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Strike Back, Proud Goddess! (Web Novel) - Chapter 113: Qin Xinying’s Memory

Chapter 113: Qin Xinying’s Memory

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Qin Xinying turned around and began to run. She took out her phone as she ran and called her assistant, asking them to book a flight ticket for her. “I want the earliest flight to the capital.”

She had been in love with Qiao Liang ever since she was in university, but he could only see that arrogant b*tch, Tang Xi. What was so good about Tang Xi? She was merely a spoiled princess living in a castle, totally ignorant about the ways of the world. When they were together, Qiao Liang had been yielding to her. As an onlooker, she had felt that Qiao Liang was very tired. Later on, when she graduated from university, she heard that they finally broke up as demanded by Qiao Liang. She had been so glad to hear about this. At last, god had heard her voice and separated the two of them.

Qin Xinying could hardly wait to find Qiao Liang and confess her love to him, but when she arrived in City A and find out how big a crisis he was going to face, she flinched away. Although she loved Qiao Liang, she could not confess to him at such a time.

However, within a year, he was on the headlines of all newspapers. He had become a business leader of China and even led Qiao’s International Group, which was previously going bankrupt, to a new era. She was very excited. He really was the worthy lover for her. The man she loved was so excellent, she couldn’t wait to fly to his side.

But at that time, his men suddenly appeared before her and asked her to contact Tang Xi, telling her that he wanted to see Tang Xi.

He wanted to see Tang Xi?

Why? Qin Xinying asked them.

The men told her that their young master had broken up with Tang Xi at the time only because he didn’t want to get Tang Xi into trouble, but now he thought he was qualified to stand by her and hold hands with her.

Hold hands with Tang Xi? That was not gonna happen! How could she let Tang Xi and Qiao Liang be together?!

She agreed to help him meet Tang Xi. She knew that only if she agreed to help him could she get close to Qiao Liang.

But Qin Xinying didn’t meet him until Qiao Liang came to see Tang Xi outside the Tang Family’s castle, when she had sneaked out and told Qiao Liang that Tang Xi didn’t want to see him, even though she tried to persuade her for a long time. She saw him turn pale and even saw resentment in his eyes. She knew she was going to succeed. As long as Qiao Liang no longer loved Tang Xi, the latter, who was so arrogant, would never go to see Qiao Liang. Maybe she wouldn’t even want to hear news of Qiao Liang anymore.

Just when she thought Qiao Liang would give up, however, he had said, “Please tell her to read my emails.”

It was the first time that Qiao Liang had spoken to her in so long, his tone so domineering and commanding.

At that time, she knew that Qiao Liang had sent Tang Xi numerous emails, but Tang Xi had never read them. She promised Qiao Liang to do as he asked, but she didn’t tell Tang Xi. As long as Tang Xi ignored him, he would naturally forget Tang Xi.

To Qin Xinying’s surprise, Qiao Liang was greatly persistent. Even though he rarely appeared near the Tang Family’s castle, or even in the capital, he would still send people to hear news of Tang Xi from her.

How could he be so cruel to her?!

He had known that she liked him.

She didn’t believe he wasn’t aware of this. He was simply turning a blind eye to her love.

Several years had passed during which he had been trying to find ways to meet Tang Xi. Qin Xinying knew of everything he had done for Tang Xi. For example, when Tang Xi was traveling, he had arranged a perfect encounter, but she had purposely arranged a perfect miss for the two of them.

For example, he would appear at some parties in the capital that Tang Xi couldn’t avoid, wearing a suit that catered to Tang Xi’s favorite preference, and then she would cause Tang Xi’s car to break down on the road, making him think that Tang Xi had known he was going and thus intentionally avoided him.

She had done many, many things, but he didn’t know, and neither did Tang Xi.

She didn’t expect that he still refused to give up, so Tang Xi had to die. Only when she died could this situation change!

Qin Xinying sat in a car pale-faced. Tang Xi, you already had everything. People would have presented you with anything you wanted. Why did you try to take Qiao Liang from me? If you hadn’t, you wouldn’t have died, because I would’ve taken you as a friend instead and wouldn’t have let those people have their ways. But you had to die because you were in my way, so I lent them a hand.

Knowing that a certain group of people wanted to kill Tang Xi, she was very excited because she wouldn’t need to carry out the deed herself and thus wouldn’t be found out. How perfect it was! She just needed to fan the fire in the middle. Afterwards, Tang Xi was reported as dead. She had thought it would all be over; however, unexpectedly, Qiao Liang had appeared at this time. He even blockaded the whole area where the incident occured in the Pacific Sea and purchased the nearby islands, not allowing anyone to search for her body and blocking the leakage of news about Tang Xi’s death.

This was so unfair to her, but she could not expose herself in front of Qiao Liang.

When the car arrived at the airport, Qin Xinying took her passport to get the boarding pass. She walked into the airport lounge, clenching her hands. As long as… as long as she waited a bit, she could obtain Qiao Liang. Tang Xi was dead anyway, and no one would be able to find that she had played a part in her death. She only needed to wait. When Qiao Liang was sad, she would go to comfort him, taking advantage of Qiao Liang’s memory of Tang Xi, and then she could get her chance.

Qiao Liang, wait for me in the capital. I’ll be with you soon.

After a ten hours’ flight, Qin Xinying finally landed at the capital international airport. She walked out pulling along her suitcase, but before reaching the customs, she was suddenly caught by several men in black suits.

Qin Xinying struggled hard to break free as she stared at the men in horror, crying out, “Who are you people? What are you doing?!”

Her shouts drew a crowd of onlookers from nearby, but the men said coldly, “Miss Qin, Young Master asked us to pick you up. Please cooperate.”

“Qiao Liang?” Qin Xinying asked, trying to calm down.

One of the men in dark glasses nodded. “Yes, Young Master is upstairs. Please come with us.”

It was currently 11:00 am and there weren’t many people at the airport. Since they dared take somebody away so flagrantly in the airport, they had be very powerful people, so the passengers merely took a look at them before leaving quickly. Qin Xinying followed the men in black upstairs with excitement and fear in her heart.

‘Was Qiao Liang specially waiting for me here because he knew I was coming back to China?’ Qin Xinying thought.

At this thought, Qin Xinying secretly smiled. She had known that Qiao Liang would recognize her good intentions towards him one day.

They went upstairs to the VVIP lounge. The men stood outside and knocked on the door, and someone inside answered; a man with sunglasses pushed open the door and shoved Qin Xinying in, and she entered the lounge.

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