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Strike Back, Proud Goddess! (Web Novel)




Drama Romance Shoujo

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Xiao Rou, a girl growing up in a poor countryside family, finds that she’s actually the daughter of a wealthy couple. Her mother had mistaken another girl for her back at the hospital. Thinking she would change from an ugly duckling to a noble swan and live happily ever after with her real family, reality strikes her in the face.

The other girl, Xiao Jinning, who had taken her family, her fiancé and everything else from her, uses every mean possible to frame her up, so when she returns to her biological parents, she finds her parents despising her while still doting on Xiao Jinning. Framed as a thief, she is expelled from the family and as soon as she walks out the door, she gets hit by a car and her spirit dies a miserable death thanks to Xiao Jinning.

Meanwhile, Tang Xi, a real princess, the heiress of the powerful Empire Group, is murdered by her greedy relatives. When she opens her eyes again, she finds herself in another girl’s body. She has become Xiao Rou and has a magic system—008 in her body! With the help of 008, she begins her journey for revenge. She would avenge poor Xiao Rou, punish her murderers, become the most famous star, and… make up with her true love—Qiao Liang.

754 • 2019-05-24 09:51:58


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 423: Grandpa Qin2020-01-25
Chapter 422: The First Step to Become A Goddess2020-01-25
Chapter 421: Achieved Her Aim2020-01-24
Chapter 420: Present A Perfect Performance2020-01-23
Chapter 419: One Playing Two Roles2020-01-23
Chapter 418: She Is More Suitable2020-01-22
Chapter 417: Don’t Mess with Him2020-01-21
Chapter 416: He Can Decide for Me2020-01-21
Chapter 415: The Man She Likes2020-01-20
Chapter 414: A Supermodel2020-01-19
Chapter 413: Got Jealous2020-01-18
Chapter 412: Behave Yourself2020-01-18
Chapter 411: A Storm of Jealousy2020-01-17
Chapter 410: In A Muddle2020-01-16
Chapter 409: Let’s See Who Is Better at Acting2020-01-16
Chapter 408: Set Her Up2020-01-15
Chapter 407: None of You Can Survive2020-01-14
Chapter 406: Mr. Q2020-01-14
Chapter 405: Helicopters2020-01-13
Chapter 404: Got Captured2020-01-12
Chapter 403: We’re No Longer Friends2020-01-11
Chapter 402: Nearly Spilled The Beans2020-01-11
Chapter 401: What Happened2020-01-10
Chapter 400: Played Lovey Dovey Again2020-01-09
Chapter 399: Friends2020-01-09
Chapter 398: Lost All Reputation2020-01-08
Chapter 397: The Most Shameless of the Shameless2020-01-07
Chapter 396: Promise Me One Condition2020-01-07
Chapter 395: Summoned by the Embassy2020-01-06
Chapter 394: Monday Morning Quarterbacks2020-01-05
Chapter 393: Public Opinion2020-01-04
Chapter 392: Xiao Jing Felt Sad2020-01-04
Chapter 391: I Never Regret It2020-01-03
Chapter 390: Buy Her Roses2020-01-02
Chapter 389: Rose2020-01-02
Chapter 388: A Dirty Woman2020-01-01
Chapter 387: Thought Too Much2019-12-31
Chapter 386: The Strange Bank Account2019-12-31
Chapter 385: Untitled2019-12-30
Chapter 384: Interrogation2019-12-29
Chapter 383: That’s Way Too Harsh2019-12-28
Chapter 382: Seek Advice2019-12-28
Chapter 381: Love Is Not Bondage2019-12-27
Chapter 380: You Don’t Need Me2019-12-26
Chapter 379: Let’s Break Up2019-12-26
Chapter 378: You’re Not My Boss2019-12-25
Chapter 377: Letter of Apology2019-12-24
Chapter 376: I’m Drunk2019-12-24
Chapter 375: Taught This Pervert A Lesson2019-12-23
Chapter 374: Fashion Gurus2019-12-22
Chapter 373: Trouble2019-12-22
Chapter 372: Chanel Show2019-12-21
Chapter 371: The Show Field2019-12-20
Chapter 370: Came Back2019-12-19
Chapter 369: Surrender2019-12-19
Chapter 368: Mind Your Own Business2019-12-18
Chapter 367: Will You Still Shield Her?2019-12-17
Chapter 366: Here Came the Savior2019-12-17
Chapter 365: Being Ambushed2019-12-16
Chapter 364: Are You Worried about Him?2019-12-15
Chapter 363: Just Do It2019-12-14
Chapter 362: Endorser2019-12-14
Chapter 361: Is Eight Hour Enough for You?2019-12-13
Chapter 360: Warned Each Other2019-12-12
Chapter 359: A Conversation between Two Men2019-12-12
Chapter 358: Come Home with Me2019-12-11
Chapter 357: Met So Many Handsome Men!(2)2019-12-10
Chapter 356: Met So Many Handsome Men!(1)2019-12-10
Chapter 355: Solicit A Talent2019-12-09
Chapter 354: Big Daddy and Little Daddy2019-12-08
Chapter 353: Information Provided by Ziyan2019-12-07
Chapter 352: Unconditionally Doted on His Sister2019-12-07
Chapter 351: Please Calm Down2019-12-06
Chapter 350: Refused to Admit Failure2019-12-05
Chapter 349: Make A Bet2019-12-05
Chapter 348: The Mean Deskmate2019-12-04
Chapter 347: Got Caught2019-12-03
Chapter 346: Experience Points Grew2019-12-03
Chapter 345: He Could Be Insane2019-12-02
Chapter 344: He Got Jealous Again2019-12-01
Chapter 343: Do You Deserve it2019-11-30
Chapter 342: You Don’t Deserve It2019-11-30
Chapter 341: One Can’t Avoid One’s Enemy2019-11-29
Chapter 340: Fuel Exhausted2019-11-29
Chapter 339: Your Business Is My Business2019-11-29
Chapter 338: Get Well As Soon As Possible2019-11-29
Chapter 337: I’ll Never Know How Much You Love Me2019-11-28
Chapter 336: Appeared in Hot Search Again2019-11-28
Chapter 335: Let’s Play with You2019-11-27
Chapter 334: Appeared in Hot Search2019-11-26
Chapter 333: Why Are You Doing This to Me2019-11-26
Chapter 332: You Can Quit2019-11-25
Chapter 331: What’s Your Purpose2019-11-24
Chapter 330: Wharf2019-11-23
Chapter 329: A Complete Victory2019-11-23
Chapter 328: A Close Call2019-11-22
Chapter 327: Battle in the Meeting Room2019-11-21
Chapter 326: Theme of the Shareholders’ Meeting2019-11-21
Chapter 325: Beat the Dog Fallen in the Water2019-11-20
Chapter 324: The Most Heartless Person2019-11-20