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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage (Web Novel)


Not everyone wants to live a life filled with fame, riches, glory, and honor. Some, just want the easy life. To live a life that simply plays itself over and over, with a hint of spice here and there.

To our young hero Yun Xi, he felt his calling for bread. He did not want to be the Godly Swordsman of old, nor the Majestic Immortal Emperor. He just wanted to be a plain-old breadmaker.

Yet, his dreams are crushed when he is given a revelation of the stars. From now on, how will his life change?

266 • 2020-01-21 00:24:29


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 723: Traitor2020-05-24
Chapter 722: The Prince of Tragedy2020-05-20
Chapter 721: Jealous Zaka2020-05-18
Chapter 720: A Clean Kill2020-05-13
Chapter 719: The Secret of the Soft Body2020-05-10
Chapter 718: Water God Dance2020-05-08
Chapter 717: Kingfisher’s Smile2020-05-04
Chapter 716: Mutual Affection2020-05-02
Chapter 715: Dragon Roar2020-04-29
Chapter 714: When the Battle Is Going On2020-04-24
Chapter 713: Moving Forward, Zaka!2020-04-24
Chapter 712: Martial Arts Competition2020-04-24
Chapter 711: Yun Xi’s Requirement2020-04-24
Chapter 710: Spoils2020-04-10
Chapter 709: After the Battle2020-04-06
Chapter 708: Zaka’s Unique Skill2020-04-02
Chapter 707: Sword2020-03-29
Chapter 706: Thunder Walk2020-03-26
Chapter 705: Fights the Dragon Again2020-03-22
Chapter 704: Brown-skinned Girl2020-03-18
Chapter 703: The Prince who Secretly Left2020-03-17
Chapter 702: Child Loved by the Abyss2020-03-17
Chapter 701: White Moon is Staring at You2020-03-11
Chapter 700: Who is the Girl?2020-03-07
Chapter 699: Night Raid2020-03-04
Chapter 698: Clues to the Truth2020-03-03
Chapter 697: Sweet Milk2020-03-01
Chapter 696: Important Answers2020-02-28
Chapter 695: Their Temptations2020-02-27
Chapter 694: Study Hard2020-02-23
Chapter 693: Dowry2020-02-21
Chapter 692: Second Zaka2020-02-19
Chapter 691: Undercurrent Surge2020-02-18
Chapter 690: For Whom Do Girls Cry2020-02-17
Chapter 689: The Starwing Knights’ Great Crisis2020-02-17
Chapter 688: Staggered Thoughts2020-02-14
Chapter 687: Hua Yue’s Suspicion2020-02-14
Chapter 686: Divergent Points of Fate2020-02-10
Chapter 685: Astonished Robin2020-02-10
Chapter 684: White Moon’s Consciousness2020-02-06
Chapter 683: Blood of Ancient Gods2020-02-05
Chapter 682: Girl’s Color2020-02-05
Chapter 681: It’s not a Dream2020-02-02
Chapter 680: White Moon2020-02-01
Chapter 679: Moonlight and Puppet2020-01-22
Chapter 678: Sketch2020-01-21
Chapter 677: Pafu’s Use2020-01-21
Chapter 676: Trial2020-01-21
Chapter 675: The Diary of Knights2020-01-21
Chapter 674: The Secrets of Kings2020-01-21
Chapter 673: The Death Knell Rings2020-01-21
Chapter 672: Under the Crescent Moon2020-01-21
Chapter 671: The Queen’s Wishes2020-01-21
Chapter 670: Queen in the Moonlight2020-01-21
Chapter 669: Behind the Door2020-01-21
Chapter 668: Sword Light of the Sky Flying Sword2020-01-21
Chapter 667: Their Nature2020-01-21
Chapter 666: Starwings2020-01-21
Chapter 665: Three Swords2020-01-21
Chapter 664: Draw the Sword2020-01-21
Chapter 663: Sword Souls2020-01-21
Chapter 662: The Gate of the World2020-01-21
Chapter 661: Yun Xi’s Cat2020-02-17
Chapter 660: Precursor2020-01-21
Chapter 659: Sacrifice2020-01-21
Chapter 658: Fatal Attack2020-01-21
Chapter 657: Battle between Father and Son2020-01-21
Chapter 656: King2020-01-21
Chapter 655: Dark Garden2020-01-21
Chapter 654: Imminent Problems2020-01-21
Chapter 653: The Twin Witches2020-02-17
Chapter 652: Booty2020-02-17
Chapter 651: Fall2020-02-17
Chapter 650: Participation in the War2020-02-17
Chapter 649: Desert Dragon Zaka2020-01-21
Chapter 648: Bride Rules2020-01-21
Chapter 647: Queen of Tragedy2020-02-17
Chapter 646: Forgotten Ruins2020-01-21
Chapter 645: The Moonlight Is Beautiful2020-01-21
Chapter 644: Where Is the Enemy?2020-01-21
Chapter 643: Runs Through2020-01-21
Chapter 642: Dragon2020-01-21
Chapter 641: Hua Yue’s Temptation2020-01-21
Chapter 640: The Shadow of Blood2020-01-21
Chapter 639: Their Blessings2020-01-21
Chapter 638: Chain Reaction2020-01-21
Chapter 637: Unbearable Weight2020-01-21
Chapter 636: The Witch’s Blessing (Curse)2020-01-21
Chapter 635: Mei’s Curse2020-01-21
Chapter 634: Rose’s Complaints2020-01-21
Chapter 633: Human Wolf2020-01-21
Chapter 632: This Is Strange!2020-01-21
Chapter 631: The Little Witch’s Secret2020-01-21
Chapter 630: The Truth of the Green Hippo2020-01-21
Chapter 629: Armor-piercing Sword2020-01-21
Chapter 628: Information Errors2020-01-21
Chapter 627: The Witch’s Talent2020-01-21
Chapter 626: Aroma of Wine2020-01-21
Chapter 625: Knights2020-01-21
Chapter 624: Witch2020-01-21