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Spirit Vessel (Web Novel)


A demon phoenix cultivator died in the hands of his beloved and was merged with a young master with the same name. Their souls were fused and now, the new Feng Fei Yun is struggling to become stronger and survive in the human world.

Will he meet his lover once again? Will they reconcile even though she is now a Goddess and he a mortal human? And what is the Spirit Vessel that took his soul to this world?

737 • 2019-05-10 14:52:18


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 807: Running Again2020-11-21
Chapter 806: Fierce Turtle2020-11-20
Chapter 805: Outcome2020-11-18
Chapter 804: Talking With Ji Haotian2020-11-14
Chapter 803: Mysterious Claw2020-11-12
Chapter 802: Ji Haotian2020-11-10
Chapter 801: Power Of The Four Garments2020-11-06
Chapter 800: The Monk And The Daoist2020-11-04
Chapter 799: Trouble At The Ji2020-11-04
Chapter 798: Old Congee Seller2020-10-31
Chapter 797: Dragons Started Devouring2020-10-28
Chapter 796: The Emperor’s Personal Chambers2020-10-26
Chapter 795: To The Palace2020-10-24
Chapter 794: Firebird Gown2020-10-22
Chapter 793: Princess Manor2020-10-20
Chapter 792: Death At The Cemetery2020-10-18
Chapter 791: Case From 1,500 Years Ago2020-10-15
Chapter 790: Beauties And A Turtle2020-10-14
Chapter 789: Moving To Heavenly Kingdom2020-10-10
Chapter 788: Poor Wu Qinghua2020-10-08
Chapter 787: Evil Woman’s Prowess2020-10-05
Chapter 786: Seeing The Ancient Altar Again2020-10-03
Chapter 785: Moon Plucking2020-10-02
Chapter 784: To The Tomb2020-09-29
Chapter 783: Impossible To Escape2020-09-27
Chapter 782: Five Classifications2020-09-25
Chapter 781: Top Experts Of The Five Dynasties2020-09-23
Chapter 780: Developments At Southern Ocean2020-09-21
Chapter 779: The Empress And Heretical King2020-09-19
Chapter 778: Taking Care Of Business Before Death2020-09-17
Chapter 777: Evenly Matched2020-09-16
Chapter 776: Destruction Runes2020-09-13
Chapter 775: The Two Walkers2020-09-11
Chapter 774: Heretical Conference2020-09-08
Chapter 773: Heaven Ascension Platform’s Secret2020-09-07
Chapter 772: Submit Or Die2020-09-04
Chapter 771: Unrestrained Enlightened Being2020-09-04
Chapter 770: Sad News2020-08-31
Chapter 769: The Lu2020-08-29
Chapter 768: To Mount Potala2020-08-28
Chapter 767: Dual Cultivation Art2020-08-26
Chapter 766: Late Night Game2020-08-23
Chapter 765: Sisters2020-08-21
Chapter 764: Fighting The Venerables From The Yang World2020-08-19
Chapter 763: Princess Of Yang2020-08-16
Chapter 762: Yuji Lanlan2020-08-15
Chapter 761: Destruction2020-08-12
Chapter 760: On Southern Ocean2020-08-10
Chapter 759: Birds Of A Feather2020-08-08
Chapter 758: Arriving2020-08-05
Chapter 757: Still Sexy2020-08-03
Chapter 756: Sect Master’s Wife2020-07-31
Chapter 755: Suppressing Yama2020-07-29
Chapter 754: Myriad Buddhas2020-07-27
Chapter 753: Sacred Ground2020-07-25
Chapter 752: Minor Completion Of The Phoenix Physique2020-07-22
Chapter 751: Yellow River2020-07-20
Chapter 750: Door To Heavenly Kingdom2020-07-18
Chapter 749: Evil Buddhist Soul2020-07-17
Chapter 748: Entering The Great Hall2020-07-15
Chapter 747: The Feeling Of Being In A Beauty’s Embrace2020-07-15
Chapter 746: Uncle2020-07-14
Chapter 745: Two Down2020-07-12
Chapter 744: Violetsea King2020-07-10
Chapter 743: One Against Four2020-07-08
Chapter 742: Sir Wu2020-07-07
Chapter 741: Master Zhi Zhang2020-07-04
Chapter 740: Temple Sovereign2020-07-02
Chapter 739: Big Fanfare2020-06-30
Chapter 738: Three Women Are A Riot2020-06-28
Chapter 737: Buddhist Great Hall2020-06-26
Chapter 736: Ancient Pagoda2020-06-24
Chapter 735: Killing Six Worship Sect Master2020-06-22
Chapter 734: Heretical Monster2020-06-20
Chapter 733: Fan2020-06-18
Chapter 732: Love Thief Yi Zhenfeng2020-06-16
Chapter 731: Chaotic Times2020-06-14
Chapter 730: Yama’s Left Hand2020-06-12
Chapter 729: Fierce Women2020-06-09
Chapter 728: Yao Ji’s Hairpin2020-06-06
Chapter 727: Payback2020-06-02
Chapter 726: Leaving Bronze Cauldron2020-06-02
Chapter 725: Long Pursuit2020-05-29
Chapter 724: Shocking News About Golden Silkworm2020-05-27
Chapter 723: The Winner?2020-05-26
Chapter 722: Justice2020-05-24
Chapter 721: Feng Chi’s Prowess2020-05-23
Chapter 720: Challenge2020-05-20
Chapter 719: Spirit Treasures Appeared2020-05-18
Chapter 718: Wu Qinghua’s Pain2020-05-16
Chapter 717: Eyes Of A Great Demon2020-05-13
Chapter 716: Devil Feng2020-05-11
Chapter 715: Great Swindler2020-05-09
Chapter 714: Scheme2020-05-08
Chapter 713: Vomiting Blood From Anger2020-05-05
Chapter 712: Shocking News2020-05-03
Chapter 711: Murder2020-05-02
Chapter 710: Groups Arriving2020-04-29
Chapter 709: The Treasury Appears2020-04-27
Chapter 708: Inside Whitey's Stomach2020-04-25
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