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Spirit Vessel (Web Novel) - Chapter 626: Black-cloaked Woman

Chapter 626: Black-cloaked Woman

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This coffin bathed in evil and yin energy, causing others to feel infinitely close to death.

“This is… the yellow coffin taken out of a Heaven Emergence grave by an ancestor of Destruction, why do you have it?!” Bu Tian has always been a calm person but he couldn’t stay composed right now. The faint runes on the coffin instilled dread upon him.

Destruction and Violetsea were some of the oldest sects in Northern Frontier. The ancestors of Violetsea have also participated in the competition for this coffin. It had a special suppressive property against Corpse Evils. In the end, Destruction was the final victor.

The Corpse King’s green eyes were filled with fear as it howled repeatedly. It stomped on the ground, crushing every inch nearby.

Feiyun condensed a purple mist in his palm and raised the coffin: “Let’s find out if this yellow coffin can suppress a Corpse King, shall we?”

“Whoosh!” He leaped from the branch like a soaring bird while carrying the coffin before throwing it straight at the corpse.

It retaliated by spewing a black fog turning into thousands of tentacles. They drilled into the corpses coming out of the ground, commanding them to pile together into a mountain.

They burned and screamed but couldn’t stop the coffin. The pile got split into multiple pieces and the coffin managed to strike the Corpse King’s head.

It looked like a yellow firmament pushing the creature into the ground, down to the knees.

“Ra!” It struggled with both hands to push the mountain-like coffin up while issuing miserable screams.

Feiyun landed on top of the coffin with his white spear. His body turned into a spear itself as he jumped up then stomp down on the coffin.

A massive power caused ten-or-so pieces of scales to fly out of the corpse’s hands. Smoke began to sizzle from the damaged spots.

The normal coffin acted like a furnace to the corpse, wanting to refine it completely.

Under the starry night, a spear-wielding man stomped on a coffin in order to suppress and refine a howling Corpse King.

This scene scared many of the merchants. Though they were experienced, the yin energy emanating from the coffin and the devilish youth still scared and paralyzed them.

“That’s a supreme coffin, old beyond traceability. I feel that if we open it, it might be able to kill an Enlightened Being.” Three old men wearing long, silver robe were inside a Heaven room in the inn.

They didn’t come to the cliff to watch the fight but knew everything that was going on.

They were from Sacred Spirit Palace and have been here for more than a month.

A different old man said: “That’s a top genius. Look at his techniques, that’s the famous demon’s son for you. His talents are comparable to the five God Disciples.”

“It’s good if we can recruit him, he has a good chance of becoming an Enlightened Being.”

“Rumor has it that Senluo Temple wants to recruit him as well. It looks like after the Beacon King knows many things we don’t after escaping from Bronze Mountain Cauldron. Perhaps this recruitment has something to do with the demonic treasury in there.”

“We need to investigate this further but the chance isn’t that high. Moreover, he took two thousand years to escape so he knows of its horror more than anyone else. He won’t get so close again.”

“You’re right, our mission is to see how strong he is now. If it’s enough to shake the supreme position of our palace, we need to eliminate him as soon as possible.”


Those right outside the inn were frightened.

The group from Beiming Clan were slack-jawed. Beiming Gong grimaced with wrinkles forming above his brows: “The guy has so many incredible treasures. Each is strong enough to be an heirloom artifact for a large-sized clan.”

Both the yellow coffin and the Heavenly Weapon Essence were precious. Anyone with enough insight could see their worth. Even Giants would covet them.

The woman completely shrouded in black had a clear chilling aura. The gaps revealed her beautiful eyes - clearly defined black and white, long and exquisite eyebrows. Just one blink from her felt quite oppressive.

This was definitely a noble woman with an aura far exceeding regular princesses.

“Lady, we should find another opportunity.” Beiming Gong said.

“I can’t wait that long.” A pleasant voice came. Unfortunately, the tone was also extremely cold right now.

The black robe began to move as she rode the wind forward. She took one step on the bridge connecting the two sides and turned into an enchanting phantom. She landed on a peak on the dark side, blowing away all the beasts nearby.

Her aura caused the air to tremble - a cultivation beyond regular Giants.

“Oh lord! Another great master is joining, who is she aiming for, the youth or the expert from Violetsea?”

Feiyun mustered all of his spirit energy to suppress the Corpse King while fighting Bu Tian at the same time. He was tense to the extreme while feeling a monstrous presence behind.

A Giant was coming. Bu Tian was at the late stage of half-step but since he was a corpse controller, his physical combat skills weren’t that impressive.

Thus, he could only fight at the level of an intermediate half-step Giant. Feiyun relied on his speed and the sharpness of the weapon to put up an even fight.

As for the Corpse King, it was certainly powerful but was still too inexperienced and stiff in battle. Its real battle prowess was around the late stage of a half-step.

Because of the coffin, it wasn’t that great of a threat.

Feiyun initially wanted to use the two of them to reach the fifth level of Heaven’s Mandate. That’s why he took this risk of fighting two powerful foes. However, he didn’t expect a real Giant to join the fray.

A Giant was considered a big shot in Jin. Just imagine, Guo Dahai, a Divine Commander guarding this important location was still only a Giant. These experts were few in number.

“Die, Feng Feiyun!” The woman shouted with murderous intent while channeling a great technique with both hands.

She manipulated a peak taller than one hundred meters and sent it straight for him from above.

The moment Feiyun sensed her aura, he recalled the coffin and began escaping.

The peak ended up landing on the Corpse King and pushed it deep underground.

“Ra!” The corpse lifted up the peak and threw it back at the woman.

“Nuisance.” She waved her sleeve and release a wave of cold energy, directly destroying the peak.

This cold energy surrounded the corpse and turned it into a block of ice.

Feiyun landed on top of the winged elephant and started retreating. His eyes lit ablaze like two phoenixes, trying to decipher who she was and why she wanted to kill him.

Her murderous intent has materialized into sharp rays biting the vegetation and trees nearby to powders.

‘She knows my name so she clearly has seen me before. She’s also hiding her appearance and aura previously, so her identity must be special, not letting anyone find out. What does she have against me?’

He contemplated with lightning speed but couldn’t come up with an answer. Nevertheless, he had several candidates based on her cultivation. For example, Wu Qinghua was the biggest suspect.

Alas, Feiyun dropped this speculation because this woman still wasn’t as strong as Wu Qinghua. Plus, Qinghua might hate him but she wouldn’t have chased all of this way till the inn before attacking.

“Boom!” The block of ice failed to trap the king for long. It leaped to the sky to attack again but Bu Tian quickly subdued it: “Feiyun is the only target tonight. I must kill him to make a name for myself!”

Because the girl has already called out Feiyun’s name, Bu Tian no longer needed to keep it a secret.

The reason why he hid it earlier was because Feiyun was extremely rich with hundreds of thousand spirit stones - a treasury comparable to that of an ancient power. He didn’t want others to compete with him.

The revelation of Feiyun’s identity caused quite a stir. Everyone felt their blood boiling.

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