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Spending the Villain’s Money to Extend My Life (Web Novel) - Chapter 167 – But that’s so sweet of you~ (1)

Chapter 167 – But that’s so sweet of you~ (1)

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For most of the afternoon, while she was pacing outside of the studio, she saw Gu Shishi working nonstop and patiently teaching her classes.

She didn’t even seem to have the time for a sip of water.

In comparison, Li Yiru and her girlfriends seemed to have so much free time on hand all the time.

Gu Shishi surely didn’t have the time to stir up sh*t

Did that mean they were the ones who stirred up sh*t?

No, that couldn’t be!

Li Yiru’s eyes widened.

How was it that she’d allow Gu Shishi to change the direction of the conversation with just one sentence?

But Gu Shishi was surely different from the peasant girl that she had in mind.

She wasn’t even moved by the limited-edition merchandise. Even Gu Wushuang was envious of her limited edition of Hermes. But Gu Shishi didn’t even bat her eyes at them.

“Oh yeah, Miss Li, do you have tissue papers on you? Can you pass me one through the crack? Thanks.”

Li Yiru, “……”

Just what would Gu Shishi have done had she not followed her in?!

Irritated, Li Yiru handed over one to her.

“Oh, your tissue paper is scented and has rose prints on it?” Came Gu Shishi’s surprised sound.

Li Yiru smiled when she heard that.

Those were tissue papers with Gucci’s brand stamped in gold.

That was probably not something a peasant girl like Gu Shishi has ever seen before.

Not to mention using such fancy tissue paper in the bathroom.

Li Yiru felt complacent. She was able to find her sense of superiority again.

“Yikes, using these may cause issues on you. Is this the only ones that you have on you? Can you please pull one off from the next stall please? Thanks!”

The smile on Li Yiru froze.

After Gu Shishi had walked out and washed her hands, she was quite surprised when she saw Li Yiru there. “Huh? How come you are still here?”

Li Yiru, “I… am waiting for you, of course!”

Gu Shishi dried her hands.

“Didn’t I already turn you down?”

“Were you waiting to hand me more toilet paper? Oh, I wasn’t doing a No. 2. But that’s so sweet of you~”

Li Yiru felt that she was about to puke out blood.

Could this person be any cruder?

How could she just blurt out No. 2 like that?!

And how could she think of her like the servant in the bathroom who hands her toilet paper?

She felt a sense of stuffiness in her chest and she was speechless.

Gu Shishi, on the other hand, pulled out a tube of hand lotion from the pocket on her apron and carefully applied it on her hands.

The feel of the hands was very important to an artist.

The way it felt when holding a paintbrush and the smoothness of it all have to do with the maintenance of one’s hands.

Quickly, Li Yiru’s attention was attracted by Gu Shishi’s pair of pretty and delicate hands.

Gu Shishi didn’t have any nail polish on her, but her fingernails were a healthy pink color. Her skin was delicate and white, her fingers looked long and slender… and that lotion that she had just applied was squeezed from a small white custom tube. There was no label on the outside of it.

Li Yiru frowned immediately.

She looked at her own Hermes purse.

In there, she had tissue paper, cellphone, cellphone case, lotion, travel-size perfume… even the gums that she had with her were of luxurious brands.

Then why was it that she felt that Gu Shishi, who was standing in front of the mirror, had a feel of beauty that was missing on herself?

It was somewhat refreshing and made her stand out.

And, even using the nameless and brandless hand lotion, Gu Shishi’s hands were prettier than her own.

Li Yiru’s look was complicated.

Gu Shishi had already walked out of the bathroom when she was stupefied.

“Wait!” Li Yiru quickly ran after her.

“Something else?” Gu Shishi stopped in her tracks and asked dubiously.

“Did you want to ask about the tissue paper? Oh, you shouldn’t use perfume there. The methanol inside of it could irritate your sensitive skin in that location, and it could cause infection.”

“Nobody was asking you that!”

Li Yiru was about to puke blood! Her face was beet red.

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