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Strike Back, Proud Goddess! (Web Novel) - Chapter 308: How Are You Going Back?

Chapter 308: How Are You Going Back?

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Translator: Henyee Editor: Henyee

Tang Xi heard their words and shook her head helplessly. People were too fond of gossiping. They gossiped to their hearts’ content because the people they gossiped about had nothing to do with them. She just thanked the receptionist, but in their eyes, she was so nice, and Xiao Jinning was so despicable, which was just because of the impressions they had of the two of them… Tang Xi turned around, smiled at them, and then turned to walk towards the elevator.

As soon as Tang Xi reached the elevator, the door opened and Xiao Jing walked out of it. He raised his eyebrows when he saw Tang Xi standing there smiling at him. Then he took a look at the employees who were looking at them with great interest, and soon figured out why his sister called him instead of directly going upstairs via the elevator.

They entered the elevator together. Xiao Jing looked at Tang Xi and smiled. “Didn’t you take an exam today? Why did you leave school so early? Did you come here to see me?” With that, he looked at Tang Xi in doubt.

Tang Xi shrugged. “I’ve finished that exam and I’ll know the result tomorrow.” She glanced at Xiao Jing naughtily and chuckled. “I did come here to see you. Otherwise I wouldn’t call you, right?”

“Come on.” Xiao Jing pointed between Tang Xi’s eyebrows and said, “Don’t make me the excuse. I know you’re lying. You have been away from home for so long, but you never came back home to see us. You damned girl, I don’t believe you would come specifically to see me.”

Upon hearing Xiao Jing’s words, Tang Xi felt guilty. She thought about it and found that what Xiao Jing said was right. She was too busy these past two months and didn’t go back home to see Mom and Dad, but the latter had come to Xiao Hongyi’s house to see her. Thinking of how nice Xiao Hongli and Yang Jingxian was to her, she lowered her head in guilt.

Xiao Jing didn’t mean to blame Tang Xi. He knew what Tang Xi had been up to recently. Seeing her feeling so guilty, he wished he could slap himself across the mouth, hard. How could he say such nonsense!

Xiao Jing was chagrined and reached out to poke Tang Xi’s shoulder. “Hey, don’t take my words too seriously. After all, you will move back home at the end of this month. I was just teasing you. Don’t take my words to heart. Mom and Dad also hope you can heal Aunt and then come back home.”

Tang Xi smiled at Xiao Jing. “I know. Do you think I’m so fragile?” She then took Xiao Jing’s arm and said sweetly, “Jing, can you do me a favor?”

“Then can you do me a favor too, my sister?”

Just then, the door of the elevator opened and An Hao who was standing outside the elevator happened to see this scene. Her jaw almost dropped and she froze there, staring blankly at the strange brother and sister…

Xiao Jing spotted her, took back his arm, and dragged Tang Xi out of the elevator. As he walked, he asked Tang Xi in a low voice, “Was I a bit pitiful just now?”

Tang Xi was surprised to hear that. “No, you’ve been very manly, Jing.”

Xiao Jing took a look at Tang Xi and snorted. “Yes, I can’t agree more. Okay, tell me what favor you want me to do for you?”

Tang Xi chuckled. “Stay out of your office for five minutes.”

Xiao Jing was surprised. “Why don’t you directly go to Qiao Liang’s office?”

“If I am seen going to Qiao Liang’s office, my relationship with Qiao Liang will be found out, right? It’s not the right time to fall in love now. You know I’m still a high school student!” Tang Xi blinked at Xiao Jing, waved goodbye to Xiao Jing and went happily towards Xiao Jing’s office.

Xiao Jing looked at her back and cursed with a smile. He locked Floor 56 of the elevator and went straight to Qiao Liang’s office.

Was Qiao Liang not going to come to the company anymore? How could he let him shirk his duties? This was Qiao Liang’s company. He could help him get through the crisis of the company or fight his enemies, but it didn’t mean he was willing to take up such a heavy burden from Qiao Liang.

When Qiao Liang who was reading documents saw Xiao Jing come in, he leaned back, put aside the pen and document in his hands, took off his glasses and rubbed between his eyebrows in tiredness. “What’s up?”

“Rourou has come and is in my office. Go there to see her.” Xiao Jing walked over and casually picked up the document on the table to read as he said, “You’ve been working overtime these few days. You should take a rest. Go relax with Rourou. You don’t have to be in such a hurry. Didn’t you say that guy has come over? Since he has come, those matters will be solved for sure. So don’t worry.”

Qiao Liang put down his hand, flexed his sore and aching neck before he stood up. “Okay, I’ll leave these to you. I’m going to be away from City A for two days. You’re going to make decisions for the company. As for the matters Lu Li mentioned, I’ll take care of them.

Xiao Jing shrugged. “Okay.”

Qiao Liang took his coat from the chair and walked outside, when Xiao Jing suddenly called Qiao Liang. Qiao Liang looked back at Xiao Jing who frowned and said, “If everything here has been solved, will you go abroad?”

Qiao Liang smiled. “No.”

Xiao Jing raised his eyebrows and smiled too when he heard this. “Go ahead.”

Qiao Liang smiled at him, pulled the door open and left.

“You said you have had your men investigate it?” Tang Xi sitting on the sofa looked at Qiao Liang in surprise. She didn’t expect Qiao Liang would investigate the person who was tracking Grandpa ahead of her and had found that person! Did he have telepathy with her?

Qiao Liang sat beside Tang Xi and smiled, but his eyes had a cold gleam. “She was there when I saw Grandpa off. She must have had people track Grandpa! But don’t worry. I’ll handle this. Just leave this to me.”

Tang Xi frowned. “In this case, the Qin Family must be targeting the Empire Group too. Can you do me a favor when you go to the capital?” But soon after she asked the question she shook her head. Forget it. Only Tang Xi can handle this. I’m going to the capital with you.”

It was time for Tang Xi to handle this mess!

Qiao Liang looked at her with a frown. “How are you going back? With Xiao Rou’s identity?”

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