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Story of a Big Player from Gangnam (Web Novel) - Chapter 281: Vice President Adam Castler (3) – Part 2

Chapter 281: Vice President Adam Castler (3) – Part 2

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President Song had been treating Gun-Ho as his younger brother when he worked as a vice president of S Group. Gun-Ho used to refer to him as his older brother as well. However, after he joined GH Mobile, President Song changed his attitude toward Gun-Ho. Gun-Ho was the owner of the company after all, and he had to respect that. President Song seemed to be submissive and gentle with Gun-Ho now. Just like the internal auditor, who used to work as a branch manager of a bank and a vice president of Capital before joining GH, became submissive with Gun-Ho, President Song was becoming submissive as well.

Gun-Ho stretched himself in his office when he was left by himself. He felt like his head and mind became clear and fresh again.

‘I am really hoping that President Song helps GH Mobile to increase its sales revenue dramatically. It will incur higher expenses in the process, of course, but I will be able to make a significant amount of money as the sales revenue gets substantial.’

Gun-Ho then thought.

‘Once GH Mobile or Dyeon Korea started making a substantial amount of money, I will probably let either company acquire GH Building in Seoul. The loan for the building is too much. If one of my companies with a significant amount of revenue acquires that building, I believe I can recover my 40 billion won that I invested in that building. No matter which company, either GH Mobile or Dyeon Korea, purchases the building, the building is mine anyway.’

He then thought.

‘Let me see. Lymondell Dyeon owns 50% of Dyeon Korea. Even though I want Dyeon Korea to acquire the building, Lymondell Dyeon will probably reject the suggestion. Even though I successfully let Dyeon Korea acquire the building, I will have to discuss everything with Lymondell Dyeon, and it will intervene in managing the building too. Let’s opt out of that option then. It’s not wise for me to let Dyeon Korea purchase the building and bring Lymondell Dyeon into the building management business. What about GH Media? Well, it’s a tiny company, I don’t even need to consider it. Hmm. Then I am left with the option of GH Mobile acquiring the building. President Song has 3% of GH Mobile. The question is whether he would voice the building matter with his 3% share. I guess I can just ignore it since I have a 97% ownership of GH Mobile.’

Gun-Ho was thinking of all the options he could think of with GH Building, he received a call from China. It was Professor Jien Wang.

“President Goo? It’s me, Jien Wang.”

“Oh, Jien Wang!”

“I’m going to Seoul next week.”

“Really? You sound exciting, Jien. Any good news?”

“There will be a symposium in Seoul National University, and I will be taking part in it. Why don’t you come? Oh, you said you are not in Seoul, but in a province, right?”

“How long are you staying? I can make a reservation at a hotel for you.”

“Don’t worry about it. I will be staying for four days, and Seoul National University will find a room for me to stay. I think I will stay in one of their dormitories designed for professors.”

“Really? That sounds good.”

“I will have one day off during the fourth day of my stay. Let’s play golf with Attorney Young-Jin Kim.”

“Sure. Just give me the date when you know it for sure. I will make a reservation for the three of us.”

“According to Attorney Kim, there are lots of nice golf courses in Cheonan City where you are right now.”

“That’s right. Come to Cheonan City then. I want to show you my factory too.”

“That sounds great.”

When Gun-Ho got off the phone with Professor Jien Wang, Director Dong-Chan Kim entered the office.

“I have something to report to you, sir.”

“You could have just given me a call for a report. You didn’t have to come all the way from Asan City to Jiksan Town for a report.”

“We moved into the container office already. It looks nicer than I expected.”

“Good work.”

“And I showed Mr. Adam Castler the villa with two rooms. He seemed to be content. He said he liked it. He also said the villa looks much better than the one he stayed when he worked in Mexico.”

“Really? That’s good.”

“And forming a Dyeon Korea’s operating committee was an excellent idea, sir.”

“That’s nice. I knew it would turn out great because our executive committee here in GH Mobile is working great. I knew the same system would apply well to Dyeon Korea too.”

“Dyeon Korea’s operating committee is currently composed of five members: myself, Mr. Adam Castler, GH Mobile’s general affairs director and accounting manager, and Director Yoon. We all know well and we are familiar with the work we are doing, so we were able to answer any questions Mr. Adam Castler asked so far.”

“Are you having the operating committee’s meeting once a week?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Once a week should be enough. If you have the meeting too often, that could disturb a daily work of everyone. And by having a meeting regularly, you can all learn things from each other.”

“That’s right. And having the accounting manager as a member of the committee was a good decision as well.”


“The accounting manager is extremely meticulous, maybe because the manager is female. She keeps records of two companies’ initial investment funds of 50,000 dollars from each party, and gives us a report on the expenses during each meeting.”


“What we spent on Mr. Adam Castler’s staying takes a significant part of our current expenses, including his hotel, car rental, meals, and etc. When Mr. Adam Castler realizes that, he told me that he wanted to move to the villa as soon as possible. We are using the joint venture’s funds for everything except the construction cost.”

“We don’t want Mr. Adam Castler to spend too much money, but don’t give him too much pressure for it.”

“Understood, sir. I will ask the accounting manager to send the weekly expense report to you, sir.”

“Don’t do that. You get the report and review it. I don’t have to review it.”


“I have so many things I have to think about right now. Just do as I say.”

“Yes, sir.”

“How did the hiring process go?”

“We just completed the first interview. We will have the second interview tomorrow. Mr. Adam Castler will join us for tomorrow’s interview. We will have the interview in the small meeting room here in this building. I don’t think it’s a good idea having a job interview in a container office.”

“Okay. Sounds good.”

“And, umm… about the interpreter—Mr. Lee.”

“What about him? Something happened to him?”

“He is still young and he is 53 years old. I think he can still work vigorously.”

“I think so.”

“He has an extensive work experience as an employee and he had worked abroad before. I think he can be an asset to our company—the joint venture. I haven’t talked to him about this. I wanted to talk with you first. It’s just my personal opinion.”


“When we sell Dyeon Korea’s products to China and Southeast Asia, President Min-Hyeok Kim can handle the China market. I think Mr. Lee can take charge of the Southeast Asia market.”

“Well… You are right. He speaks English fluently and he used to run a branch office abroad… His qualification fits the job.”

“Since he has been working with us as an interpreter for our joint venture matters, he is now very familiar with our operating system.”

“I know that…The thing that bothers me is that I heard if someone had quit his employer previously, then he wouldn’t be very loyal to the next employer.”

“I don’t think that applies to him…”

“Well, I will discuss this with President Jeong-Sook Shin in GH Media. She was the one who recommended him to us. I do like him too. Let’s think about it.”

“Yes, sir.”

Director Dong-Chan Kim gave a bow to Gun-Ho and left the office.

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