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Strike Back, Proud Goddess! (Web Novel)




Drama Romance Shoujo

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Xiao Rou, a girl growing up in a poor countryside family, finds that she’s actually the daughter of a wealthy couple. Her mother had mistaken another girl for her back at the hospital. Thinking she would change from an ugly duckling to a noble swan and live happily ever after with her real family, reality strikes her in the face.

The other girl, Xiao Jinning, who had taken her family, her fiancé and everything else from her, uses every mean possible to frame her up, so when she returns to her biological parents, she finds her parents despising her while still doting on Xiao Jinning. Framed as a thief, she is expelled from the family and as soon as she walks out the door, she gets hit by a car and her spirit dies a miserable death thanks to Xiao Jinning.

Meanwhile, Tang Xi, a real princess, the heiress of the powerful Empire Group, is murdered by her greedy relatives. When she opens her eyes again, she finds herself in another girl’s body. She has become Xiao Rou and has a magic system—008 in her body! With the help of 008, she begins her journey for revenge. She would avenge poor Xiao Rou, punish her murderers, become the most famous star, and… make up with her true love—Qiao Liang.

2531 • 2019-05-24 09:51:58


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 543: With You, Every Day Is A Good Day (The Final Chapter)2020-04-17
Chapter 542: Qiao Liang’s Culinary Skills2020-04-16
Chapter 541: I’m Working Out2020-04-16
Chapter 540: Excited Miss Tang2020-04-16
Chapter 539: How Could This Be2020-04-16
Chapter 538: What Happened to Him2020-04-16
Chapter 537: Future Mother-in-law2020-04-16
Chapter 536: Commendation Conference2020-04-16
Chapter 535: Yao Also Has Got A Girlfriend2020-04-16
Chapter 534: Spill The Beans2020-04-16
Chapter 533: What Should Be Over Should Be Over2020-04-16
Chapter 532: Can’t You Stay by My Side2020-04-11
Chapter 531: It’s Time for You to Get Your Retribution2020-04-11
Chapter 530: Outburst2020-04-10
Chapter 529: You will get nothing but punishment2020-04-10
Chapter 528: Turn the Tables2020-04-09
Chapter 527: Tang Ling2020-04-09
Chapter 526: We Don’t Want the Shares2020-04-08
Chapter 525: Share Transfer2020-04-08
Chapter 524: They’ve Left2020-04-07
Chapter 523: Found Him2020-04-07
Chapter 522: Rescue2020-04-06
Chapter 521: Mission2020-04-06
Chapter 520: A Dangerous Job2020-04-06
Chapter 519: Extremes2020-04-06
Chapter 518: Crazy Qins2020-04-01
Chapter 517: You’re Just Lucky2020-03-31
Chapter 516: It Doesn’t Matter How Xixi Thinks2020-03-31
Chapter 515: So Embarrassed2020-03-30
Chapter 514: Poor Mayor2020-03-29
Chapter 513: We’ll Support You2020-03-28
Chapter 512: False Rumors2020-03-28
Chapter 511: Classmates2020-03-27
Chapter 510: The Best Arrangement2020-03-26
Chapter 509: Something Bad Happened2020-03-26
Chapter 508: Not Even Close2020-03-25
Chapter 507: Who Is Tougher2020-03-24
Chapter 506: Negotiation2020-03-24
Chapter 505: Put Pressure2020-03-23
Chapter 504: Dusty Memory2020-03-22
Chapter 503: Destined2020-03-21
Chapter 502: Find Memory2020-03-21
Chapter 501: An Uninvited Guest2020-03-20
Chapter 500: Ten Thousand Possibilities2020-03-19
Chapter 499: Guess2020-03-19
Chapter 498: Changes Happened2020-03-18
Chapter 497: This Is Reality2020-03-17
Chapter 496: Men’s Cooperation2020-03-17
:Chapter 495 Mr. Qiao Wants His Birthday to Come As Soon As Possible2020-03-16
Chapter 494: You Did This on Purpose2020-03-15
Chapter 493: An Attractive Arm2020-03-14
Chapter 492: I Don’t Deserve Your Love2020-03-14
Chapter 491: Her Priceless Treasure2020-03-13
Chapter 490: I Like This Present2020-03-12
Chapter 489: Am I Really Your Son?2020-03-12
Chapter 488: The Best Arrangement2020-03-11
Chapter 487: Where Is My Family?2020-03-10
Chapter 486: My Little Cousin, Happy Birthday2020-03-10
Chapter 485: Family2020-03-09
Chapter 484: Low-Profile Miss Tang2020-03-08
Chapter 483: Business Battles2020-03-07
Chapter 482: Reverse the Situation2020-03-07
Chapter 481: Straddle Two Boats?2020-03-06
Chapter 480: Bad News2020-03-05
Chapter 479: Traitor?2020-03-05
Chapter 478: The Qin Family2020-03-04
Chapter 477: Miss Tang Became Sensible Now2020-03-03
Chapter 476: Regrets about the Past2020-03-03
Chapter 475: The Past Is Unforgettable2020-03-02
Chapter 474: Mortal Enemies2020-03-01
Chapter 473: Tang Ling2020-02-29
Chapter 472: Panicked Miss Tang2020-02-29
Chapter 471: Nervous Miss Tang2020-02-28
Chapter 470: Played Lovey-Dovey For the Hundredth Time2020-02-27
Chapter 469: What Kind of Sister-in-law Do You Want2020-02-27
Chapter 468: Poor Little Xixi2020-02-26
Chapter 467: I’ve already Fallen for a Man2020-02-25
Chapter 466: Reaped What She Sowed2020-02-25
Chapter 465: Got What She Deserved2020-02-24
Chapter 464: What A Clown2020-02-23
Chapter 463: You Hurt My Feeling!2020-02-22
Chapter 462: Families2020-02-22
Chapter 461: Bye, Xiao Yao2020-02-21
Chapter 460: Is He A Good Man?2020-02-20
Chapter 459: You Know Me Well2020-02-20
Chapter 458: The Jin Family of Dongcheng2020-02-19
Chapter 457: No Flirting2020-02-18
Chapter 456: Sad He Wanzhou2020-02-18
Chapter 455: Chase Her?2020-02-17
Chapter 454: Queen Xiao Rou2020-02-16
Chapter 453: My Queen2020-02-15
Chapter 452: Endorsers2020-02-15
Chapter 451: The Fashion Show2020-02-14
Chapter 450: Old Friends2020-02-13
Chapter 449: Heart2020-02-13
Chapter 448: Do You Mean I’m Unreliable2020-02-12
Chapter 447: Can I attend It?2020-02-11
Chapter 446: A Rival in Love?2020-02-11
Chapter 445: The Broke Little Fairy2020-02-10
Chapter 444: A Gorgeous Little Fairy2020-02-09
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