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Strike Back, Proud Goddess! (Web Novel) - Chapter 311: Get Out

Chapter 311: Get Out

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Translator: Henyee Editor: Henyee

It turned out that he was seriously ill, but she had no idea about it! How much had he been traumatized by her? How great a trauma to keep him up at night?

Tears suddenly flowed out of Tang Xi’s eyes. She looked at Xiao Jing, and covered her mouth with her hands and cried. Xiao Jing was sorrowful to see her weeping. He sat beside Tang Xi, reached out to hug her and gently patted her back. “Although Qiao Liang never told us, we all know that he felt very guilty of your death. He believed if he hadn’t broken up with you, you wouldn’t have had that accident; if he could have had people guard you, those people wouldn’t have had a chance to touch your plane, and then you wouldn’t have died…”

Tang Xi cried harder when she heard Xiao Jing’s words. She sobbed. “Who else knows about this?”

“Except me, Little Five and Little Six, no one else knows this.” Xiao Jing pursed his lips. “This mustn’t be known by others. Otherwise, the Qiao’s International Group will suffer a heavy blow.”

Tang Xi nodded, closed her eyes to suppress her emotions and sat up. “Jing, go about your business. I know what to do.”

That being said, Tang Xi really feared, really feared that Qiao Liang would keep on being like this. However, in her heart she knew that Qiao Liang was not the kind of person who would be beaten by trauma…

“Rourou.” Xiao Jing suddenly called Tang Xi.

Tang Xi looked back at Xiao Jing and he stood up, looked at her and said gently, “Qiao Liang actually values affections very much, I think you know him better than me. If he were a heartless person, he could have wiped out those who betrayed him with his power, but he spared their lives, and even gave them a chance to hurt him again, so… that’s why he often gets hurt. You can understand him, right?”

Tang Xi suddenly took a step back.

In the en suite bedroom, Tang Xi slid under the covers, lay beside Qiao Liang and hugged his waist. Qiao Liang seemed to feel Tang Xi’s breath, reached out to embrace her and kept her closer to him. Tang Xi looked up at his stubbled chin, her nose suddenly became sour, and tears kept flowing out of her eyes.

She had thought she had known him well enough, but she didn’t know he was actually so fragile. It turns out that you will be so easily hurt. It turns out that you will hurt yourself for my words. It turns out your heart has been scarred.

Sorry, I didn’t realize how badly you were hurt until now.

Sorry, I didn’t realize how easily you were hurt by me until now.

Sorry, I didn’t know how much you care about me.

Sorry, I know you love me, but I still said those words to hurt you.

“Sorry.” Qiao Liang’s low and hoarse suddenly rang out in the silence.

Tang Xi couldn’t stop her tears and was choked with sobs.

She grabbed Qiao Liang’s clothes tightly, her grip was vice like as she shook her head desperately. ” You have done nothing wrong. You don’t have to say sorry. I’m too self-willed. I knew you didn’t want me to go to the capital because you cared about me and I knew you didn’t want me to take risks because you worry about me, but I still stimulated you by asking to break up with you. I have seen how you almost went mad for me, but I still hurt you with my selfishness. The one who should say sorry is me not you.”

“Sorry.” Qiao Liang held Tang Xi tightly against his chest and apologized in a hoarse voice, “Sorry… can you not break up with me…?”

Tang Xi felt as if her heart was torn. She looked up at Qiao Liang only to find tears running down from the corners of his eyes and wetting his cheeks. Tang Xi suddenly felt so guilty. Why did she hurt him like that, since she had known it was not his fault?!

She always said she felt guilty about Qiao Liang, but what had she done to make it up to him?

He had asked to break up with her, and then she left him and never looked back at him. Even though she missed him, she didn’t allow herself to look back at him. Many times, she had called him but hung up before the call was connected. She was just being timid, but she thought that was just because she was too proud. She hurt this man so deeply… even…

“Sorry…” Tang Xi took all her strength to find her voice. “Sorry, I was too weak.”

Feeling the hands hugging her suddenly loosened, Tang Xi hugged him even more tightly. “Sorry, I was too weak to ask you to stay.”

“Sorry, I didn’t tell you before but now I want to tell you, I want to stay by your side even if I can’t even touch you. If I hadn’t been so weak, you wouldn’t be like this. Sorry, I shouldn’t be so arrogant and so timid that I didn’t dare call you or read your emails. Although I was wondering where you were and what you were doing everyday, I just didn’t have the courage to call you to tell you I love you. I dared not to ask you to stay, nor dared to ask you out loud what I had to do to make you believe that I love you and what I had to do to make you stay with me? I dared not tell you that without you, every day was unbearably long for me.”

“Without you, I was almost mad, missing you so desperately. My heart ached so much that only sleeping pills could make me fall asleep at night…”

“Qiao Liang, I’m sorry…”

Qiao Liang opened his eyes only to see the girl in his arms, and his eyes had a gleam of surprise. Suddenly he went stiff and the words he vaguely heard just now suddenly rang in his mind. He suddenly trembled, feeling his brain was going to burst. Tang Xi opened her eyes and found that Qiao Liang’s eyes were all red. He seemed to be enduring a sharp pain. She hurriedly took his arm and asked anxiously, “What’s wrong with you, Qiao Liang?!”

Qiao Liang frowned hard and what he had done before he fainted popped up in his mind. He suddenly threw the quilt off, and shouted coldly, “Get out!”

Tang Xi looked at him in shock and he looked back at her, asking coldly, “Didn’t you ask to break up with me?! Okay, I agree! Now get out!” He pointed at the door of the room.

Tang Xi froze and wanted to stand up and leave here. But she hesitated, sat on the bed and looked at him. Qiao Liang looked at Tang Xi who was looking at him expressionlessly, frowned and asked harshly, “Aren’t you desperate to break up with me? I’ve agreed. Why are you still here?! Get out of here!”

Tang Xi’s heart ached but she tried to endure the pain. She sat there and looked at Qiao Liang, with tears continuously streaming out of her eyes. She looked at Qiao Liang and pursed her lips, asking, “Do you want me to die once again?”

Qiao Liang was stunned and froze. Tang Xi continued, “If you say that to me again, I’ll leave here and throw myself into a river. Anyway, I’ve died once. I don’t mind dying again.”

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