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Stealing The Heavens (Web Novel)


Thâu Thiên, 偷天




Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Martial Arts Xianxia

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An unexpected discovery in Machu Picchu has transported a young professional thief from Earth to a world filled with mystical powers and evil plots. With his beloved teacher and best friend killed during the calamity, his only goal is to become stronger, so that he can take revenge for them.This is a novel filled with politics, the struggle for power, evil beauties, and of course, Divine Immortals.

478 • 2019-03-30 09:54:01


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 987: The Defeat Of The Ghost Realm2019-11-03
Chapter 986: So Many Ghosts2019-11-02
Chapter 985: The Tribulation From The Outworld2019-11-01
Chapter 984: Mirror of Kunlun2019-10-31
Chapter 983: Never Offend A Woman2019-10-30
Chapter 982: The Chaotic Situation2019-10-29
Chapter 981: The Jin Dynasty2019-10-28
Chapter 980: Sweep Across The Northern Region2019-10-27
Chapter 979: The Emperor’s Ambition2019-10-26
Chapter 978: An Evocation Artifact2019-10-25
Chapter 977: Talk Frankly2019-10-24
Chapter 976: Behind the Scene2019-10-23
Chapter 975: A Bloody Journey2019-10-22
Chapter 974: Are You Hungry?2019-10-21
Chapter 973: Savage And Unreasonable2019-10-20
Chapter 972: The Unpredictable Heart Of Men2019-10-19
Chapter 971: Pour Oil On The Fire2019-10-18
Chapter 970: Toss Aside All Civilities2019-10-17
Chapter 969: Attack of the Monks2019-10-16
Chapter 968: Get Along Well2019-10-15
Chapter 967: Devour Each Other2019-10-14
Chapter 966: Bring Under Control2019-10-13
Chapter 965: The Fiend Surrenders2019-10-12
Chapter 964: The City Gates Catch Fire2019-10-11
Chapter 963: Take The Wind Out Of Sails2019-10-10
Chapter 962: The Secret Of The Emperor Aura2019-10-09
Chapter 961: A Devastating Blow2019-10-08
Chapter 960: Tear The Weed Out By The Roots2019-10-07
Chapter 959: Intoxicating Apsaras2019-10-06
Chapter 958: The Biggest Obstacle2019-10-05
Chapter 957: Go Straight Into New Yu2019-10-04
Chapter 956: Obscuring The Heaven Secret2019-10-03
Chapter 955: I Want To Slay The Emperor2019-10-02
Chapter 954: The War Resumes2019-10-01
Chapter 953: Timely Help2019-09-30
Chapter 952: Block The Gates And Challenge To Battle2019-09-29
Chapter 951: An Idler Lives In Seclusion2019-09-28
Chapter 950: An Agreement2019-09-27
Chapter 949: Divine Dragons2019-09-26
Chapter 948: The Arrival of Celestial Lords2019-09-25
Chapter 947: The Seed Of A Great War2019-09-24
Chapter 946: The Throne of the Human Emperor2019-09-23
Chapter 945: The Candidate For The Human Emperor2019-09-22
Chapter 944: The Emperor Of Ling2019-09-21
Chapter 943: Capturing A Supreme Oracle2019-09-20
Chapter 942: A Crushing Defeat2019-09-19
Chapter 941: The First Battle Between Great Wu And New Yu2019-09-18
Chapter 940: Like A Hot Knife Cutting Through Butter2019-09-17
Chapter 939: The Northern Expedition Of Great Wu2019-09-16
Chapter 938: The Celestial Escaping Technique2019-09-15
Chapter 937: A Narrow Escape2019-09-14
Chapter 936: Into Nether Again2019-09-13
Chapter 935: Yuan Ling True Flame2019-09-12
Chapter 934: The Embryo Of The Saint League2019-09-11
Chapter 933: Cessation Of Hostilities.2019-09-10
Chapter 932: The Seven Saints2019-09-09
Chapter 931: An Angry Visitor2019-09-08
Chapter 930: An Acquaintance from the Past Life2019-09-07
Chapter 929: A Higher-up2019-09-06
Chapter 928: Wu Xian Strikes2019-09-05
Chapter 927: Treachery In Imminent Danger2019-09-04
Chapter 926: The Hunter2019-09-03
Chapter 925: Wu Xian2019-09-02
Chapter 924: The Visitation Of The Three Emperors2019-09-01
Chapter 923: Unifying the Valley2019-08-31
Chapter 922: Strike Fear Into The Enemy2019-08-30
Chapter 921: The Ultimatum2019-08-29
Chapter 920: Five Elements Immortal Execution Formation!2019-08-28
Chapter 919: Heaven-defying Means2019-08-27
Chapter 918: Old, Weak, Sick, and Disabled2019-08-26
Chapter 917: Withered Trees Come to Life Again2019-08-25
Chapter 916: A Three-month Commitment2019-08-24
Chapter 915: Become An Immortal Immediately2019-08-24
Chapter 914: Imperial Advisors of Great Wu2019-08-22
Chapter 913: Thirst After Talents2019-08-21
Chapter 912: Golden Buddha Pills2019-08-20
Chapter 911: The Calamity of Delightful Buddhas2019-08-19
Chapter 910: Taming Jadebone2019-08-18
Chapter 909: Raiding the Lair2019-08-18
Chapter 908: Searching For Traces2019-08-15
Chapter 907: Appalling Situation2019-08-14
Chapter 906: Cursed Again2019-08-13
Chapter 905: A Temporary Truce2019-08-12
Chapter 904: Heaven Sues For Peace2019-08-11
Chapter 903: Trapping The Enemies2019-08-10
Chapter 902: Hurting Celestial Lords2019-08-09
Chapter 901: Fighting Celestial Lords2019-08-09
Chapter 900: Formidable Enemies2019-08-07
Chapter 899: The Forbidden Clan2019-08-06
Chapter 898: An Ancient Curse2019-08-05
Chapter 897: Huo Wu2019-08-04
Chapter 896: Obstruction2019-08-03
Chapter 895: A Nice Chat2019-08-02
Chapter 894: Reunion of Old Friends2019-08-01
Chapter 893: The Imperial Advisor2019-07-31
Chapter 892: An Oath-taking Ceremony2019-07-30
Chapter 891: The Envoy2019-07-29
Chapter 890: The Life Of A Sower2019-07-28
Chapter 889: Suppression2019-07-27
Chapter 888: Liu Bang Retreats2019-07-26


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