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Stop Bothering Me, Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 51 Placement

Chapter 51 Placement

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The Emperor's undergraduate grip in Arts Subjects is really bad. And only through academics can he find a way out. Song Xiao thinks this is very strange. After all, his mind is still functioning on mindset of an ancient man. Yu Tang should be able to learn the art text easily.

In the blink of an eye, they arrive at the end of the half of the semester, Song Xiao's performance has been at a moderate level. Because after hearing, he didn't have to learn Science Subjects after placement, he didn't try hard to make up for Physics, he agreed to be mediocre, and his physical work was pushed to the Emperor.

"Don't dare make me do your homework for you!" Yu Tang looked at the physics exercise book Song Xiao pushed over and opened his eyes.

" Emperor you needs this." Song Xiao said seriously, because the Emperor made him do a liberal arts assignment, which led him to memorize all the questions without background. Song Xiao thought that this method was very good and he wanted to recommend it to the Emperor.


Looking at the appearance of a loyal Empress, Yu Tang could not do anything but throw his science homework to someone else. He could only throw it to his Shadow Guard ~ Gu An

Most of the schools are now reconsidering the facts. University selection and high school volunteering are frequently added to one being selected to Science Majors, and the road is wider. At the time of class placement, the head teacher will call the student to the office and analyze their results. He can advise them to which program is the best course for them to learn.

Not doing homework led directly to the decline of the performance of Song Xiao's last final results. The head teacher watched Song Xiao report card with a full score of Liberal Arts. He took a look at the Science Subjects that had just passed and was silent for a long time. He sighed and said, "Your Science is not good. You have an advantage on Art classes and you have a bright future for Liberal Arts."

Because there are many academic students, the remaining science students of the second class will come in and all other specialties can be retained in one class. The liberal arts class no longer distinguishes between special classes and regular classes, and only distributes them equally according to the results of the placement.... The Arts Subjects class in their class and Science Subjects classes in another class.

Removing the Physics and Chemistry Subjects and Song Xiao's achievements became the first class in Liberal Arts Subjects, and naturally he rose at the top. When Song Xiao introduced himself, he was also the first one to take the limelight.

"Hello everyone, my name is Song Xiao." He looked like a boy in his school uniform shirt, tall and straight, warm and jade, and his voice is so sweet that the girls in the class are excited.

"Good-looking, oh!"

"It's Song Xiao, Pudding Son!"


The seats were chosen according to their grades. The girls rushed around and sang around Song Xiao. The second girl in the class with high marks successfully grabbed the seat with Song Xiao at the same table.

After the class term was finished, Song Xiao began to spend the summer vacation. Where he was invited by with Yu Tang mother, he went to his beachside villa for vacation. However, he was called away soon after by a grandfather.

The old man signed him up for the Yearly Juvenile Calligraphy and Painting Competition for his grandson. This competition is national. If he wins the prize, there may be points added for the college entrance examination.Song Xiao originally did not want to go, when he heard that this can add to the college entrance examination points, he immediately agreed.

Suddenly the pigeons were placed. The Emperor was very unhappy: "What kind of calligraphy and painting competitions that gives you points to go to school in America.... foreigners do not understand these paintings and calligraphy awards, it is better to come to Dà Yú group and intern yhere for two months."

"This...... college entrance examination can be added as points to my results." Song Xiao lowered his head and whispered.

"The college entrance examination..." Yu Tang paused and looked at Song Xiao. "You plan to take the college entrance examination here?"

Song licked his lips.....since his home was not in good condition financially. It was not suitable for him studying abroad. Song Xiao did not think there was anything like this shame, just saying it, it was as if was for Yu Tang to give him money, that made things instantly becomes hard to tell: "Grandfather has spread a good name for this, and it's always good to not say no to the elders, say, this Assistant Minister can not always rely on the Emperor for his living costs here"

Yu Tang was stunned and he looked at Song Xiao and turned away, slowly tightening his fist.

The originally pleasant summer vacation became a bitter day in the absence of his wife. He sneered his face in his swimming pool and swam to the end. Then he dunked himself in the water and came up. As soon as he looked up, he saw the younger brother who was wearing a small yellow duck swimming bouyer and was excited plunging in shallow water.

The child Yu Lin played in water for the first time. He was particularly happy. He had a pair of chubby hands and flapped them on the water. He was playing happily. Suddenly, with a "crash", a monster called an older brother emerged from the bottom of the water, which provoked huge waves.

"Ah aah!" Yu Lin was plastered from the beginning to the end by the water, and a few hairs on his head were soaked. He dribbled and his breath drowned. A hand touched his face, wiped the water droplets, and the younger brother was padding two small legs, trying to stay away from his brother but a big hand grabbed his feet, dragged him to the front of this so called monster ~ his big brother.

"Why don't you cry?" Yu Tang raised his hand and poked his brother's forehead.

Yu Lin blinked, squeezing his mouth wide and began to cry. Zhang Xiaoren, who was playing with the ball not far away, saw that and he also came to join in the excitement. He jumped into the swimming pool and swam around the younger brother, followed by a bark.

"I'll do it!" Yu Tang reached out and took a slap on the dog's head and pulled his younger brother's tempting ears. "Don't pretend."

Yu Lin looked at his brother with tears and cried more.

Jumping out of the water, sitting down by the pool, pulling his little yellow duckrd brother, Yu Tang shoved his younger brother in front of him and lifted a glass of iced cola and drinking a sip: "I have to ask you, how did you die? "?

"....... "The brother did not understand his appearance, the younger brother was holding the yellow duck delinquently sobbing.

Yu Tang stared at his brother for a moment, trying to figure out what the big black and white eyes were hiding. In history, his successor, Hong Yuan Di, was a perfect monarch who would have kept the empire safe under his brother's wife's watch.

1].... Hong Yuan Di is Emperorship brother title...... Yu Tang title was Hong Yuan.

The excited history teacher said this: "The Great Emperor Yu Lin was locked up by his brother when he was a child. He was taught by Song Xiao, and he was to be the new Emperor that would be taught by the Empress Song. Naturally, This husband and wife will be taking the younger brother as their son and training him to become the Emperor.Great Emperor Yu Tang ascended the throne for three years, and he had no children, his brother Yu Lin as the Emperor's brother, stayed like his son.

Silent for a long time, Yu Tang sighed slowly spoke. "Forget it..."

The reason why he had to sign a contract with Song Xiao was still unnerving. They rarely spoke about Song Xiao death after all, Yu Tang had selfishly lead to Song Xiao to being buried with him. In this new life, he used Song Xiao's dependence on him. He hugged him to his arms little by little.

When Song Xiao was accustomed to this society, he would be independent. His old ways would be turned upside down. Song Xiao death would be a thorn between them. So the contract would serve to bind them back together in the future life and lives.

Picking up Coke and he slammed it. Yu Tang suddenly didn't want to hear his brother telling him the truth, fearing that the truth would be crueler than the wild history.

At this time, a pot of hard drink should have come to the scene, but Yu Tang can only drink coke. Angrily Yu Tang took a small yellow duck and took the younger brother back to the center of the pool.

After finishing the second year of school, Song Xiao had to started school two days later so after returning from the competition. He returned from his hometown and went straight to the school. Just after entering the gate, he saw a large group of students sitting below the office building. Students of the Student Union had huge banners. The sports minister shouted under the loudspeakers: "Don't make us get up at five, let's get us to sleep normally!"

The other students shouted, "We want to be sleeping normally!" on the huge banner, Writing the classic quotations from the President's group "Getting up earlier than the chickens and sleep later than the dogs!"

Song Xiao walked through the crowd and found the skeleton man in front. The President was sitting in chairs and watching the Vice President arranging the petitions for the students.

"What does this meant to do?" Song Xiao asked, whispering in front of Yu Tang.

When Yu Tang saw him, he looked at the watch and said, "It's almost time let's go."

Then, with a whistle, the students went back to their respective classrooms in an orderly way, just like they had done in class exercises. This is a recent protest organized by the Student's Union and hopes to change the bad situation that went on from morning to morning.

Song Xiao looked at everyone in a twilight and leaving in an orderly manner, obviously this was not the first time. Those who have cleaned up the banners and horns, and even moved the chairs to the place......the President is responsible for them. Looking up at the window on the third floor, the Head Master's bald-headed round head seemed to be getting more bald.

On the same day, the school issued a notice. Every morning, the morning exercise was cancelled and the time to get up was changed to 6.50.

"The President is really good, but this is the only one school where we wake up late in the city's high schools!" The girl in the Liberal Arts class seems to have concentrated on the school's favorite gossip crowd.

"The President is so handsome, let's go to the special class to look at him over there."

Some girls could not help but propose that the height of the boys in high school was in the offshooting age. This year the President is much taller and looks much better than last year.

More handsome.

......It is said that the heroes of the school, noble President of the seniors were striding across the corridors and heading straight for the Liberal Arts classes.

"My God, the President is coming to this side!" The boys on the road parted way. The girls wore their faces in a heart-shaped manner. Everyone watched as the President of the seniors walked out to the window of the Liberal Arts class and knocked at the windows.

Sitting on the edge of the table, Song Xiao looked up and saw the curtain shake. Then he opened the window and said, "What's wrong?"

"Come...." the bastard lifted his chin slightly. "Come to the toilet with me."

The author has something to say: The little theater :

Yu Tang: Do you remember past life?

Younger Brother: The wind is too big, I can't hear...

Yu Tang: (raising his hand, hee hee) What do you want to eat?

Younger Brother: Where did I sign to agree to be treated as your son Ah? QAQ


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