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Spirit Vessel (Web Novel)


A demon phoenix cultivator died in the hands of his beloved and was merged with a young master with the same name. Their souls were fused and now, the new Feng Fei Yun is struggling to become stronger and survive in the human world.

Will he meet his lover once again? Will they reconcile even though she is now a Goddess and he a mortal human? And what is the Spirit Vessel that took his soul to this world?

255 • 2019-05-10 14:52:18


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 678: That Devil Feng Feiyun2020-02-25
Chapter 677: Fated One2020-02-23
Chapter 676: Lu Yinyin2020-02-21
Chapter 675: Cultivating The Golden Silkworm Scripture2020-02-19
Chapter 674: Weakened Tiger2020-02-17
Chapter 673: The Young Heretical Lord’s First Appearance2020-02-15
Chapter 672: Monk Jiu Rou’s Fury2020-02-13
Chapter 671: Heaven-raising Rod’s Might2020-02-11
Chapter 670: Brutal Slaughter2020-02-10
Chapter 669: I Only Want To Kill2020-02-07
Chapter 668: Spirit Grass Transaction2020-02-05
Chapter 667: Golden Silkworm Scripture2020-02-03
Chapter 666: Shocking News2020-01-31
Chapter 665: Sixth-level Heaven’s Mandate2020-01-30
Chapter 664: Spring In The Ice Palace2020-01-28
Chapter 663: The Goddess’ Eyes Open2020-01-26
Chapter 662: Last Generation’s Goddess2020-01-24
Chapter 661: Frozen Beauty2020-01-22
Chapter 660: The Ender of Buddhism’s Golden Age2020-01-19
Chapter 659: Buddhist Artifact2020-01-18
Chapter 658: Luo Yu’er And Nalan Xuejian2020-01-15
Chapter 657: Ancient Inscription; Primeval Disaster2020-01-13
Chapter 656: Ancient Tribe in Endless Land2020-01-11
Chapter 655: Important Match2020-01-09
Chapter 654: Giant Slaying2020-01-07
Chapter 653: Physique Refinement And Dantian Cultivation2020-01-05
Chapter 652: Aura Of A Phoenix2020-01-03
Chapter 651: Heavy Casualties2020-01-01
Chapter 650: Out Of The Cage2019-12-30
Chapter 649: Ceremony2019-12-29
Chapter 648: Ancient Ceremonial Ground2019-12-26
Chapter 647: Giant Realm2019-12-24
Chapter 646: The Match Commences2019-12-22
Chapter 645: Heavenly Witchcraft Tree2019-12-20
Chapter 644: Goddess In Distress2019-12-18
Chapter 643: Death Approaches2019-12-16
Chapter 642: Earthstomper Marquis’ Mobilization2019-12-14
Chapter 641: First Tribe Lord2019-12-12
Chapter 640: The Sixth Tribe Lord Of Heaven Worship2019-12-10
Chapter 639: Witchcraft God City2019-12-08
Chapter 638: Beasts2019-12-07
Chapter 637: Wisdom Bone2019-12-04
Chapter 636: Ancient Jiang’s Situation2019-12-02
Chapter 635: Grand Servant2019-11-30
Chapter 634: Urgent Message2019-11-28
Chapter 633: Exposing Divine Consort Beiming2019-11-26
Chapter 632: Heretical King2019-11-24
Chapter 631: Yaoyao2019-11-22
Chapter 630: Playing “Beauty” With A Zither2019-11-20
Chapter 629: Fifth-level Heaven’s Mandate2019-11-18
Chapter 628: Violetcloud Spirit Vein2019-11-16
Chapter 627: Divine Consort Beiming2019-11-14
Chapter 626: Black-cloaked Woman2019-11-12
Chapter 625: Stone Coffin2019-11-10
Chapter 624: Violetcloud Spirit Vein2019-11-08
Chapter 623: The Meek Commander2019-11-06
Chapter 622: Divine Commander Guo2019-11-04
Chapter 621: First Trace Of A Demon2019-11-02
Chapter 620: Spirit Domain Inn2019-10-31
Chapter 619: Jiang Pass2019-10-29
Chapter 618: Bu Tian2019-10-27
Chapter 617: Return Of The Demon2019-10-25
Chapter 616: City Filled With Corpses2019-10-23
Chapter 615: Leaving Beastmaster Camp2019-10-21
Chapter 614: The Point Of Buddhism?2019-10-19
Chapter 613: Jadeite Buddhist Beads Suppressing Evil2019-10-17
Chapter 612: Buddhas' Convergence2019-10-15
Chapter 611: Formless2019-10-13
Chapter 610: Yellow-level Warping Formation2019-10-11
Chapter 609: Devil; Animal2019-10-09
Chapter 608: The Young Heretical Lord2019-10-07
Chapter 607: Party Of Fiends2019-10-05
Chapter 606: One Step To Hell2019-10-03
Chapter 605: Number One On The Upper List2019-10-01
Chapter 604: A Footprint2019-09-29
Chapter 603: Clues2019-09-27
Chapter 602: Using A Wolf To Deal With A Tiger2019-09-25
Chapter 601: Who Is That Man?2019-09-23
Chapter 600: Being Tricked Can Lead To Pregnancy?2019-09-21
Chapter 599: Nalan Xuejian And Monk Jiu Rou2019-09-19
Chapter 598: Pregnant Disciple2019-09-17
Chapter 597: Two Choices2019-09-15
Chapter 596: Consumed By The Devil2019-09-13
Chapter 595: The Ten Branches Of Beastmaster2019-09-11
Chapter 594: Tan Qingsu2019-09-09
Chapter 593: Beastmaster Camp2019-09-06
Chapter 592: Supreme Goddess2019-09-05
Chapter 591: The Demon’s Coming2019-09-03
Chapter 590: Bathing In Evil Blood For Demonization2019-09-01
Chapter 589: I Will Be A Devil2019-08-30
Chapter 588: At Least The Soul Should Be Left Behind?2019-08-28
Chapter 587: Incinerating Flame Grand Formation2019-08-26
Chapter 586: Plots and Schemes2019-08-24
Chapter 585: Imperial Seal2019-08-22
Chapter 584: Fires Of War2019-08-20
Chapter 583: Escaping The Imperial Palace2019-08-19
Chapter 582: The Consort’s Death2019-08-16
Chapter 581: Resting Quarter Of The Consort2019-08-14
Chapter 580: One Man Alone2019-08-12
Chapter 579: Palace Stained With Blood2019-08-10