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Strike Back, Proud Goddess! (Web Novel) - Chapter 313: Who Is the Jerk?

Chapter 313: Who Is the Jerk?

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Translator: Henyee Editor: Henyee

The lobby manager was still wondering whether what she was seeing was real or not when Tang Xi called to her. Without waiting for her answer, Tang Xi had taken out her room card to check in. The lobby manager hurried over and asked affably, “Miss Tang Xi, we’re greatly honored by your gracious presence. You’ve come back from travelling?” She said and secretly winked at the receptionist.

Tang Xi certainly didn’t miss her move. She smiled, casually put a hand on the table and looked at her. “What? You are not welcoming me, Manager He?”

“Of course not. I’m just too surprised and glad to see you since I haven’t seen you for so long, Miss Tang Xi!” Manager He looked at Tang Xi in embarrassment and almost cried in her heart. She couldn’t afford offending either of the two parties! What should she do…

Tang Xi looked at Manager He and had guessed what had happened. She smiled. “Really?”

“Yes. You’ve just come back from travelling. Why don’t you go home instead…”

“Am I supposed to answer this question?” Before she finished, Tang Xi asked coldly and then looked at the receptionist. “Have you finished? Is it so difficult to handle the check-in procedure?”

“Miss Tang Xi…” Manager He looked awkwardly at Tang Xi and the latter looked at her with a straight face and asked coldly, “Manager He, don’t tell me someone else now occupies my room.”

Manager He almost burst into tears. Tang Xi frowned and snorted. “Who is it?”

“Young Master Tang Hao…” Before she finished, Tang Xi took the room card and rushed towards the elevator.

Manager He, with a woeful look, followed her and tried to appease her. “Miss Tang Xi, may I move you to our hotel’s presidential suite? Don’t you hate others entering your personal space? Now that room…”

Tang Xi suddenly stopped, turned around and looked at her coldly. “That’s why I have a private room in Venus. This is your chairman’s show of respect for me. That room is decorated according to my taste. Who gives you the right to let others enter my room?”

Tang Xi stared coldly at Manager He. She didn’t like strangers entering her private sphere indeed, but now she was very angry because they allowed the people she hated to enter into her personal space!

“Well…” Manager He almost cried. Tang Xi looked at the card in her hand that was the supplementary card to her room card and was given to Qiao Liang by her. She didn’t take it back from Qiao Liang after they broke up. To her surprise, Qiao Liang had been keeping it, however… Tang Xi looked up at Manager He and narrowed her eyes. “I remember only with this card, my room can be opened. Did you change the lock of my room?”

“Miss Tang Xi…”

“Good!” Tang Xi sneered. Just then, the elevator rang and they had arrived. Tang Xi walked into the elevator, and the doorman followed her in carrying her luggage. Manager He took a look at Tang Xi and hastened to follow her as she tried to explain, “Miss Tang…”

“Don’t speak. You’re being noisy.” Tang Xi took a cold look at Manager He, then stared at the ground with a straight face, and remained silent.

Manager He took a helpless look at Tang Xi, hurriedly texted someone with her cell phone, but received no reply. Soon they arrived at Floor 28, and the door of the elevator opened. Tang Xi directly headed for her room and took out the card to open the door…

Ding… dididi…

Tang Xi took a look at the card, looked at Manager He who had turned pale and sneered. “Can you explain this, Manager He?”

“Well, this card, now…”

Tang Xi took a look at her cell phone, and suddenly remembered she had changed a cell phone and didn’t save her old acquaintances’ phone numbers in this phone, so she put away her cell phone and knocked hard on the door.

“Miss Tang, I promise we’ll get your room prepared tomorrow. We’ll replace everything in it. Could you stay in the presidential suite of our hotel for one night?” Manager He felt she was going to lose her mind. Why did Miss Tang suddenly come back this evening… Wasn’t it said that she would never come back?! Wasn’t it said that her death had been confirmed?! Wasn’t it said that Chairman Tang almost broke down because of her death? Why did she suddenly come back, and suddenly come to Venus?!

Tang Xi sneered and continued to knock on the door impatiently as she glanced at Manager He. “I have my own room. Why should I stay in another room?”

Then why do you suddenly pop up after disappearing for several months?! At least you should let us know you have come back, so that we can get your room prepared!

It had been quite a while before an impatient voice rang in the room. “Who is it! Fuck! Don’t you know I’m sleeping!” The door was suddenly opened.

The angry man froze and stared speechlessly at Tang Xi with wide open eyes at the moment he saw her. Tang Xi took a look at the bathrobe he was wearing and snorted with disdain. “You’re such a disgrace.” Then she pushed Tang Hao away and strode into the room.

Manager He took a helpless look at Tang Hao, and hurriedly followed Tang Xi in. Tang Xi walked into the room only to see the suite was in a mess and there was a strong smell of liquor in the room. Tang Xi frowned, strode to the French windows and pulled open the curtains as she said coldly, ” Manager He, I’ll give you three minutes to clean up the room.” Then she looked at the night view outside the window and remained silent.

Manager He stomped her feet in chagrin and hastened to call the hotel staff to come upstairs and clean up the room. Tang Xi looked back at Manager He and coldly said, “Replace everything in this room. Everything. Within an hour. You know I don’t like to use things that other people have used, and… disinfect the room. It has been stained by someone dirty.”

Tang Hao heard Tang Xi’s words as soon as he walked in in chagrin. His eyes had a dark gleam, and he narrowed his eyes as he stared at Tang Xi and coldly said, “Why are you here?”

“You seem to be shocked to see me?” Tang Xi smiled. “Or maybe you thought I would never come back, so you now have blatantly made my room yours?”

Tang Hao took a deep breath, narrowed his eyes and looked at Tang Xi as he said coldly, “Don’t be a jerk, alright?!” He gnashed his teeth. “Do you know that’s why you’re so annoying? Because you always speak like a jerk!”

“Haha.” Tang Xi raised her eyebrows, sneered and looked at Tang Hao. “Who is the jerk? Who stole my room when I was not around?”

Tang Hao narrowed his eyes and was about to speak, when a woman in silk pajamas sleepily came out of an inner room. “What’s up?”

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