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Spare Me, Great Lord! (Web Novel)


This is the story of an orphan, Lu Shu. He is not any regular orphan, but a metahuman experiencing the changes in himself, his country and the world during the dawn of the magical era. Watch as Lu Shu embarks on a journey to hone his peculiar abilities together with his sister, the adorable and charismatic Lu Xiaoyu. Along the way, they’ll encounter supernatural events, obstacles and even the most powerful people in their country. How will Lu Shu make the best of his abilities and oust his never-ending list of rivals and opponents?

350 • 2019-03-27 17:09:23


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 560: Please Pardon Me2019-08-20
Chapter 559: Deal2019-08-20
Chapter 558: Begin the Negotiations2019-08-19
Chapter 557: The Script is Wrong2019-08-18
Chapter 556: Upset Stomach2019-08-16
Chapter 555: Gathering at Luo City2019-08-16
Chapter 554: No Worthy Opponent2019-08-15
Chapter 553: Lu Xiaoyu the Hero2019-08-14
Chapter 552: Lu Xiaoyu Convincing The Public2019-08-14
Chapter 551: Changbai Mountains2019-08-14
Chapter 550: Finding a Secret Master2019-08-13
Chapter 549: Work Together to Control the Black Market2019-08-12
Chapter 548: Shared Experience of Life and Death2019-08-12
Chapter 547: A Hopeless Relationship2019-08-11
Chapter 546: A Typical Movie Scene2019-08-10
Chapter 545: The Real Iron Plate2019-08-10
Chapter 544: Family Schemes2019-08-10
Chapter 543: The Lord2019-08-10
Chapter 542: The Search for a Black Market2019-08-08
Chapter 541: Lu Xiaoyu, Wreaking Havoc in the Heavenly Palace2019-08-08
Chapter 540: Lu Shu’s Distress Points2019-08-08
Chapter 539: That’s Unfair!2019-08-07
Chapter 538: Abyss Fruit2019-08-07
Chapter 537: Ghosts2019-08-06
Chapter 536: Lu Shu’s withdrawal from his plan2019-08-05
Chapter 535: Karma2019-08-04
Chapter 534: The Fundamental Law of Dreams2019-08-03
Chapter 533: Business Has To Be Flexible2019-08-02
Chapter 532: Little Fury, the Member of the Security Team2019-08-02
Chapter 531: Lu Xiaoyu Senpai2019-08-02
Chapter 530: Reunion With Liu Li!2019-08-02
Chapter 529: A Single Spark Can Start A Prairie Fire2019-08-02
Chapter 528: The Chinese Chives Seller, Lu Xiaoyu2019-08-01
Chapter 527: Antidote2019-08-01
Chapter 526: The Loner2019-07-31
Chapter 525: The New Heavenly King2019-07-30
Chapter 524: The Journey Has Been Well Worthwhile2019-07-30
Chapter 523: Bringing Lu Shu Home2019-07-29
Chapter 522: Bringing Liu Xiu Home2019-07-28
Chapter 521: Lu Shu’s Autobiography2019-07-27
Chapter 520: Sword Spirit!2019-07-26
Chapter 519: Open, the Sea of Chi!2019-07-26
Chapter 518: No Regrets Being Chinese2019-07-25
Chapter 517: Check From Across The Sea2019-07-25
Chapter 516: Kuriyama Takes the Blame2019-07-24
Chapter 515: Coral Odin Johnson2019-07-23
Chapter 514: The Collection of Gods on Full Alert2019-07-23
Chapter 513: Lu Shu The Iron Fist2019-07-22
Chapter 512: Shrouded in Darkness, but Headed towards Hope2019-07-22
Chapter 511: Robber and Murderer, Lu Xiaoshu2019-07-21
Chapter 510: The Loyal Kawayoshi2019-07-20
Chapter 509: Lu Shu, The Man of Justice2019-07-20
Chapter 508: Conspiracy and Decoy2019-07-18
Chapter 507: Disguised Rejection2019-07-18
Chapter 506: The Collection of Gods’ Hierarchy2019-07-17
Chapter 505: Four Trucks of Goods!2019-07-16
Chapter 504: Lu Shu, the Boy with the Least Observational Skills in History2019-07-16
Chapter 503: An Indestructible Identity2019-07-16
Chapter 502: The Divergence-type Power Awakening2019-07-15
Chapter 501: Class SSS2019-07-14
Chapter 500: A New Identity2019-07-13
Chapter 499: Nie Ting’s Intention2019-07-12
Chapter 498: The Wrath of the Collection of Gods2019-07-11
Chapter 497: Are You Going To Kill Me?2019-07-10
Chapter 496: Kitamura Hirono’s Twin Brother2019-07-10
Chapter 495: Misunderstandings2019-07-10
Chapter 494: What is Happening?!2019-07-09
Chapter 493: Brave Man2019-07-08
Chapter 492: Lu Shu’s Class B Ambitions2019-07-08
Chapter 491: I Can’t Take It Anymore2019-07-07
Chapter 490: Forgot My Keys2019-07-06
Chapter 489: Identity Exposed2019-07-05
Chapter 488: Sakura Kimono2019-07-04
Chapter 487: Sakurai Yaeko’s Confusion2019-07-03
Chapter 486: Mutual Guard2019-07-03
Chapter 485: A Race Between The Experts2019-07-02
Chapter 484: Sakurai Yaeko’s Swordplay Teacher2019-07-02
Chapter 483: Precise Machinery2019-07-01
Chapter 482: A Murderous Night2019-07-01
Chapter 481: Kirihara’s Past Glory2019-06-30
Chapter 480: Taniguchi Bunndai’s Backup Plan2019-06-29
Chapter 479: The Opening of Dojo Training Sessions2019-06-28
Chapter 478: Five Stones in One Line2019-06-27
Chapter 477: The Chess And The Game2019-06-27
Chapter 476: Murky Transactions2019-06-26
Chapter 475: Invitation And Rejection2019-06-25
Chapter 474: Sakurai Yaeko2019-06-25
Chapter 473: Inconsistent Character2019-06-25
Chapter 472: The Conservatives And The Jingoists2019-06-23
Chapter 471: Poor Kid2019-06-22
Chapter 470: What Inheritance?2019-06-21
Chapter 469: Huge Sums of Inheritance2019-06-21
Chapter 468: The Return of Gods2019-06-20
Chapter 467: Coral’s Tears2019-06-20
Chapter 466: Lu Shu’s Death2019-06-19
Chapter 465: You Mingyu2019-06-19
Chapter 464: Life Is But A Show2019-06-18
Chapter 463: They’re All Tricks!2019-06-17
Chapter 462: A National Hero2019-06-16
Chapter 461: Lu Xiaoyu The Grade Skipper2019-06-16


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