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Spending My Retirement In A Game (Web Novel)









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Follow Benjamin Joyce, an elderly man with a passion for blacksmithing who spent his life travelling the world and learning new things. Now, after helping out the developers of the first ever real VRMMO game, he gets the chance to play said game earlier than the majority of other people.

Taking this chance to do what he loves now that his real body is slowly giving in to his old age and the profession he lives for is no longer as important as it used to be, he starts his journey to become this new world's greatest Craftsman!

377 • 2020-02-02 23:30:48


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 674: Learning New Things2020-09-02
Chapter 673: Cracking Knuckles2020-09-02
Chapter 672: Hinaja2020-09-02
Chapter 671: Everwood2020-09-02
Chapter 670: Bat of the Yin and Yang Dragons2020-08-29
Chapter 669: Dirmon2020-08-29
Chapter 668: Multitool Enhancement2020-08-28
Chapter 667: Scalpel2020-08-28
Chapter 666: Jephas2020-08-28
Chapter 665: Event of Importance2020-08-25
Chapter 664: Meeting Mystor2020-08-25
Chapter 663: Tower of Books2020-08-25
Chapter 662: Dawn of the Demon2020-08-25
Chapter 661: Execution2020-08-25
Chapter 660: Trapped2020-08-25
Chapter 659: Imprisoned2020-08-24
Chapter 658: Death of the Craftsman2020-08-24
Chapter 657: Escape2020-08-24
Chapter 656: Real2020-08-19
Chapter 655: Spreading through the void2020-08-19
Chapter 654: Pocket Craftsman2020-08-19
Chapter 653: Three-Layer Leather Armor2020-08-19
Chapter 652: Halfway there2020-08-19
Chapter 651: Full Force2020-08-19
Chapter 650: The Giant versus the Champion2020-08-09
Chapter 649: Another Champion2020-08-09
Chapter 648: Addicted2020-08-07
Chapter 647: Changes2020-08-07
Chapter 646: Molten Away2020-08-05
Chapter 645: Transcendent Cecaelia2020-08-05
Chapter 644: Dwelling on Memories2020-08-05
Chapter 643: Cleaved in half, ripped into pieces2020-08-05
Chapter 642: The Fun of Combat2020-08-01
Chapter 641: Alternatively, just fight2020-08-01
Chapter 640: Special sort of armor2020-07-30
Chapter 639: Deeper Memories2020-07-29
Chapter 638: Pendant2020-07-29
Chapter 637: Thankful for you2020-07-29
Chapter 636: Tears2020-07-26
Chapter 635: Gran2020-07-25
Chapter 634: The Heroic Soul2020-07-24
Chapter 633: Lesser Golem2020-07-23
Chapter 632: Greatsword of Half-Crescents2020-07-22
Chapter 631: Evil in Heaven2020-07-21
Chapter 630: Heavenly Assassin’s Black Dual Daggers2020-07-20
Chapter 629: Pure-Mana Mythril2020-07-19
Chapter 628: Gonor's Quest2020-07-18
Chapter 627: Gonor's Realm2020-07-17
Chapter 626: Bedtime Story2020-07-16
Chapter 625: Trygan2020-07-15
Chapter 624: The Children's Story2020-07-14
Chapter 623: Trygan's Acknowledgement2020-07-13
Chapter 622: Kotam2020-07-12
Chapter 621: The Dragon of Life's Children2020-07-11
Chapter 620: For your blood2020-07-10
Chapter 619: Dragon of Life2020-07-09
Chapter 618: Memento2020-07-08
Chapter 617: Heavenly Dragons' Dance2020-07-07
Chapter 616: Kind Soul2020-07-06
Chapter 615: Realm of the Dragon King2020-07-05
Chapter 614: The Guard of Heaven2020-07-04
Chapter 613: The Gates of Heaven and Hell2020-07-03
Chapter 612: Ring of the Warbringer2020-07-03
Chapter 611: Abrupt End2020-07-01
Chapter 610: Chaos and Order2020-06-30
Chapter 609: Full Control2020-06-29
Chapter 608: The Armor2020-06-29
Chapter 607: Incarnation of War2020-06-27
Chapter 606: Pattern Analysis2020-06-26
Chapter 605: Island of War2020-06-25
Chapter 604: Preparing for War2020-06-25
Chapter 603: The Blade that holds more Blades2020-06-25
Chapter 602: Justifiably Upset2020-06-23
Chapter 601: Bai2020-06-21
Chapter 600: Life Giver2020-06-20
Chapter 599: Contract across worlds2020-06-19
Chapter 598: An Important Call2020-06-19
Chapter 597: Service Dog2020-06-17
Chapter 596: 100 Memories2020-06-16
Chapter 595: Brody, the brat2020-06-15
Chapter 594: Fight for the Memories2020-06-14
Chapter 593: Anything can be a weapon2020-06-13
Chapter 592: Haunted Ego-Item2020-06-12
Chapter 591: Living Ego-Item2020-06-12
Chapter 590: Haunted Items2020-06-12
Chapter 589: Anger2020-06-12
Chapter 588 Letter Opener2020-06-14
Chapter 587: Cinnamon Roles2020-06-12
Chapter 586: Sewn Shut2020-06-12
Chapter 585: More of a Warrior2020-06-12
Chapter 584 Elderly Dark Elf2020-06-04
Chapter 583 Village in a Hill2020-06-04
Chapter 582 Nidavel2020-06-04
Chapter 581 Hephaestus2020-06-04
Chapter 580 Solomon's Homunculus2020-06-04
Chapter 579 Thrown Away2020-06-04
Chapter 578 At a glance2020-05-30
Chapter 577 Inside the Ego-Castle2020-05-30
Chapter 576 Lamia2020-05-30
Chapter 575 Three Snakes2020-05-30
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