter 787: The Storm Is Coming2019-12-16
Chapter 786: Are You Cheating?!2019-12-15
Chapter 785: Lu Shu’s Script2019-12-14
Chapter 784: Feng Yeming the Gamer Boy2019-12-13
Chapter 783: The Incantations Type2019-12-13
Chapter 782: Mutated Plants2019-12-13
Chapter 781: A Farce2019-12-13
Chapter 780: Luo Shen List2019-12-12
Chapter 779: Global Crisis2019-12-12
Chapter 778: Sorry To Disturb You, I Will Take My Leave2019-12-11
Chapter 777: Great Battle2019-12-11
Chapter 776: A Red String2019-12-10
Chapter 775: Lu Xiaoyu, Who Did Not Bargain2019-12-10
Chapter 774: Was It Exciting?2019-12-09
Chapter 773: Lural2019-12-08
Chapter 772: The Person Who Can Restrain Lu Shu2019-12-07
Chapter 771: The Competition Has Been Canceled!2019-12-06
Chapter 770: Cultivation College Forum2019-12-06
Chapter 769: Father Lu Shu2019-12-06
Chapter 768: The Seven Major Colleges2019-12-06
Chapter 767: The Meaning of Classes2019-12-05
Chapter 766: Shen Cang Jing2019-12-05
Chapter 765: The Rainy Night 17 Years Ago2019-12-04
Chapter 764: Sever the Divine Punishment2019-12-04
Chapter 763: Another Divine Punishment2019-12-03
Chapter 762: The Swordplay Society2019-12-03
Chapter 761: When Is This Going to End?!2019-12-02
Chapter 760: Vengeful Lu Shu2019-12-01
Chapter 759: Lu Shu Moved the Mountains2019-11-29
Chapter 758: The God of Luo City2019-11-29
Chapter 757: The Story Back Then2019-11-28
Chapter 756: A Huge Disaster!2019-11-28


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