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Spirit Vessel (Web Novel)


A demon phoenix cultivator died in the hands of his beloved and was merged with a young master with the same name. Their souls were fused and now, the new Feng Fei Yun is struggling to become stronger and survive in the human world.

Will he meet his lover once again? Will they reconcile even though she is now a Goddess and he a mortal human? And what is the Spirit Vessel that took his soul to this world?

16 • 2019-05-10 14:52:18


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 552: Sun And Moon2019-06-17
Chapter 551: Unrivaled Monster2019-06-15
Chapter 550: Young Lord Of The Tenth Hall2019-06-14
Chapter 549: Yao Ji2019-06-11
Chapter 548: Golden Battle Stage2019-06-09
Chapter 547: Feng Ergou’s Odds2019-06-07
Chapter 546: Underground Gambling Ring2019-06-05
Chapter 545: Numerous Monsters2019-06-03
Chapter 544: Divine River Guard2019-06-01
Chapter 543: Upheaval2019-05-30
Chapter 542: The Shocked Capital2019-05-29
Chapter 541: Fallen Genius2019-05-26
Chapter 540: Turbulent Murderous Intent2019-05-24
Chapter 539: The Seals Of The Divine Kings2019-05-21
Chapter 538: Rising Bloodthirst2019-05-20
Chapter 537: Caught Red-handed2019-05-18
Chapter 536: Caught Unprepared2019-05-16
Chapter 535: The Empress Might Still Be Alive?2019-05-14
Chapter 534: Coming Out2019-05-12
Chapter 533: Twenty-eight Fourth-ranked Pills2019-05-10
Chapter 532: Evil Blood2019-05-10
Chapter 531: Bi Ningshuai’s Return2019-05-10
Chapter 530: Grand Tutor’s Mansion Got Robbed2019-05-10
Chapter 529: Bad All The Way2019-05-10
Chapter 528: A Stimulating Event2019-05-10
Chapter 527: Princess Or Slave2019-05-10
Chapter 526: Battle Inside The Carriage2019-05-10
Chapter 525: Inside the Eight-step Dragon Imperial Carriage2019-05-10
Chapter 524: Ten Thousand Lights2019-05-10
Chapter 523: Yun Ge2019-05-10
Chapter 522: Painting’s Sudden Change2019-05-10
Chapter 521: Specter’s Appearance2019-05-10
Chapter 520: Ancestral Hall Of The Yin Gou2019-05-10
Chapter 519: Fall Of A Genius2019-05-10
Chapter 518: Evil Core Ascension2019-05-10
Chapter 517: Grand Kasaya2019-05-10
Chapter 516: Heavenly Weapon Essence2019-05-10
Chapter 515: Enlightened Being’s Resting Land2019-05-10
Chapter 514: Ling Donglai’s Challenge2019-05-10
Chapter 513: A Shocking Strike2019-05-10
Chapter 512: Digging A Pit2019-05-10
Chapter 511: Take Him Outside For A Beating!2019-05-10
Chapter 510: Peerless Fighting Capability2019-05-10
Chapter 509: Prince of Qian2019-05-10
Chapter 508: Second Boss2019-05-10
Chapter 507: The Great Dragon Lake2019-05-10
Chapter 506: Return Of The Evil Woman2019-05-10
Chapter 505: Prince-In-Law Selector2019-05-10
Chapter 504: In The Court2019-05-10
Chapter 503: A Mere Passerby2019-05-10
Chapter 502: Trouble2019-05-10
Chapter 501: Third-level Heaven’s Mandate2019-05-10
Chapter 500: Refining The Spirit Core2019-05-10
Chapter 499: Third-ranked Spirit Treasure2019-05-10
Chapter 498: Beginning Of Death2019-05-10
Chapter 497: Soul Of An Enlightened Being2019-05-10
Chapter 496: Dominating Armament2019-05-10
Chapter 495: Kill!2019-05-10
Chapter 494: Battler Heavenly Marquis2019-05-10
Chapter 493: Intense Preparation2019-05-10
Chapter 492: Raging Fury2019-05-10
Chapter 491: Battle To The Death2019-05-10
Chapter 490: Unconcealed Assassin2019-05-10
Chapter 489: Beauty’s Smile Lord2019-05-10
Chapter 488: An Old Woman’s Wrath Knows No Bound2019-05-10
Chapter 487: Furious Hongyan2019-05-10
Chapter 486: Dragons Devouring The Heaven2019-05-10
Chapter 485: The Formidable King Consort2019-05-10
Chapter 484: Words Piercing The Heart2019-05-10
Chapter 483: Drumming2019-05-10
Chapter 482: Musical Contest2019-05-10
Chapter 481: Unreasonable Request2019-05-10
Chapter 480: Crisis At The Bath2019-05-10
Chapter 479: Little Bi2019-05-10
Chapter 478: Dangerous Premonition2019-05-10
Chapter 477: Sacred Spirit Palace, Li Xiaonan2019-05-10
Chapter 476: A Beauty’s Death2019-05-10
Chapter 475: Blissful Hell2019-05-10
Chapter 474: Invitation Letter2019-05-10
Chapter 473: Fight2019-05-10
Chapter 472: Western Yue2019-05-10
Chapter 471: Blissful Flower Palace2019-05-10
Chapter 470: Impossible To Read A Woman’s Heart2019-05-10
Chapter 469: The New Divine King2019-05-10
Chapter 468: Divine King’s Abdication2019-05-10
Chapter 467: A Race Against Time2019-05-10
Chapter 466: The Power At Half-step2019-05-10
Chapter 465: Final Battle2019-05-10
Chapter 464: Dragon King Physique2019-05-10
Chapter 463: Weakness2019-05-10
Chapter 462: One Slash, Three Defeats2019-05-10
Chapter 461: Shi Lan2019-05-10
Chapter 460: Three Stages Of Death2019-05-10
Chapter 459: Devil Art Of Death2019-05-10
Chapter 458: Entering the Royal Sacred Ground2019-05-10
Chapter 457: Shrine At The Imperial City2019-05-10
Chapter 456: Only Victory Is Allowed2019-05-10
Chapter 455: Refining The Souls2019-05-10
Chapter 454: Su Yun and Beiming Potian2019-05-10
Chapter 453: Surging Undercurrent2019-05-10