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Strike Back, Proud Goddess! (Web Novel) - Chapter 310: Sudden Onset of Illness

Chapter 310: Sudden Onset of Illness

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Translator: Henyee Editor: Henyee

Xiao Jing chuckled and looked at the two of them. “I don’t think I can do that. Besides, Qiao Liang won’t listen to me.”

Before he finished, he suddenly felt a dagger-like glare hit his face. He immediately shut up, looked at them and said awkwardly. “You guys go on. I gotta go.”

“She wants to go back to the capital. Do you agree?” Qiao Liang suddenly asked him coldly.

Xiao Jing immediately answered. “Of course not!”

Upon hearing this, Tang Xi hurriedly explained, “I will come back. I just have to go there to deal with some matters that have to be tackled by Tang Xi.” After explaining to Xiao Jing, Tang Xi looked at him. “Now do you think I should go back?”

Xiao Jing nodded. “Yes.”

Qiao Liang gave a cold glance at Xiao Jing and the latter took a step back in fright. Tang Xi strode up to Qiao Liang and looked up at him. “Don’t stare at my third brother like this! You’re too narrow-minded, Qiao Liang!”

“Me? Narrow-minded?” Qiao Liang felt his heart jerk sharply. He couldn’t believe it! He always considered things first for this woman, but she said he was narrow-minded!

Tang Xi frowned when she saw Qiao Liang looking greatly hurt, but in the end she didn’t say anything. She knew she couldn’t surrender now. If she did, she wouldn’t be able to go to the capital.

Qiao Liang sneered and gave a self-deprecating smile. “I didn’t know I am this kind of person in your eyes.”

Tang Xi’s heart ached. They had experienced so much, and almost parted forever. Why did they still quarrel over this trivial matter, like a naive young couple?! Couldn’t he try to understand her a little bit? She just wanted to solve these matters with her own strength, instead of hiding behind him. He couldn’t even understand this?

He was the boss of Long Xiao. If she was merely a rich girl capable of nothing, how could she stay by his side?

If she couldn’t even solve her own matters, she didn’t deserve to stand beside him! She asked him to investigate whether Qin Xinying had someone track Grandpa, because she wanted to solve those people herself. Why couldn’t he understand her?!

She wanted to fight side by side with the man she loved, just like Wen Ning!

She had investigated Wen Ning. She was really a great woman who dared to love and hate and confidently fought shoulder to shoulder with Lu Li. She wanted to be like her to stand together with her beloved man all the time. She never wanted to become a weak, incapable woman who could only hide behind and worry about her lover when bad things happen!

“Qiao Liang, I love you.” Tang Xi looked at Qiao Liang. “So I want to become good enough to stand beside you. Do you understand me?”

Qiao Liang couldn’t accept being called ‘narrow-minded’ by Tang Xi. He was not in the mood to listen to her, nor could he understand her now. He sneered. “Do I deserve to be your man? Is a narrow-minded man like me worthy of your love? Am I good enough to keep you standing by my side?”

“Then are you going to break up with me?!” Tang Xi suddenly looked coldly at Qiao Liang.

The air around Qiao Liang suddenly condensed, and his aura turned violent. Xiao Jing looked at Qiao Liang and remembered how Qiao Liang was like when he heard of Tang Xi’s death. He hurriedly grabbed Tang Xi’s hand and the latter also felt she went too far and was about to explain, when Qiao Liang suddenly kicked the tea table over, and the glass table was broken. And then he suddenly punched the French windows. The bullet-proof window was intact, but Qiao Liang’s hand was covered by blood, and he was drenched in sweat…

Tang Xi was startled and froze, totally at a loss of what to do. Xiao Jing rushed up to hug the furious Qiao Liang and yelled at Tang Xi. “Don’t stimulate him! He hasn’t fully recovered! He will go crazy if you keep saying those words!”

Tang Xi panicked upon hearing Xiao Jing’s words. Her heart ached so much as if being stabbed. She hastened to run over and hug Qiao Liang, but the latter had gone crazy and couldn’t even recognize her. His eyes were all red and he struggled hard. Xiao Jing held Qiao Liang with all his strength and warned Tang Xi not to approach him as he shouted, “Qiao Liang, calm down! Xixi was just kidding you! Look at who she is! She is Tang Xi, Tang Xi! Look at her!”

Qiao Liang calmed down a bit when he heard the name Tang Xi. Tang Xi took the chance to run over and hold Qiao Liang tightly. “Qiao Liang! I was wrong! Don’t be like this! I didn’t mean it! I don’t want to break up with you! How can I possibly break up with you?! Calm down! I will never ever break up with you! You can rest assured that I will stay by your side forever! Please don’t be so angry, okay 1 ?!”

Qiao Liang struggled and suddenly fainted. Tang Xi screamed. Fortunately, Xiao Jing caught Qiao Liang before he fell to the ground, and carried him into the en suite bedroom. Tang Xi dressed the wounds on Qiao Liang’s hand and walked out of the room. After a long pause, Xiao Jing pursed his lips. “Although he said he was fine, he still couldn’t fall asleep at night. He worked overnight almost every day, and even if he went home, he couldn’t sleep. We were so worried about him that we even put sleeping pills in his coffee or water to make him sleep.”

“Why didn’t you tell me this?” Tang Xi was all wet with sweat. Although it was merely several minutes, it was as long as a century to her. She never expected that Qiao Liang who was like a god in other’s eyes would become like this! If she hadn’t happened to stimulate him today, would they continue to keep his illness from her?

“Qiao Liang didn’t let us tell you this, because he didn’t want you to worry about him.” Xiao Jing took a helpless glance at the en suite bedroom and pursed his lips. “You know, you can’t stay with him all the time, but he can’t fall asleep unless you are with him, so he asked us to keep his illness from you. We had asked him to receive psychological counseling, but a person as proud as Qiao Liang wouldn’t do that. He just tried to hold on, but I’m afraid that one day he can no longer persist.”

Qiao Liang had known what they did to the coffee or water he drank, so he was very wary of them and refused to drink anything they handed to him. He could only try to persuade Qiao Liang to go home and sleep.

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