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Strike Back, Proud Goddess! (Web Novel) - Chapter 309: Quarrel

Chapter 309: Quarrel

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Translator: Henyee Editor: Henyee

Tang Xi smiled. “I know you have many agents in Long Xiao Organization who never show their real faces at work. So I think you have a way to help me go back to the capital with the identity of Tang Xi, right?”

Qiao Liang looked at Tang Xi in surprise and frowned. “Are you going to wear a human skin mask?”

Tang Xi gave a sly smile, and blinked at Qiao Liang as if asking ‘can’t I do this?’

Qiao Liang poked her between her eyebrows and said helplessly, “Do you think you’re playing the role of a spy? The skin mask will cause you to have an allergic reaction. The agents in Long Xiao will try to find the skin masks most suitable for them. Every agent has his own skin masks, and skin masks are not easy to make…”

“But you have some, right?” Tang Xi interrupted him and looked straight at Qiao Liang with a faint smile. “You must have a skin mask suitable for me, right?”

Qiao Liang paused, looked deeply at Tang Xi and stood up after quite a while…

Tang Xi watched Qiao Liang open the door of the office and walk out, she quickly followed him out. Qiao Liang stopped after taking a few steps, and looked back at Tang Xi, frowning. “How did you come to know this?”

Tang Xi smiled, took his hand and whispered, “Because I know you love me.”

Qiao Liang lowered his eyes and looked at her hand. It had been quite a while before he said in a low voice, “But perhaps that skin mask isn’t suitable for you.”

Tang Xi smiled. “Let me try it on. If it works, let me go to the capital with you. I’m supposed to solve these matters.”

“Your grandfather is still waiting for you.” Qiao Liang gazed at Tang Xi. “What you should do is to spend more time with your grandfather, chat with him and comfort the poor old man who has finally waited for his granddaughter back.”

Tang Xi shook her head. Qiao Liang said helplessly, “I don’t want you to be hurt.”

“Qiao Liang, I won’t be hurt.” Tang Xi cupped his face and said gently, “I’ll go back to solve some matters and see some people. I won’t get hurt. Don’t worry about me. They will not and cannot hurt me.”

Qiao Liang clenched his hands hard. Tang Xi found he didn’t look right. He looked strange when she said she was going back to the capital. She could tell he didn’t want her to go back to the capital. He got nervous when he heard that she wanted to go back. She could feel it although he tried to cover his emotions up. Tang Xi reached out to hold his hand, looked at his pale face and pursed her lips. “What’s the matter?”

“Tang Xi.” Qiao Liang looked deeply at Tang Xi.

Tang Xi nodded. “Yes, I’m here.”

It had been quite a while before Qiao Liang loosened her hand and turned to walk towards his office. “Forget it.”

Tang Xi rushed up to hold his hand again as she asked with a frown, “Qiao Liang, is there something bothering you?”

After a long pause, Qiao Liang looked back at Tang Xi, saying flatly, “I’m fine. I’m just worried about you.”

“No, you’re lying. You must be keeping something from me.” Tang Xi’s face became cold. “You’re worrying that I won’t come back after I return to the capital, right? Am I that kind of woman who will easily abandon her love in your eyes?”

“What are you talking about?!” Qiao Liang scowled. “I told you I am not worrying about this!”

“Then why do you stop me from going to the capital?!” Tang Xi looked coldly at Qiao Liang, loosened her grip on his hand, took a breath and said seriously, “We’re no longer kids! We’re nearly thirty years old. We can’t…”

“You’re only 23. Don’t play mature in front of me!”

“Well…” Tang Xi suddenly burst into laughter. She looked up at Qiao Liang who was stunned at her laughter, and said laughing, “No longer kids? But you spoke like a kid just now.” She paused and then continued, “Tell me why you don’t want me to go back.”

Qiao Liang looked at Tang Xi who laughed and got angry in swift turns, sighed and said, “You know how you had an accident. I know it too. Since they can murder you once, they can do it again. I don’t want you to be in danger.”

Tang Xi felt warmth in her heart when she heard this, but felt helpless that they would quarrel over such a trivial matter. She certainly knew he was worrying about her, but why couldn’t he just tell her instead of quarreling about itr?

Thinking of his awkward way of showing concern, Tang Xi was a bit helpless, but she could do nothing to change him. She looked up at Qiao Liang. “Then will you let me be in danger?”

“Of course not.” Qiao Liang frowned.

Tang Xi gave a satisfactory smile. “Then don’t fuss. Xiao Rou might not be able to solve some matters, but Tang Xi can solve them as soon as she shows up. Qiao Liang, I don’t want our past to affect our future.”

Qiao Liang frowned at Tang Xi. “What do you mean?”

“Your past is tied up with Tang Xi. If you are together with Xiao Rou shortly after Tang Xi dies, what will yours and Xiao Rou’s future be like? How will people look at you? I think you should know this. So Tang Xi must show up instead of becoming a dead person.”


“I know you don’t mind it, but I do.” Tang Xi looked at Qiao Liang. “I mind it, just like I mind you being loved by another woman. I care about everything about you, and I care about you very much. So this time, please don’t stand up for me. Leave those people to me. You can stay in the shadows and I’ll deal with these matters. Just enjoy your time with Xiao Rou and stay away from the troubles surrounding the Empire Group, okay?”

Qiao Liang finally understood what she meant. He looked at her, frowned and asked coldly, “So you want me to make a thorough break up with Tang Xi?”

“After all, Tang Xi has died. Now it’s Xiao Rou who is with you. Why don’t you just forget her?”

Qiao Liang clenched his hands, and it had been quite a while before he pushed the door of his office open and entered it. Tang Xi followed him in. Xiao Jing who was reading documents inside was startled when he heard the two of them talking. He hurriedly sat back and pretended to be reading the documents carefully. Seeing them stand in the center of the office silently, Xiao Jing felt at a total loss! Why didn’t you just finish the quarrel in my office?!

“Ahem…” Xiao Jing coughed and stood up. “Well, I’m going back to my office to read these documents.”

“It’s alright. You can read them here.” Tang Xi took a look at Xiao Jing and smiled at him. “You can listen to our conversation, and help us judge which one of us is right.”

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